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    latest observations:
    as long as the Kemper is not connected to my laptop via USB, there´s only this soft "pop" when shutting down.
    The loud burst only occurs when there´s an active USB connection!
    So it will be fine for live use.

    Has anyone had the same experience?

    After some more tries, most of the time there is that soft "pop" BayouTexan is refering to. That´s ok.
    But once in a while there comes that shockingly loud bursts of noise out of my cab. At stage volume and through a PA system, the audience will faint ;)
    I haven´t detected a pattern...

    after many years with passive Kempers, I got my first powered rack unit the other day.
    It´s making a loud noise during shutdown.
    Searching the forum I found that it was fixed in software v4.0. I´m using the latest.
    Is my unit faulty, or the fix?


    Not that we´re still in need of new profiles...but here are some amps, which have not been profiled so often yet.

    The Bogner Metropolis is a phantastic sounding one channel amp, with a so called SCHIZO switch, to activate different boost and cut modes.
    P.S.: the one with "R.B." is Reinhold Bogner´s favorite setting!

    Mesa Boogie´s Royal Atlantic seems to be a rare beast, too! A mix between Fender clean und Marshall dirt, but always keeping a very sophisticated character.

    Not that rare, but still a nice, versatile amp: the Framus Dragon 3-channel monster, with some extra profiles with pedals.
    Get it here -> FRAMUS DRAGON PACK

    As always, these are pure unedited studio profiles, so tweak to taste!

    Hope you´ll find some to your likings!


    Hi folks,

    some fresh profiles for you metal aficionados!

    A modern metal pack, containing profiles of several amps, pure and boosted with a Fortin 33 or a Klirrton Lichtbringer pedal:
    Bogner Überschall
    Diezel Herbert
    Diezel VH4
    Mesa Dual Rectifier
    Peavey 6505

    The *** versions are brighter than the ** versions.

    As always, these are pure unedited studio profiles, so tweak to taste!

    click here, to get these brutal tones -> MODERN METAL PACK :evil:


    hm, ich weiß nicht, wie ich das finden soll...
    Logisch wäre für mich, dass ich mit einem im KPA befindlichen, editierten Rig, egal ob ich es im RM oder direkt im KPA aufrufe, das ursprüngliche überspeichern kann.
    Jetzt sehe ich mich in Zukunft öfters vor dem ausschließlichen SAVE AS, möchte aber keinen neuen Namen vergeben, habe folglich dann zwei Rigs mit gleichem Namen, von denen ich das ältere löschen muss. Geht schon, macht aber wenig Spaß ;)

    Irgendwie müsste es doch möglich sein, dass bei Rigs, die man im RM aus dem MY PROFILER Ordner aufruft, alle Speicheroptionen zur Verfügung stehen, oder?

    Kenn ich!
    Wenn man ein Rig vom Rig Manager aus aufruft, steht beim Speichern tatsächlich nur STORE AS zur Verfügung.
    Ruft man aber das Rig direkt am Kemper Amp auf, sind die weiteren bekannten Speicheroptionen wieder zugänglich.
    Ich hoffe, dass es sich hier um einen Bug handelt!

    These profiles are great. The Peavey 6505 33 profile is so thick and full. Chords have clarity and you can hear every note ring through under a lot of gain. Amazing work, man. I have been purchasing a bunch of stuff lately and enjoying what I have been getting but this Peavey profile made those sound like toys lol. Thank you for sharing these!!!!

    thanks for the feedback, much apprechiated :)


    This request about more effect modules…. Do you really need more than eight active effects simultaneously? Can you provide a practical example, where that makes sense? ......

    I always use a Wah, a Whammy and a Gate in front of the amp module, so there´s only one Slot left. So I have to decide wheather to use a fuzz, or a boost, or an EQ, or something else....

    An extra slot for Wah would be a great improvement! With a selectable spot infront of or after the first 4 FX slots, maybe even in between, and maybe additionally after the amp block. Similiar to the volume pedal

    Same with the Noise gate, one selectable spot in front of or after the first four FX Slots and one after the amp block.

    This would free up two otherwise permanently talen slots for me!

    Amazing profiles! I have so much fun with it. Thanks again bro! :thumbup:

    Cheerio <3

    nice - many links included in your youtube post, but no mentioning of the profiler?
    maybe you can add another link?

    some questions:
    You changed the cab, right? Makes all the profiles sound quite similiar...
    I did not profie a Mesa MKV and an Engl Powerball. The Engl sounds significantly different, the MKV again very similiar to my the other examples. Where are those two profiles from?

    Hi folks!

    I took the chance to get some profiles from a Friedman Runt 20 I had for some days in my studio.

    Most of the profiles were made with two cabs, a vintage Marshall 4x12" from 1969 with Greenbacks (at least I think so....) with a Heil PR40 mic and a Bogner 2x12" with open back and Greenbacks (I´m sure ;) ) with a Superlux mic paired with a SM58 without the grill. Additionaly I mixed in a cheapo Lollipop ribbon room mic.

    For the two "Metal" profiles I used my Diezel 4x12" frontloaded V30 cab with two SM57s fredman style. One profile has the Fortin 33 booster involved.

    Get it here: RUNT 20

    Enjoy 8)

    have you ever tried to place a green scream before your Wah while using an overdriven amp?
    What about compressors - I usually place them before the Wah.
    IMHO the "Wah using a stomp block" behavior ist just perfect as it is, cause it opens up way more possibilites.

    of course Wah should stay available as a stomp!
    Thinking a step further, it should not be very hard to program the "wah in rig setting" to be placed at any place in the signal chain