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    1. I've been using the KPA with just my headphones quite a bit.
    I realize that it clips very easily on the Clean profiles, you can hear the clipping clearly over the headphones when you casually strum just a tad harder. I'm sure this happens for the distorted profiles as well but it's not as obvious.
    However, when you put the KPA, using the same clean/distorted profiles, through a power amp + cab, clipping does not occur at all.
    I'm using passive pickups with clean sense at -3.1 and distortion sense at 0.0.
    Anyone is experiencing this? Is there anything i can do?

    2. Using distorted/high gain profiles gives this really annoying pick scraping sound especially when you palm mute quickly, this is especially evident over headphones and its almost common on all the high gain profiles, anything i can do to minimize this? Take away some frequencies or something?

    Yes I have the cabs turned off within the rig using monitor out to amp and cabs.

    So there is currently no solution currently, am I right to say that? I have tried the studio equalizer to try turn down the bass but it doesn't really help that much. Maybe I'll try the equalizer in the post amp effect block.

    Greetings all!

    Here's my contribution. Uploaded a Krank Rev Pro Jr. 20W distorted into Rev Pro Cab using SM57 (off-axis) profile.

    I'm a total beginner at this so let me know how and where i should improve! Thanks!

    Hi all! After spending hours on this forum and getting familiar with the Kemper like a long lost friend, i've finally received mine yesterday!

    The one thing that truly amazes me is its simplicity. I have yet to read a single page of the manual but have quite figured the KPA out via youtube videos and all your informative and thorough discussions here.

    I'm really having a blast of a time with it but now need to pry myself away and upgrade the firmware (yes it's still on 1.0.0). Not to mention grab some of those profiles you guys tirelessly contribute! I shall return soon in kind!

    Rawk! \m/

    Well, off course you have to pan the 2 signals of a stereo device when running them separate. BTB... :rolleyes:

    Thank you both! i'll report back when it's done with the KPA, i'm quite confident it should work.

    Hi, pardon me i'm a beginner at this.

    Can i connect the Main Outs from the KPA straight to Powered monitors without an audio interface or a mixer? All the connection diagrams i've seen seem to at least go through a mixer before monitors.

    Secondly, how do i connect the KPA to an audio interface? Do i have to connect 2 outs from the KPA to an audio interface achieve stereo? How do i do this?

    Thanks for providing an answers to my noob queries.