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    I'm using isolation headphones to monitor the reference vs the actual amp. I can hear the difference between the two very well. I will try again today putting a pillow over the other speaker. It's obviously something wrong with my profiling technique. Since the amp sounds normal through the headphones I don't really think theres anything specifically wrong with the amp or the speakers. I also shut the reverb off on the amp just to make sure it doesn't color it. The tubes should be fine. They are old, but I never really played on them much. I bought the 5150 combo new when it originally came out. I barely played the thing. I can't remember if I changed the tubes to sovtek or groove tubes, because it was so long ago. Basically, this 5150 combo sounds warmer than the stock 5150. Anyways, I'll try to work it out and post the profiles if they are good.

    Thanks! This helped, but this profile still sounds scratchy like your fingernails against a chalkboard. It's missing the warmth of the actual amp. Maybe it's hard to capture this amp. Sasha's profile seems to be close, but not spot on.

    Just tried to profile my 5150 combo. It sound glassy and not like the amp... It has that weird microphonic sound to it. sm 57 2 inches off grill toward side of cone. What am I doing wrong? I tried to compare it to other profiles on the exchange and it seems like this may be a characteristic of profiling this amp.

    Ok sweet I listened to your whole recording. It's pretty close. In fact I would say the chords seem spot on. It seems like I start to notice the variation with the single notes or solos. It actually sounds really close to the afd100 imo. Anyways, great job. Thank you for the profile. :thumbup:

    disregard my last comment. This profile wasn't the one I was thinking of. Awesome profile. I'm getting a slightly microphonic effect or glassy feel. It's that the way the amp sounds? I only get it when playing the higher pitch strings.

    I get so confused with the brown sound. Eddie Van Halen used a super lead to record his albums. This is a jtm45. If you check out the video below you can see the differences in the amps. Adding a treble booster, eq, post eq is great, but I wouldn't know where to start if I was trying to hit the actual eq. It would take me a long time to figure this out. It sounds pretty good as far as the fair warning album. I think pete's van halen ozone match superlead hits the first album well. Anyways, without listening and going back and forth tweaking I seriously don't know if I would think to do preamp eq and then post eq. How would anyone ever figure this out?!?

    So why wouldn't you set the master clock as the audio interface? I also have a midi drum device that I use with steven slate drums. How does that play into the master clock? If I just record in 44.1 do I need to even worry about the master clock?

    I know this thread is getting old, but if you use s/pdif you must record in 44.1? If you use analog to reamp this is not needed? Also, if you reamp using s/pdif you must set your audio interface or the kemper as the clock? The clock is set in your recording software? right now i believe my clock source is my audio interface( i honestly do not know).

    Just got my pitchfactor today. It makes a nice complement to my Kemper. Cool toy for those looking to harmonize.

    Can everyone tell me their live setup with regards to FRFR or Poweramp/guitarcab? I was wondering if everyone is using their FRFR as a monitor(facing towards them) and then using poweramp guitar cab combinations for the output.


    KPA- Master outs to mixing board - Mixing board to powered pa speaker- direct out to power amp/guitar cab.

    Anyways, if you have time let me know your best setup and whether you are running wet or dry?


    Appreciate the answers. I will not get one and set it to control kemper. I hope for a harmonizer soon. I'm planning on buying the eventide, but this brick story I've seen all over the net. I'm a little bit cautious now about buying one.

    This is the closest profile I have found to the Van Halen Balance tone. I just thought I would mention it to everyone in case you are searching for that tone. I dial the gain down midway and it sounds very close. Now all I need is a harmonizer and it will be perfect. Thanks to Juanma Blanco for all his profiles... They are incredible!