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    @deadpan I don't think so. It's just a general sound I hear with the device. What I'm talking about is more of when you are playing a chord a long time and it sounds to me like a swoosh in the wave related to the regenerated sound at each pick stroke... the kemper when you keep playing it just keeps sounding crisp and articulate. I feel like it's more of the way the wave responds It's really nothing to worry about, but it's just something I've noticed. That said I'm playing both these devices a lot. I would just enjoy it and not really worry about it. It's a great device along with the kemper. You can't really beat the effects that it has as well.

    So I bought an axe 2 about a month ago. I picked out the first clip without any problems. It's really dependent on the model to tell which is the axe and Kemper. However, I'm pretty confident in picking this next one. I have tone matched some kemper profiles using an amp+cabinet method verses just tone matching the ir. I tried to tone match the irs and use the actual amps, but none would match. Anyways, the resulting profile is very close with the method, but gives you a swoosh sound. The difference between the axe and the kemper is that the axe gives you a swoosh sound whereas the kemper gives a more articulate real amp sound. I am not saying this to argue with anyone, but it's the truth. It's not to say that the axe doesn't have it's place. I still feel like the axe has some really good effects and amps that sound good in the mix. I do however feel like there are some amp simulation issues... The reason I came to this conclusion is based on the ir only matches not matching known amps. I have also compared these to real amps that I own. I feel like that each user must decide what's important to them and what they need... I guess you could argue about realism, but the reality is if it works for you then end of story no need to argue over it.

    Awesome news Chris!!! The first pack is incredible. The only unfortunate thing is I get stuck on a profile, because it sounds so good. Then I move to another profile and get stuck on it

    An update for Mega pack 1 owners! Mega pack II will be mailed out to you this coming Sunday

    Sorry guys I disappeared on this. I forgot I had posted this. I stayed up for hours working on it. I had to reformat the usb drive on the computer and then reformat it on the kemper. The key step being formatting it on the computer. I tried so many times just reformatting on the kemper with no luck. Anyways, maybe this will help someone else if they have the problem.

    I don't really post much on here, but I've been waiting for an artist pack. I've bought other amp packs in the past that are great raw amps sounds, but this blows them all away. Basically what I have been waiting for since I bought the kemper. I can flip to a profile and instantly get a good sound/tone without tweaking anything. Amazing pack and was worth every cent. I don't really see myself playing any other profiles now that I have this. Thanks Chris!

    What should I do? I have reformatted the usb drive. This usb drive has worked before without problems. I have turned off the unit and then held system while restarting. I'm using public beta 2.4.29807B. I have deleted rigs.

    I just played it again and added the distortion pedal. I have to say I get an awesome Led Zeppelin sound. Very clean sounding distortion! I mean the profile alone sounds muffled and dull until I add the stomps.

    I don't get it! Please explain to me what I am missing? Ok I plugged this profile in expecting to hear some screaming JVM, AFD, or YJM tones. What I hear is a flat smooth profile that sounds somewhat midrange(kind of like putting a cup over the speaker.) So I turned on the boost and distortion on and sounds a lot better. So my question is what is the rave about? Is it the fact that it is a pure old Marshall sound that you need to add tube screamers etc to get to rock? Anyways, not putting the profile down. I just want to make sure I understand the concept of the profile. Is the intention to tweak it to taste?

    So if you attempt to play a note outside of the key/scale will the harmonizer attempt to harmonize it or will harmonies only be present when playing in key/scale? Example C Major Scale C D E F G A B C . If I hit a C# What will happen?

    So for a harmonizer to work properly you must play the scale that it is set for? What happens if you play a note that is outside of the scale? Will it play the wrong harmony or no harmony at all?