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    Hi All,
    I was an very early Kemper user in 2012.
    I remember to be one of the first Yamaha DXR 10 users :-)
    This was still the time without performance mode and modified Behringer FCB chips.
    as I mainly intended to use it live at this time, one day I sold the Kemper still waiting for the Performance Mode.

    Now I am just playing in one SKA, Rock, Soul Band I used to play in a Latinband as well.

    Since then I went through lots of amps mostly small amps trying to have a lightweight setup:
    Valvetech Vac-22: Wonderfull amp I was almost bought it again as you get them used quite cheap
    Mesa Boogie V: great amp and tone machine, just a bit heavy
    Mesa Boogie V Mini: almost perfect for size but wrong channel mix for me as its not possible to switch between clean and crunch by foot switch
    Bogner Atma: even smaller that the Mesa Mini, perfect 70-80-80 crunch and rock machine but the clean mode was somehow lacking
    Mesa transatlantic: some very useful Vox sound but the typical Boogie sound was missing
    Carr Ramber: I had these amp the last three year, pur clean amp with Heaven tone and with good pedals you go can almost everywhere,
    I should actually kept the Ramber but could not afford to buy the Kemper or another good Amp and keep the Ramber
    Fender Blues Junior: I bought this as temporary amp, but not liked it all, after playing the Rambler the BJ sounded really bad to me.

    Actually I did not wanted to buy the Kemper again, just wanted a two channel amp again but then there was they offer I could not resist.

    So I bought an older Kemper Toaster with Foot controller, it had some LED Problem BUT I send to Kemper and they replaced all LED Rings for free
    and even gave me a new Leather band for free !!!

    Now I reading the Manual, looking through the forum and realized that really a lot happened in the last years.

    At Home I Play through an ALTO TS 210 (incredible for the price) and some Yamaha NX-500 "Monitors" (not real studio monitors but based on the NS 10) both work excellent. It is so cool playing great crunch sound at bedroom Level or turn it up. Next week will be first rehearsal.

    I will now sell the rest of my Pedalboard, maybe I keep my BarberBurn Unit, but there is no need to keep any TS style pedal.

    I am really happy to have the Kemper again and talk to you ! 8)

    Cheers Michael

    I was a Kemper User in 2012 but Sold the Kemper after some month, because at this time I was not fully convinced.
    Now, as also the firmware developed I am thinking about Getting a Kemper again.
    But before I would like to test the Kemper again. Is there any User around Leverkusen
    where I can play the Kemper ?

    I can also offer a :) BOGNER ATMA for profiling,


    Thanks, but the initial work to organize the amps did someone else.
    CABS: All recent Cabs are in the CABINET Folder already, I did not see that they are in Amp folder as well, I leave them there for now as well but deleted all, apart form the CAB3 folders.


    Can someone please post a recent archive of profiles and cabs. I know somethere in the forum there are some hidden links, but I just do not find it now...

    As long as profile exchange does not offer to select a list of profiles or all profiles to download, can we have a thread to post a link to recent archives and update every week or so ?


    I have not finished my tests yet with the Kemper yet. In the Moment I use just an Boss AD3 premap in front of my active Fullrange monitor box (was Yamaha DXR 10, now EV EXL1112p) and get a sound as good or even betteras the AER 60 but with much more power reserve. As the AD30 actually provide a 2 Band parametric eq; Reverb and Chorus the Kemper should fulfil all these tasks as well, apart from the automatic Feedback detection of the AD3. In addition you have the compressor in the Kemper. When I get further I will come back. For me it makes not really sense to profile acoustic amps which are more or less the same as an active fullrange system with effects and EQ.

    All the best

    I tried the Yamaha DSR112 but couldn't see much (if any) difference between the RCF and the Yamaha. Interestingly there is no difference in a patch played back through Yamaha HS80s and the RSC. None. Except volume of course......

    I Need to add, that I decided to Return the Yamaha, as i was Not happy with the Sound at higher Volume Levels.


    There are lot of good clean warm profiles. I like the London Color profiles, the Roland JC-120 (R121) and some of the Mesa Cleans as well. The Fender Profiles as Prince, Super Reverb etc can be improve much by changing the CAB. And you surely need to tweak the profiles depending on guitar / PU (Clean input sense) and Fullrange system or amp/ cab you use. Moreover a good linear Fullrange Box or a poweramp / cab is essential for good and warm clean sounds.

    I am about to decide for the new Yamaha DXR 10 (or 12), so I have 2 weeks left to return to the store. It is in the same range, but IMO sound a bit better than the RC312, clearer and more mids, but a bit more expensive. (around 550 € is my pricelimit). The other criterias for me are: The DXRs sound excellent with my acoustic and a AD3 preamp too, compared directly to an AER Compact 60 (I have not tried using the Kemper yet, as these needs some time for the EQ) And it has good small mixer with stereo link feature and the DXR10 is still portable with 14 kg.

    What I like to express: If you need more than one hour to find your tone with the KPA, you won't find it in one year. There are not so many parameters.

    No offense.

    From my POV that is definitely not true, if you only need one hours, congrats!
    I needed months to find the best settings on one of my favorite tube amps the Valvetech Vac25. Especially to find good smooth overdrive tones needs time and e.g. the right pedals. The KPA has hundreds of amps, mostly require some finetune in settings, EQ & cab depending on guitar and speaker used.


    I do not understand this cant as well. A decade ago, same people were complaining about limts of a specific hardware. Now we got Hardware that allows to be updated by Firmware. And now the people complain again. And if you compare Kemper to others Companies, they are very fast in updates. I had got a Nova effect effect pedal that got - one firmware - update over 2 years and still open issues are there.
    I like to quote "ajs" from the thread "Kemper Team a little 'Green'"

    "If you knew the history of their Virus synth line you'd likely be less concerned about how the KPA is panning out since their track record is to get it right and attract many a 'serious player'.

    All the best


    yes surely a Midi footcontroller is the way to go. Just have not decided yet, which one. But for the moment this works to quickly select rigs and stomps thats definitly faster then do it direct at the KPA, especially as the Peformance Mode is not available yet.