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    I have to agree. I was on the waitlist for the axe 2 forever and I always thought it was a little fizzy... I listened to tons of clips. I didn't know anything about the kemper. I was just browsing the forums which I never do and stumbled on it a few weeks ago. Every clip I heard of the Kemper was close to near exact. I can't figure out why people at the axe forum are so excited about this new tone copy or whatever it is. I think sometimes people are just die hards and it doesn't matter what their ears tell them... My ears tell me of all the axe and kemper clips that the kemper has more dynamics and less fizz. I'm not sure how the axe will develop into reducing the fizz and turn into a kemper... If it was possible wouldn't it have been done before kempers release? I know the kemper has its problems, but I think a lot of time was spent into releasing the device with the best sound. You have to think that in order to compete the guys at kemper listened to an axe and improved upon the sound. It's pretty sad that right as it is released the competitor says "oh we're doing that", but then they don't release anything that functions. It doesn't seem smart to me. I mean the guys at kemper aren't saying "hey we're doing modeling." Profiling is kind of it's own thing and they feel they've made a better product otherwise it wouldn't have been released... I have to agree with them. My kemper is on order btw.

    Not trying to cause any rifts, but I like the fact that this unit is not a recording unit.... It would seriously screw up my computer if I connected another device beside my presonus to it. It always seems like the more hardware I add to the computer the more devices like this would conflict with each other. Also, I'm not sure exactly if sonar lets you switch easily between devices. I think it would just be another pain to switch back and forth. I mean yeah if it had usb recording built it then you wouldn't have to use it, but I just don't see the real benefit. Also, the recording bit seem to mess things up as well. On "he who should not be named" my understanding is you are limited to certain sample rates and the usb recording is a must for better recording QUALITY. If I understand this device correctly samples rates don't really matter and it will still sound good from the mains out. I really thought this unit was going to be complicated, but after reading the instructions it doesn't seem bad. I wish the user manual included whether the ins and outs are balanced. I'm just assuming the effects sends returns and input are unbalanced and the output is balanced. Ok i've gone off on a tangent. BTW don't own one yet, but just placed an order for one.