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    This makes sense, but isn't that what the tone match does? The comparison I refer to is between the axe and kemper based on an actual amp, but when you tone match a track don't you have to select an amp then it eq's from there?

    Hey Jeddie,
    there's much more to an amp sound than tone alone: its dynamic, the way its sound changes depending on the fretboard section you're using...
    Tone matching, as I see it, is a way to match the tone of an amp provided you are using a model of the same amp and you're just after the sound the artist is using on a specific tune. Tone-matching a Marshall track applying it to a Fender model won't give you the same sound. A single note might sound similar, but on phrasing and chording you'd perceive the different response each amp is characterized by.

    Were it otherwise, a simple 32-band graphic equalizer would turn any amp in any other one, and Fractal should have just developed a single model and applied different EQs to generate any other.

    Trivial considerations maybe, but it seemed they were worth it :)

    Yep I got it! Curiousity is the only reason I would like to see it done. It won't change my thoughts on the kemper. May change my thoughts on the axe though!

    So are you saying you can tone match the amp the same way you can profile an amp? I thought you would have to take your recorded profile and then tone match to that recording? Ehh nevermind I think I see what your saying record the actual amp and tone match to that recording. Compare that recording against a profiled recording! Bingo?

    I would like to hear a axe clip tone matched to the kemper then we could really hear whether it's improved. I think this would be the ultimate test! So someone with both devices have at it and do a poll to see if people can pick what's what?!?

    The clips don't sound that bad, but I'm not real sure they've corrected the digital swish. Anyone legitametly own the axe 2 have an opinion?

    I feel 100% satisfied with the kemper and that it is a complete package. For me there's not really anything else I desire out of the unit.

    I think the bottom line for the KPA is that most users feel it does it's primary function (amp profiling) very well, but it is still not a complete, comprehensive package for doing serious recording or live gigs that demand quiet performance and simultaneous in-depth effects. For $1,800 plus shipping, does this seem too much to ask?

    ehh tone matching sounds like an ok feature, but if it doesn't sound real I'm not interested. I can do my own eqing. If kemper adds it I won't complain, but I don't see myself using it much.

    Actually I did check these out and they do sound digital to me. The best sounding amp that kind of sounds like a a boogie to me is the bogner xtc profile. Like I said the single rectifier profiles by ptitduke are awesome! One thing I noticed with these profiles is the attack seems off... i tried changing it, but no luck. I don't know what it is, but some profiles I just can't get the attack adjusted to perfection... I think it has something to do with they were profiled. Also took ola's profile and took the effects off it and it was really close, but still lacked something. I'm going to fool around with some of these today and see if I can get what I want. If I get something like what I was looking for I'll post it. Appreciate your help though.

    Woah you're on it!!! Thanks I'm gonna check these out later!

    Just opened up the zip... These are all the ones i Have tried. :S They all sound pretty flat to me. The single rectifier profile by ptitduke sounds good so maybe i'll stick with it... Maybe it's just my ears or the guitar i'm using that is making the others sound digital. I'm looking ofr a thick dual rectifier foo fighters sound. I think some of the other bogner or bugera profiles meet my needs better. It's all good! haha why am I complaining "my precious" kemper can't do it all? haha well maybe it can! Regardless thanks for the help!!!

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any good profiles for these amps. I can't seem to find any... They all sound digital. Ptitduke has some awesome single rectifier profiles and I think they are going to meet my needs. Anyways, just would like to see a comparison between a single and a dual or a triple to see which sounds best.

    Super Profiles! Really dynamic! I've never heard a dark terror in person, but it seems like you captured it well. Dark Terrors seem like they are a thin amp, but with some palm muting it's rather smooth. I think I"m hearing tubes in these profiles!!! Thank you for the profiles and zipping them!

    Are the eq's all at the same, but with different gains for each channel?

    Thanks! I really like the colossus. It sounds way different once you remove all the "effects" equalization etc. I see uses for it with the effects on and off so good deal!

    I didn't realize you could achieve this, but the scooped effect of the EQ is really accented by the green scream. I'm not much of an effect guy, but great way to really accent this amp!

    I'm not trying to put down the profiles just trying to figure out if it's something I'm doing. The best afd100 I've heard so far is from sheguitarplayer. I have some more I downloaded that say me on them, but not sure who they are from. Some of the afd100 profiles sound digital and others sound great. On these profiles they aren't sounding loud and when I turn them up they have no thump or character. I also think I may hear phasing. Anyways, like I said not putting anyones profile method down, but it may just be me. I notice it all the time with profiles... Some sound digital and some sound like the real thing.

    haha same with me. My name came up and I passed. I don't see how I could ever buy one. There's just no comparison. I really like the fact that you don't have to sign a waiting list to get a discount... I always thought that was shady.