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    By the way, r_u_ sirrius , I have been using 3 of these profiles in my weekly gigs ever since you originally downloaded them. I have never rated any profiles just because I found that the rating were not allways that accurate.SO THANKS FOR THE PROFILES... Paul

    you´re welcome! thanks for the great feedback :)

    there have been instant one star ratings for all my uploads in the last months. I suspect there´s a hater doing his sorry business....
    as I said, I like the idea of sharing, so I will make my future contributions available only via dropbox download. No more rig exchange for me, as long as votings are anonymous!

    Hi folks,

    just for clarification: I deleted the profiles.
    The reason is that I´m not willing to accept the systematic one star ratings I always recieve for some random profiles of my uploads any longer.
    I´m totally open for feedback and critisism, but dealing with annonymous haters is not what I´m looking for. Spoils the fun quite a bit....

    Anyway, the idea of sharing profiles is great, and I appreciate everyone´s contributions, so grab the Metallica settings profiles here

    Keep in mind that these profiles are not made to sound like the original tone from the records, but to provide a platform with the original amp settings for further tweaks.

    My intention was not getting the original tone perfectly right.
    All I did was using my Quad pre, tweak it to the settings in the notes and profile it.
    Different power amp (they probably used the Mark IIc head, I used my Diezel VH-4´s power amp, different speakers, different mics, different post EQ, massive multi tracking, different guitars, different player etc ;)

    So take these profiles as a base for further tweaks 8)

    I tweaked the Quad Pre to the settings shown in the notes, including the settings for the built in 5 band EQ and profiled it.

    I guess it is not very common to find such detailed recording notes from famous bands 8)


    I uploaded some profiles of my Mesa Quad preamp with original Metallica studio settings from the "Master of Puppets" and "...and Justice for All" sessions.
    User Waraba found these settings , so big thanks to him!

    Do you remember those good old Metallica riffs? Time for a revisit! 8)

    the profiles are up!

    first set with ".... _" and second set with "....*" at the end.

    Nice tones indeed, some of them a little too dark for my taste or my guitars. But I think they will findsome friends here.

    The Master of Puppets setting is included as well. Keeping in mind that there is post production and heavy multi tracking involved with what we all know from the record, this tone is a pretty good starting point for the famous Master of Puppets sound! Cool finding!!!

    I also uploaded two Dual Rectifier profiles with the Seymour Duncan 805 overdrive for boost, one aggressive, the other one VERY aggressive 8)

    good news indeed! Thanks a lot Paults, I wasn´t aware of this!

    I did another round of profiles with my Marshall ´70 JMP Superbass, bridged and several overdirve pedals in front.
    Some classic tones in here! 8)
    Check them out at the rig exchange!

    After working some days withe the Grossmann ISO cab I´m more than happy with it. Finally I´m able to dial in the sound exactly as I like it, without the guessing involved when profiling with the cab in the same room.
    Looking forward to test different mic combinations and different many possibilities.... :D

    March of the Overdrives:
    [Blocked Image:] don´t get it, sorry. Maybe I´m not precise enough...

    I´d like to be able to rename a profile which I save from out of a performance. This is not possible right now!
    You have to take the long road I described aboveto achieve this.

    Perhaps you will be able to do this with the Rig Manager that enables Performance naming, sorting moving, etc. that I saw at NAMM....idk for sure.

    of course I can! But what I want to avoid having several profiles with the same name in the pool, then finding out which is which and then rename it, with Rig Manager or with the Kemper in BROWSER mode.

    I've never tried, but what happens when you rename the slot and then save to Pool? Does the rig keep its original name?

    Yes, it does!

    See, I arranged my performances like this, for example:

    Performance 1:
    1. slot named CLEAN
    profile used for the first slot is called "Fender Super clean"

    Performance 2:
    1. slot named CLEAN
    profile used for the first slot is called "Fender Super clean", too - but I add some effects etc, so I´d like to rename it to "Fender Super + FX"

    What I have to do now is:
    -press RIG -> Store To Pool
    -switch to BROWSER mode
    -look for the latest saved profile called "Fender Super clean"
    -rename it to "Fender Super + FX"
    -switch to PERFORM mode
    -reimport this profile to slot 1 of performance 2

    I think all this should easily be done with just two steps: save and rename!

    If I get this right, you can do it. Go to Arrange Slots, then Rename slots.
    Is this what you're requesting?


    No ;)
    I´m aware that I can rename the slots.
    What I´d like to do is renaming a profile when saving it to pool (->RIG button -> Store to Pool), to avoid several profiles with the same name.

    thank you all for chiming in and for your additional suggestions!

    I´d like to add another one, too:

    I´d like to name a profile when I save it in performance mode.

    I use a number of "source profiles", which appear in several performances and get some individual tweaks in there. For backups I save those tweaked profiles separately, but I cannot give them a specified name. I end up with some profiles with the same name. What I have to do is search in browser mode for the tweaked profile, rename it there and then reimport it to it´s performance.....should be easier!

    Hi folks,

    I aquired a Grossmann ISO cab the other day. My first test unsing it for profiling is up at the rig exchange:

    -Marshall JCM800Lead series 2205 amp
    -Seymour Duncan 805 in front for boost
    -Celestion G12K100 speaker
    -Heil PR40 and Superlux 609 clone mics
    -Chandler Germanium preamps

    What do you think about it? Can you hear those negative effects an ISO box is said to have?

    To my ears it sounds amazing! 8)

    So if you got some time to kill, please leave some feedback!

    thx ;)

    after using the KPA for three years in the studio and for one year live, I´d like to share my list of feature requests. I´m sure most of them have been mentioned already.
    Here we go:

    stomp/FX slots are few on the Kemper, so I´d like to suggest a studio EQ built into the amp and/or cab section. Preferably to be set pre or post amp section.

    missing stomps:
    -an additional delay which can be freely placed in every slot I wish to (the only additional FX unit in my live rig is a line6 delay....)
    -a spring reverb
    -some more fuzz boxes, octave fuzz. I know the already available fuzzes can be shaped with EQ and Recti Shaper. But using three slots to get a fuzz right????
    I suggest another menue page for all drive/dist/fuzz effects with an EQ, and another page for fuzz effects with the recti shaper
    -bypassing loop FX should mute the input! Right now the return is muted, so echo or reverb tails are cut of.
    Fot the DELAY and REVERB slots there´s a midi bypass command to let the tails ring out. The loop FXs should have such a command, too!

    display improvements:
    on my lunchbox Kemper the LEDs show the settings of the EQ. To see these settings on my rack Kemper without the LEDs I have to turn the the knobs. This is very inconvenient!
    How about including the value in the display? Instead of
    Bass Middle Treble Presence
    we should have
    B: <0.0> M: <0.0> T: <0.0> P: <0.0>
    the volume setting should be visible at the fist sight, too - but where? :/ V: <0.0>

    in performance mode I´d like to see the complete signal chain like in browser mode. I can never tell which effects are in the slots.

    These are my main concerns.....had some more trouble with FX loop and monitoring through the Kemper getting in the way of each other,but I stopped monitoring through the Kemper and let our monitor man sending me my inEar signal.

    Thanks for your attention - show some support if you agree with my requests! 8)