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    While new as a participant member on this board, I must say that I was expecting a more stimulating debate from this thread - I see only good things from Cliff's attempt to incorporate profiling capabilities on the Axe FX 2, namely as it does remove some of the stigma that arose from his own mention of how he felt profiling to be less than optimal compared to modeling some time ago.

    Also, as more companies embrace profiling as a valid alternative / complement to modeling, more and more fresh ideas and approaches will arise, and more choice for the consumer is made available, resulting in a growth of a market as well. This can only stimulate companies, Kemper included, to keep evolving.

    Some of us (me included), ended up preferring Buck Rogers' spaceship's console over the Axe FX (heck, I flogged my Ultra because of it, really), and the ease of use is a monster plus for me, even without the software being finalized yet. I'm not just a solo artist, I'm a session musician, and speed in coming up with solutions is quite highly valued there.

    Also, I am NOT limited in the amps I have here. I had a session today where I thought Two Rock amps to be the right tools for the job. They have a very quick and organic response and the Gain Master has a rock tone to die for. Did I take those two? Heck, no! I can't afford those - I went by a mate's store and profiled them on the spot. There, job done, and a happy producer. If Cliff somehow nails this sort of commodity on the Axe FX, all the better. Personally, I still see more room for evolution in this little lunch box as it is, and the way it nails the amps' "urgent" attack is unparalleled until further notice.

    Gear is just gear, and flame wars will never solve a war that was never there - each company will have their philosophy, and that gives US the freedom to choose what we believe to serve our purposes. :)

    Hahaha! I knew the harp joke would pop up sooner or later! :P If we meet up at the Messe, I'll show you how simple it is to adapt to both 7's and 8's - first trick is to get used to counting the strings down -> up, which avoids the misperception of the top thicker string being an E. :)

    PS - whenever I play a 6-string, the first G chord I hit is always in fact a Cadd9. Yeap, I'm not used to them anymore and need to apply the whole "count the strings down to up" thing to myself...

    EDIT: These are ALL stock profiles. I refrained from using mine, as people were asking me if I could play my stuff on the Kemper without taking my amps and profiling the lot of them. :)

    I'll be there during all the days. I may try to borrow the Kemper for a second as the Herbert I was to profile is now in Germany and Peter wouldn't mind me taking a couple profiles at dead hours, I'm sure. :)

    I'll be hanging around mainly by the HESU stand, and Ola will be around with me, so look for a tall Swede and a short bearded Portuguese dude with an 8-string Tele type. :P

    Yes, it can't do high gain or metal, which is exactly why I didn't use a single custom profile outside the RK / Dual Recto ones for the clip I put up last week. Ola had a ton of trouble as well... :D

    Jokes aside, I love Keith's stuff, really! :)