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    Well, I'm with you guys that the cab maker is an unnecessary tool. With the sperimental pack, I actually found a lot of profiles that sound good with the cabs. If you have free time then it's kind of fun to play around with, but other than that it's not needed. I'm not really sure what or if there is a fuss.

    I guess when you convert the signal something gets changed? This is a bit dissapointing, because I guess it means that the IR's aren't exhibiting their intended characteristic. The frustrating thing about IR's is that they still exhibit power amp characteristics.

    I still think you guys need to check out the sperimental cab pack. This was the one I had success with. The mesa boogie oversized and traditional sound good.

    Initially wanted a rackmount version, but now I've grown accustomed to the space age look. Not sure I could deal with the rackmount, but I almost feel like I need to go rackmount for the integrated power amp. So far the quality of Kemper has been outstanding and I bet this paired amp will be great.

    Mr. Chen,

    Okay you're wrong!!! haha no I'm just kidding. I respect that you want more effects, but I really believe they are not required to make good music. I guess I am more of a purist when it comes to sound... Give me any amp with a little bit of delay and I'll write a song that sounds good. No fancy effects needed, but that's my preference.

    Best selling artists use amps, but now you have a kemper that sounds like the amp and it's a all in one unit! I'm not sure I was getting into this like you read it in that only because an artist uses or not uses something it's good. I think you took that to a whole new level. I'm saying in general that if you are a good musician you typically do not need a ton of effects to get the message across. Most of these artist you mentioned really don't use a lot of effects. Most of the effects aren't all on at once either. They have different amps,delays, distortion pedals, and so on for different songs. Is all this required to write a good song? No, it's not really required nor would someone notice if they were missing an effect when they play the song. Anyways, I guess our fundamental belief is different. I like the Kemper for it's pure raw sounding distortion and minimal effects vs an axe that sounds flat and harsh with a bunch of weird effects all jumbled in(note this is my opinion of the axe based on what I hear your experience may be different. I'm sure the Kemper team will give your effects in time, but for me I don't need it to be completely satisified with my creativity. :D

    It's cool I respect you for your opinions. My post was more in response to the axe copying the kemper and my satisifcation with the Kemper as a complete rig.

    I think it's wonderful that the axe is copying features from the kemper, but the company still has yet to explain why the axe sounds digital and stale. I was an early adopter of the Kemper and I based my purchase solely on clips. I could tell immediately that the Kemper sounded "real." I think slowly people and even the axe crowd are catching on that the Kemper is not a fad device, but a legitimate amp replacement. Forget all the effects etc. The Kemper offers all the basic effects you need to make some really good music. Most of the best selling artists use very little effects. So that's my two cents on this topic.

    I'm using alnico 2 pickups to play with these profiles and they all seem to lack punch. I'm feeling disconnected even after tweaking pick attack etc. For some reason I have to turn the volume knob way up and the distortion sounds buzzy/overloaded. Anyone else using alnico 2's having this problem? Theres too many positive reviews here so I must be doing something wrong.

    +1 At first I was so I excited axe users were finally getting an upgrade until I realized it's just eq match nothing more and nothing better. It sounds the same to me as well.

    It's whatever is up on the exchange so probably 5.0. However I've not heard any examples to convince me that 6 is any different, it just seems the same as before but now with Match EQ. I'm not against people doing it, trying it out, making, sharing etc profiles they make with other amp sims, but I'd just like them to be well marked so that I can skip is all.

    It can be a cool sound, but I have a bunch of cheap amp sims, pods, boss units etc that cover the "amp sim" ground pretty well already so I don't have a need for profiles of amp sims.

    Guys I hate to say this, but I don't get these... All of the factory profiles sound fuzzy to me even the original profiles. I'm not sure if it's the guitar I use or what, but I just don't get them. The only useable profile I was able to find was use your v-nob which I think is a take on cathedral by EVH. Anyways, I love the user made profiles, but I don't get why the factory ones don't sound good. Am I just tone deaf???