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    There is a hole in the back where a power amp has always been supposed to go. Since I heard of the Kemper I have known this.
    Most people can't afford to buy both.

    Also, look at the shipping coming from the Kemper Store to Canada, with duties, taxes, brokerage fees and shipping, the price is astronomical. With all that in, I'd be looking at $3200 AFTER the rebate. It'd be like buying 2 non-powered versions as the price is almost exactly double what I paid for my profiler. It is absolutely ludicrous that we are forced to buy from the Kemper store and not locally.
    So sorry, the power amp is not worth $1600 and Kemper has basically screwed all the people who believed we could upgrade our unit with a proprietary Kemper branded power amp.

    I hate to say it, but it's unbelievably lame that I can't upgrade my Kemper myself or through a central service centre. I bought the KPA on the promise that I would be able to upgrade my CURRENT KPA, not having to sell my old one for a loss and buy a new one at a premium price through the online store.

    I think this has been handled very poorly considering those of us who have had one for close to 2 or more years are basically getting the shaft from Kemper after placing trust in a company with an unfinished product. Seems like blatant false advertising to me....

    Just upgraded from 1.6, pitch effects AND space parameter, this is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! The space parameter should not be overlooked, especially for headphone users, makes it bearable to use headphones now(old news, yes, but I'm a little late to the party)!

    Anybody else getting a loud high pitched hiss on some high gain patches. I'm using monitor out cabs off to either a matrix gt800fx or Mesa 2:100 and it happens on both. Tried all combinations of ground/lift switches, nothing is clipping, no common effects(happens with all effects off or on). Tried system reset, didn't help. Turned noise gate on/off, up/down, no difference. Firmware 1.6 but this happened on previous firmware as well. Tried different pickup combos. Different cables didn't help.
    *edit* This happens on all outputs when using a power amp/cab. When using the master out and other outputs, this only happened when I disengaged the cabs.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

    I just made the comparison going back to 1.5.4. It definitely sounds different. I compared both using one of my fav profiles from the amp factory (JCM 800 drive). My 1st impression was right. The new firmware sounds different (I don't like it). It is actually quite noticeable that it sounds brighter. I will not enter into the debate of it sounding better of worse because it does not make any sense. The point is that the rigs should sound exactly the same no matter what firmware you use except for the aliasing being removed.

    Can you post clips?

    :D Right now I've got 2 power amps and 3 cabs. I want to try out FRFR to keep the character of the profiled cabinets involved(so many good greenback/scumback profiles) and I love jamming w/d/w. I would go all FRFR but don't want to make a ridiculous investment without trying it first as my main cab.

    I want to be able to get my dry tone in the middle to FRFR(cab on) and the wet sides to a poweramp to 2 cabs(cab off). We can go the other way now using monitor out with cabs off and the main outs cabs on/off with the soft button but we can't yet set it up the way I want.

    Ok, I want to pick up an RCF powered monitor for my dry tone. I will use an external power amp to my wet sides which are 212 cabinets. How do I keep the middle sound with the cab on and have the wet sides have the cab off?