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    Are there plans to let the KPA act as a digital slave?
    I already have a studio setup with several digial devices and of course one master.
    I´d really like to connect the KPA via S/PDIF, but as long as it insists on being the master, I cannot do it. :|

    here is a 4-track recording from always the same source track!
    the two above are recored with one Kemper preset, the two below with another one.

    in example 1 you can see the first two tracks with the one Kemper preset in perfect phase, the third one with the other Kemper preset also in phase, and the fourth one out of phase

    example 2 is some seconds later of the same recording. suddenly all four tracks are in phase!


    with the same source track the recorded tracks surely have the same phase!

    but to answer your question:
    no matter which cab I dial in, there´s always phase problems - even with the SAME cab on both tracks

    but check this out: using the SAME AMP twice delivers two track not correctly in phase!

    as I said, the results are somewhat random!

    big disappointment, because I was just starting to reamp a big CD production.....not with Kemper :(

    same problem here X(
    one source track, reamped with two different Kemper sounds -> phase issues!

    Please do not question the way the initial poster and I work. I for one do it like this for years, to blend different amp tones together for the final track.

    Having a deep look into a fully zoomed in waveform in cubase I see very very strange results - the problems are obvious:
    one passag in phase, next one out of phase. phase-correlations change all the time randomly.
    with the same source track this is an absolute no go!
    I had never problems like these using VST Plugins or different real amps. once the recorded reamped tracks are moved, so that they are phase-alligned, they stay in phase all the time. Now with the Kemper tracks, there´s no chance to get them alligned, because the original phase behaviour is not printed 1:1 to the recording....something in the box brings a ramdom factor to the game....

    what´s goining on here?

    my setup:
    Cubase 6.5 ->
    steinberg MR816 Firewire interface mono out ->
    Radial reamp Box ->
    Kemper ->
    Chandler Germanium Preamp ->
    steinberg MR816 Firewire interface in ->
    Cubase 6.5

    Yeah, the Diezels are great here. Since you did ask for comments, I will say that, to me, the Bogner sounds very thin overall compared to the depth/quality of the Diezel profiles. Is it the same mic setup? Either way, thanks so much for these!

    yeah thanks, that´s what I think now, too ;-)

    the Heil mic ist great for transparent hi gain Sounds, but obviously too harsh for slightly dirty cleans or for open cabs.

    this will not be my last profiling session. gotta record the Bogner with a ribbon mic. got great results with it in the past!

    a 1970 JMP Marshall is waiting for profiling, too....

    thank a lot for giving it a try, y´all :)