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    I have a pitchfactor right now running through my kemper. I like it better than the new kemper micropitch. I can do 5 cents up and down as well as detune. The new pitchshift on the kemper just isn't hitting that Van Halen sound I like.

    the signal of the kemper.wav file is really low (-23.3dB).

    what exactly is your signal chain for these two exsamples?

    I recorded both at the same time. Guitar hooked through kemper for profiling with the amp on(return line was not hooked up). Master outs into the recording interface. The volume wasn't up to match the amp on the kemper when I recorded it. I used the same settings on the amp that I used to profile.

    kemper profile- guitar into kemper- -master outs into recording interface
    5150 - guitar into kemper- kemper send into amp input- microphone hooked to recording interface

    Replace microphonic with brittle harsh sounding. No the profiler is not the problem here! It's the operator! That's why I'm here I need help. So anyways, I will check all this and do some recording tests and get back. One thing I forgot to mention is that I'm using an axis guitar. Very high output pickups... not sure if that could contribute, but thought it was worth mentioning.

    Thanks for the new replys. Well I did try running it through my mixer and it seemed slightly improved. As I said earlier for some reason my best results are about 10 inch distance at edge of cone. If I point it direct at the dust cap I still get that microphonic sound. I thought the whole point of profiling with the kemper was the ability to just stick a microphone up the cabinet and get a good profile. I wasn't aware that you would have to pre eq etc. The main problem with this 5150 is that I profile it and it loses part of the distortion and warmth. For example merrows 5150 profile sounds controlled and has the warmth. I did a comparison of my profile vs the recorded amp... I can tell they exhibit some of the same properties, but still think the profile has rather harsh sounds. I really have to play with microphone placement to get the profile not to sound microphonic. All the recordings direct from the amp have no microphonic sound. One characterstic of the 5150 is that it does sort of have that thin sound, but it's more controlled. The profile tends to amplify the brittle nature of the 5150 into a screechy mess. I also am aware that the sm57 is a rather harsh sounding microphone, but I don't really think that's causing the problem. I'm thinking my next move is to use a 1960av cab and see if that warms it up enough to drop that the brittle sounds.

    My profiles are still poor. I was messing around with Merrows red sig and took off all the effects and his raw 5150 signal is incredible.

    The best micing I can get is 10 inches away with a sm 57. At any other distance it gets that microphonic issue or squeal on the g b strings. The tube definition does help at times. When I do refine it further amplifies the problem. When I turn the distortion up It further amplifies the problem. This was one thing I noticed about merrow's 5150.... he was able to keep the distortion without comprimising the sound. Anyways, any further tips would be great.

    I'm not sure what you are saying. Did you eq match your guitar riff to the actual guitar riff you are trying to match? Once you do this and create the eq curve then you have to run the mic back through the daw with the eq match and assign the output back to the kemper return by running a cable from the interface to the return of the kemper.

    I think you can still eq match the album. Just match your riff with the isolated guitar riff then save the eq. Now play the whole song and use that eq match on it via vst.

    That's easy to solve:
    If you record your amp instead of profiling it - how does this sound?

    If you like the result of the recording than is something wrong with your profiling setup.
    In case your recording sounds bad too - then change mic, mic placement or the room.

    How is this different from monitoring the amp on the kemper? I would think you could hear the phasing or glass effect through the monitor without actually recording it? I think I tried almost every mic placement known. The further mic placements(1 foot) actually came out better, but not perfect. I found turning the presence down on the amp helped the profile as well. I also think some of the distortion gets lost. So the profile ends up losing warmth and distortion. It's end up being brighter and brittle with a squeal on the bends. It doesn't appear to be overloaded at all either.

    Tried the pillow technique as well as different mic positions and I'm still getting I guess what would be consider a phase effect. The mic position ranged from up close to far direct on dust cap to cone to edge. It's like the amp is loosing it's warmth and becoming kind of stale and glassy. I guess this is kind of why I was dissatisfied with most of the 5150 profiles on the exchange. The glass effect almost sounds like phasing, but I don't think it is phasing. I've noticed on real thin high gain amps this effect before on profiles.

    Maybe I'm expecting to much out of profiling the 5150 amp, but I don't see why it can't be profiled as good as some of the other high gainers.