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    I have the Fryette PS2 also and while I don’t have anything else to compare it to, I’m actually hoping that when a powered Kabinet version appears it’s amp will be stereo so that you could drive a second unpowered Kabinet. That would let me keep my Fryette with my tube amp.

    Have any specifics been shared on if the powered version will be able to do this? It would sure help some of us on the fence on how to proceed with any related purchase decisions (i.e. - if the powered version won’t be able to drive an unpowered Kabinet in stereo, I would just proceed now in getting a stereo power amp and another unpowered Kabinet. It’s just that I would personally prefer the power amp be self contained in the Kabinet rather than have another component to worry about moving around).

    Can’t wait for some detailed reviews. I’ve been looking forward to getting real amp in the room sounds for a long time from the profiler and look forward to hearing more to compare to Tone Junkie’s YouTube vids.

    Hey old friend. I’m with you.

    I don’t even play live, so at home I’ve mostly played through HS8s and matching Yamaha sub very happily, but to get the best (or in fairness) the most familiar feel so far, I’ve liked running into Fryette Power Station II (that I use to keep my Super Reverb from peeling the paint off the wall), and play it through the Super’s cab. I do prefer doing this with cab off.

    Nope, not exactly ideal for all rigs but it can sound pretty great on many. What you find out quickly is how impactful the sound of the cab/speaker is to the equation because you essentially have access to every amp in the world... but only one speaker/cab to play them all through.

    I’m a very early adopter and still love the Profiler. In the early days I was actually ridiculed a little for suggesting that since the actual profile files were small, we should keep all of our rigs on the profiler, or have a librarian/editor to connect to everything (just like we all enjoy now). This opposed to most people only storing a couple dozen rigs.

    At some point I also I suggested that Kemper make a cabinet, ideally a 4x12 (I’ll add now to include an adapter to mount 10” if preferred) and give us the ability to load it with very mixed speakers (electronically speaking - safely mixing ohms) with a physical mix of open/closed back split between top/bottom halves of the cabinet. Imagine then having a mix of 4 great speakers in that baby to your liking. I might be talking Profiler II capabilities now, but then imagine being able to set a default with the Profiler on which speakers are used, but then custom specify on a per rig basis which to play through. So the you can fine tune toy play your American rigs through the open back top half and your British ones through your closed back half. Maybe you have certain rigs where you just want to hear your one greenback that you mounted in the closed section, or your single Weber Blue in the open half. Imagine the versatility in being able to blend individual volume levels per speaker!

    ...or you have 4 Kemper Kones in it and use the forthcoming software to emulate any speaker, but... you would have the physical ability to hear two of them through either the open or closed back portions of this type of hybrid 4x cab, and do so in stereo!

    To me, Mr. Kemper already has masterfully achieved being able to profile just about any amp tone and provide us a perfect mic’d sound of it. I just think tackling the physical speaker/cab component of the amp in the room sound equation, you need to physically have versatility to play through.

    I really believe a product like this will eventually come too, but for now I’m just looking forward to getting my hands on a couple Kones to run in stereo!


    I think it would be cool to see the powered version with stereo ins and enough power to drive an unpowered Kemper Cab as it’s stereo mate. For those just wanting to run one mono cab, they can still buy either powered or unpowered, but those wanting to run stereo could save a little (in theory) by not having to buy two powered units.

    I profiled my fuzz face soon after getting my Profiler to just check, but never anticipated it being able to do that volume roll off thing so I wasn’t let down at all. The idea that Wheresthedug proposed is exactly what I was thinking too, and perhaps might be something considered for a Profiler MK II.

    While we’re dreaming, the other thing that would be awesome for a future version would be if they could somehow capture what’s going on with the sound as impacted by a real life speaker/cabinet played at different volume levels. Imagine playing with a “cabinet volume level” parameter that would introduce speaker distortion and feedback sustain regardless of what you are actually listening through (near field monitors, headphones, etc.) and what volume you are listening to them.

    The Profiler isn’t going to behave the same way a great Fuzz Face will with guitar volume roll off. It’s something that circuit does with Ge diodes pretty uniquely well (especially with old stock trannies that are well matched and with the circuit tuned by someone with good ears that knows what they are doing). The impedance that you mentioned is the magical component of the equation. The Profiler will just lower gain with volume roll back, and the end result will be more quiet and less breakup. The Ge fuzz face on the other hand is going to give you this magical extra sparkle and the edge of breakup depends on where exactly your guitar volume is set, how hard you are playing, etc.

    To me, experiencing a great old Ge FF is essential for people who love playing with dynamics. I have a Cornell First Fuzz with NOS Ge transistors and love it. Just expect to pay the price, and don’t leave it plugged in when not playing, to preserve the lifespan of those old transistors.

    Thank you CK! Awesome stuff!

    Owner since beginning of 2012 and the Profiler continues to add game changing capabilities!

    I look forward to hearing more details on the Kone and Editor, but was wondering if anyone has heard any comments on when we might see the new preset management menu controls via the physical browse and preset knobs on the Profiler get implemented. (Not to be confused with editor software or computer controls)

    Has someone been able to get multihead Tape Echo sounds with the new delays where the repeats 'leak' into others and the rhythm pattern gets lost as the delay goes on? This is the basic nature of the Roland RE-201 and also inTape Echo sims like RE-20 and El Capistan. The effect can be heard in this El Capistan demo around 4:40:

    I've played with some extremes of this, purposefully going into a more chaotic wash, but play with the idea of using delay in 2 (or more) effects slots. The repeats of the first feed the second delay. If you use simple single delay types you can essentially have each slot become like a tape head and if you start to introduce roll off and some slight flutter/modulation you start sounding like these echo units. Obviously the less simple types of delay you stack and their delay times, the more perfectly out of control things can get, which are great pre stack.

    Inspirational delays. Just tweaked for a while and came up with something sweet and was going to save it but just figured...screw it, I'll create many more tomorrow. Love the quantity of options and I'm just scratching the surface. Really liking a couple parameters, smear and swell (I think - just going from memory) and being able to add grit, modulation, flutter, chorus.... it's going to be fun getting lost playing with these.

    More experimenting but I'm already thinking that my Timeline could help fund a Profiler Remote!

    What I'm going to say won't add anything important to the conversation and I'll preface my comments by saying that I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of profiles. All of them directly from the source and I have no intentions of ever buying used/"stolen" profiles or selling any profiles for that matter but isn't there a bit of irony in all of this?

    If Leo Fender and Jim Marshall were around and active online, posting hundreds of comments on internet forums, don't you think they would have exchanged similar opinions on all of us buying bits of software that they might eventually say essentially stole or copied the sound of their amps? The Profiler listens to the amp and provides the means to essentially make a digital copy of it for us to enjoy. Kind of like those morons that sit in theaters to make copies of movies, or those good old double cassette boom boxes, etc. Kemper's results are incredibly accurate, and without people crunching popcorn in the background. Do you think it far fetched that those two guys might have viewed Christoph as their Croatian? The Profiler as a cam corner or boom box? The Rig Exchange as our Napster?

    Again, I don't plan to engage in buying or selling used profiles but we're all enjoying a great piece of technology that the amp manufacturers probably don't appreciate. And please don't site some situation where someone bought an amp because they were introduced to it via the Profiler. I'm sure that happens, but rarely. I'm just pointing out that there are probably some perspectives when looking at the foundation of all of this that would call our entire community's morality into question. Call me guilty because I love and appreciate what Kemper has given us.

    As an early adapter, I can also remember rejoicing in the concept of community in what Kemper provided us in how we could easily share profiles. It was the realization that this is only going to get better and better over time that was awesome. I can also remember when our group was much smaller and we were first introduced to the first offering of "commercial" profiles. My first reaction was - "Oh no, this is going to ruin it", and my immediate second thought was that if they were good enough to pay for them, people will buy them. I might too. I was very interested to hear them and I've bought many profiles over the years from Andy, Michael W. and Michael Britt.

    As promised, this doesn't add anything important to the conversation, but just some thoughts that entered my mind while reading all of this.

    How about game changer for NAMM 2018...

    I would like to see a Kemper hybrid open/closed back cab with a built in power amp and an Ethernet or USB connection to allow control by the Profiler. The Profiler then gets some added code to assign volume levels for the individual speakers, and do so on a per rig basis so that each rig can run only open, only closed or fine tune any balance you like.

    Just make it a 2 speaker version (at least for now) but design it with an interchangeable baffle so that the open side can run either a 10" or 12" speaker. Ship it unloaded (lighter) and we can take it from there to load it.

    A second cab needs to be able to run in stereo with the first and both cabs need onboard volume just for basic room correction between one another. The Profiler needs to recognize if a second cab is engaged and be able to add a second pair of volume controls for those speakers. You could literally run 4 different speakers and choose volume levels for eac. Imagine the possibilities... an old CTS 10", Weber Blue, Greenback, Vintage 30....

    This gives us the ability to better match physical speakers to profiles w/out cab emulation for some incredible amp in the room capabilities/versatility.

    Make sure the cab is high quality/road-worthy. Maybe it could look something like a Marshall 1936 with green piping and a Fender silverface grill cloth but replace the teal threads with Kemper green ones!

    Maybe ambitious but I think it would pull some people to team green.


    It will heal but I've got one that won't... Bought my oldest a Taylor GS Mini as a first guitar to grow into for Christmas a couple years ago. Pre drilled for a strap lock into the heel but... Not deep enough. The LAST turn to tighten cause a crack!!! I backed it out less that a quarter turn and luckily it hasn't moved. I was literally sick to my stomach but it hasn't affected anything, thank goodness.

    I just bought the 69 Marshall and D packs and both are great. I have a Ceriatone OTS with vintage tubes in it and love this pack.

    While going through the Marshall profiles I was playing my strat and was on the profile 8T 2 which is with a Timmy pedal in it. I enabled the slots that came preloaded with EQ and the drive pedal (I'm going from memory but I think it was the tube screamer) and had that grinn moment. I wailed away for a while on that one and was hearing Gary Moore's tone from playing Red House at the Fender 50th Anniversary Concert. Add a little slap back delay with a couple repeats and a touch of reverb and you're there. This is a great MEAN strat tone!

    Thank you Michael Britt for

    Gary Moore link