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    This is good news to all commercial kemper profile pack sellers.

    I noticed that vendors are now allowed to market in the "Digital & Modeling Gear" section outside the commercial forum section on The Gear page forum.

    Here it is:…digital-modeling-gear.53/

    Since TGP is the biggest gear forum online this is a huge deal for companies, and also good exposure for kemper users.

    So far I only see one kemper pack seller on TGP.
    Just follow the TGP vendor rules here

    If this is the wrong forum section please move this thread to the correct location.

    Vertibration you created the same request thread in 2017, why do you create a second thread?

    Now the moderators have to merge this thread also.

    "C'mon Kemper, release an au/vst already"

    C'mon Kemper, release an au/vst already

    This topic has been discussed several times and I think the arguments for them not doing a kemper vst remains solid to me.

    There are many different successful business strategies depending on many factors.

    Some seem to believe that every company's goal is to reach the biggest market and expand, but that is not how it works.

    Many smaller companies that have a very exclusive product in the high-end market share that is doing great already are fully content with that and have no interest in getting bigger, upscaling, losing margins, devaluing their exclusive hardware products and RDA with easily copied/pirated software. Kemper is far more exclusive than Line6 (unique profiling patent, cab tech, amp & effects and everything is in the coding and algorithms) and they rationally have no interest in releasing that in a simple software version, they are doing great as a company already. Sure it would be convenient for users, but that's not how business works and it makes perfect sense.

    This is my previous reply from your first thread from 2017:

    "As soon as a company release a software product they know they can no longer protect it from piracy.

    All popular software gets cracked. I think the majority of all software amps are cracked by now, ilok offers no protection.

    Helix, Scuffham S-Gear, Amplitube, Overloud TH3, Peavey Revalver, BIAS Amp, Pod farm, TSE, Kazrog, Kuassa, Studio Devil, Softube and other amp sims are cracked.

    Helix was cracked more than a year ago and Line6 just released a new firmware update, that new version is already cracked within a day. Software companies calculate a certain loss to piracy in their budget and still manage to make a profit, but not all.

    It usually involves that they keep coming up with many updates and features to keep customers interested.

    I think the Kemper has proven to be a very successful, unique and different product compared to traditional component modelers that it makes 100% sense for them to only offer hardware. The software code inside the kemper is everything and it's logical they should protect it. Since the majority of kemper users don't profile amps, a software kemper "profile player" would kill the hardware.

    Soon all profiles would be pirated as well and easily shared because the interest would be much bigger.

    Only a few can afford a kemper, but everyone can get a free cracked software."

    I think this new kemper stage fits perfectly in kempers product line and in their longevity plan that other companies simply don't offer. It's funny to see on forums how a few adults see this as something that in their mind should be a kemper 2 and get all upset about that it isn't.

    C.Kemper explained in an interview 2012-13 that even if a kemper 2 would come out in the future it would be back compatible with the previous kemper. Created profiles from kemper 1 will play on kemper 2 so all the hard work of profiling your amps will never be lost. Good luck with preserving the tones users spent weeks on creating on an Axe fx or Helix after many updates, and forget transfering your sounds to a newer model. All that hard work is wasted weeks. I 100% prefer kempers tone reliabilty.

    Kempers "old tech" was said to be old even at launch 2012 when the CEO of Fractal said it was old already, underpowered, he had already tried this tech long ago and it was inferior in so many ways. Hoping he could get buyers to stay away from it.

    Kemper knew this processor would do exactly what they wanted with their unique tech and to give them lots of room for updates and features. Nobody believed it would be able to have these amazing reverbs and delays that I much prefer over the ones found in Fractal units or stomp boxes. Wha wha and pitch and a few others are stellar as well and I'm sure they will update overdrives and other efx. The most important part for sound is great programing and algorithms, not which unit has the most powerful cpu.

    All in one floor units are not for me though, they are often too expensive to have on the ground.

    No product is perfect or great for everyone but kemper has proven they offer a very successful product range with fantastic longevity for pros and consumers and I guess sales are not slowing down.


    It seems to me that all professional musicians I have seen using the Kemper Profiler use it exclusively in a live setting, as opposed to in a home audio setup.

    In this link you will find over a thousand artists and producers with kempers on albums, in studios, at home and live.

    Plenty of photos, videos and info links.

    For seven years now, social media and forums is filled with people making music with kemper profilers.

    You just haven't looked enough to see it.

    I don't have any problems profiling clean amps and the profiles sound like the real amps, including the top end.

    There are things that can go wrong in the whole profiling/refining process but if that would happen then I just re-profile and it's all good.

    The video above shows a tone where I think something didn't go as it should, and he should have refined it again or do it all again until it sounds like the amp. The are many video examples with clean profiles that sounds like the amp.

    Kemper VS Amps | My Amps Get Profiled | Tim Pierce

    Kemper Amps Profiling Demonstration Live on Air with John Huldt on The Flo Guitar Enthusiasts

    Welcome to the forum!

    I think many of the effects in the Kemper are amazing and they promise more good fx updates will come.

    The delays were recently updated offering massive creative options and we are waiting for more new reverbs.

    The spring reverb is already released and it's my favorite spring compared to all other fx spring reverbs.

    When I saw the name Marc Pattison I immediately remembered a player with that name playing two very catchy guitarsongs I listened to many times over ten years ago. Great stuff! I just did a search and found them on youtube, here they are:

    Hi Guavadude, I think the guy who sold his hardware dimension D after A-B comparing meant a factory preset in the Ubermod, but there are other presets to download also.
    It's very tweakable so it's easy to get lost in all the control settings.

    factory presets, Under Chorus: DimChorus2 and DimChorus8…-dimension-d-presets.html
    more Ubermod presets:…ilable-osx-windows-6.html

    I really like the kemper chorus but nailing the sound of the Dimension D is not possible on most gear.
    I mostly prefer to add modulation in DAW to have more control over the mix.
    For cleaner stereo spreading (mono compatible) without any chorus I like the built in Kemper stereo widener,
    and in vst I like the Brainworx stereo maker…ducts/bx_stereomaker.html
    and the Credland Audio - Stereo Savage
    Some other "doubling" effects I really like the Softube fix doubler (and the classic micro pitch)

    My favorite Dimension D plugin is the Valhalla Ubermod. (I've tried many)
    I read a thread on Gearslutz about dimension D and one guy posted he sold his original hardware Dimension D unit after comparing it with the Vallhalla Ubermod vst. It has a preset that nails it, or just needed a minor tweak. The plugin is very versatile and can do lots of different effects. I highly recommended it.

    Some free vst plugins (good chorus, ok dim d)
    Free, Roland Juno 60 chorus vst, - TAL-Chorus-LX v1.2.1 [FREE] (great on keys and synths)

    Free, Acon Digital - Multiply (versatile and ok dim d)

    Interesting test
    Dim D vs Dim C vs Juno Chorus…dim-d-dim-c-shootout.html

    Some info on the Dimension D.…hp?p=9200326&postcount=18
    "Microshift has two parallel pitch shifters. The left channel is shifted up by a certain amount, and the right channel is shifted down by the same amount. This causes a "static" chorus, and creates a wide stereo image.

    The Dimension D doesn't use pitch shifting. Instead, it has two bucket brigade delays, modulated by a triangle LFO. The triangle LFO modulation causes an up/down pitch trill. The LFO is inverted before modulating one of the delay lines, so the pitch shift trill in one channel is opposite of the other channel. In other words, one delay has an up-down-up-down pattern, while the other delay has a down-up-down-up pattern. If you mix these two together, the result is a "detuned" chorus: up+down, down+up, up+down, down+up...

    The Dimension D has stereo outputs, arranged in a way kinda similar to this:
    outLeft = delayLeft - delayRight
    outRight = delayRight - delayLeft

    There is also a cool EQ trick, where the "antiphase" component (i.e. the part subtracted from each channel) is highpass filtered, and the dry signal has its low frequencies boosted in a way that is complementary to the highpass filtering. This keeps the bass frequencies from cancelling out.
    I'm sure that there are other quirks going on, but this is the basic topology of the Dimension D."

    I think what matters to me and many others is authenticity to the real deal, not just "sounds similar like".
    It's all in the details. Many amp users get Kempers because they are much more authentic than a line 6 pod-xt.
    Many surf guitar spring tank reverb users (reverb in front of amp) are the same, always looking for the best emulation of the real thing.

    All digital emulations (pedals and software) of a fender 63 tube spring tank (in front of an amp) lack certain small or big details.
    To me the new kemper spring reverb is the winner getting very close to the real deal. That is a huge and fantastic accomplishment!
    The downside is that those that can't afford a real spring tank, will not afford a kemper either.
    Imagine if kemper would release this spring reverb in pedal format, I think it would sell very well. 8o
    I think it sounds as good or better than the new Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb spring.
    The Oceans 11 spring has a bit more digital sounding tail.

    In surf forums the Boss FRV-1 is not too popular because of its shortcomings (artificial drip, too harsh eq curve, not dynamic, etc...).
    Not as good as the real deal but it sure is a good spring pedal and it is cheaper and smaller.
    Other pedals like the Topanga or Flint are also good but also lack important details.
    The same goes for the spring in the Helix and Axe fx.
    It's not possible to get the authentic raw Dick Dale surf tone details and dynamics out of any of those pedals when A-B comparing.

    Important to point out, the person doing these tests had the controls at very low values on tank and pedals (lower than most use for surf). So the test is not showing what the real tank can do when pushed harder, that the emulation can't.
    If the controls are raised any higher the missing details becomes even more obvious (frv-1 tone kept low to tame the harsh eq).



    EHX Oceans 11 surf drip Vs. Ventris and FRV-1

    Oceans 11 Vs. Fender tank 6g15 Reverb Unit

    The Boss FRV-1 nails the Fender '63 tank sound. I have the real a way the FRV-1 is better because it doesn't have the drop in gain that you get by running the external tank in front of the amp...but you can still dial in the drip.

    I love surf music and have a real Fender tube spring tank as well in front of amps.
    Over the years I have compared it to many digital recreations (pedals and software).
    IMO the Boss Frv-1 pedal I have does not nail the real fender tank when A-B comparing, but it does a better job than most other pedals.
    The shortcoming are the eq (way too shrill), the tail, drip and the boing are weaker and not the same character.
    I hear a clear difference when playing a hard percussive attack single string and also chord.
    I haven't done any testing yet (no kemper here now) but from what I hear in some clips the new kemper spring sounds like a winning candidate for the best digital fender tube spring tank emulation award. That is very big since many think that the real spring tank is the hardest to reproduce correct in digital reverbs. It's all about getting the big and small details right.

    I usually upload MP3 files to Soundcloud instead of WAV files, so the sound will not be changed so much.

    I haven't used soundcloud but I think that if you already have converted and compressed the audio to mp3 and then upload it,
    soundcloud will convert it again to their format, affecting the sound further.
    My guess is it is best to upload a lossless file (wav or flac) and then let soundcloud convert it once.

    I wish they supported high quality audio for times when more critical listening comparisons is needed.

    I think I read that soundcloud recently changed the file format to Opus (at 64) instead of Mp3 (at 128).
    Opus is according to many the best format for high quality at very low bitrates.
    It also has very low latency for streaming audio
    At very high bitrates they are all very good (opus, mp3, ogg...)

    Lossy comparisons:

    Outlaws, with Chris Anderson on guitar, Kemper and micing his guitar cab.

    Outlaws - Hurry Sundown Live June 13, 2013

    Grey Ghost The Outlaws 7 18 2014
    I like how Chris says "thank you, thank you very much" with his guitar at 6:18 min.
    No problem sounding great next to the other guitarist who's using a "real amp".

    "Green Grass & High Tides" The Outlaws live in Asheville NC on New Years Eve 12/31/15 Part 6
    Chris is playing with a stratocaster here.

    The Outlaws @R,R,& R's, Augusta, NJ 6/25/17 Green Grass And High Tides
    Chris is playing a telecaster here.

    The Outlaws @R,R,& R's, Augusta, NJ 6/25/17 Grey Ghost
    Again the duelling les paul and strat guitars.

    Does is really live up to the hype as a live rig? Also, when used in a live situation, is it best to use the built in power amp, or could a 3rd party power amp such as mesa or engl be used? And are PA speakers generally preferred or guitar cabinets?
    Thanks! sorry if that was too many questions

    Yes it has proven itself to be a great live rig. See the link in my signature, a list of hundreds of bands using kemper live and on albums. There is a big variety in how it is used, some use monitor on stage and some use a guitar cab.
    The vast majority are also sending the full kemper profile to the PA. Some mic their guitar cab.
    Some use a powered kemper, some a 3rd party amp. Any of all those options can sound great.

    This thread needs some good sounding live videos

    Here are some videos with Doug Rappoport using the Kemper profiler live playing with Edgar Winter Band.
    Playing the kemper through a Marshall cab. But what we and the audience is hearing is the kemper sent direct to PA, we don't hear the sound through his Marshall cab on stage since it's not miced up. Sounds great to me

    To the thread starter (I'm not sure if he's still around), have a look in the link in my signature and watch videos and gear setup links to hundreds of bands using kempers live (and on albums). Some replace all their amp gear with Kemper, some just parts of it, and some keep everything.
    It's a matter of personal choice, economical and emotional factors. Some want to keep their expensive, fragile, heavy amps at home, and have a copy of it playing live in a low weight unit.
    Other reasons some don't want to get rid of all amp gear is the deep psychological emotional attachment many have of their loved amps.
    Few groups are more gear-conservative than guitarists, the kemper is not the physical amp it profiled.
    The real amps are also the source for profile creation, so many will not sell their amp collection since then they can't make more profiles, with new mics, cabs etc. Why do some keep their old cars when new ones are available?

    The kemper has proven itself as a live rig since the beginning and hundreds of major bands use it.
    I and others have profiled amps getting so close that we couldn't tell difference in feel or sound in blind tests, and also had profiles that had smaller differences, but still sounded great.

    The guy in these videos compares his new kemper with his amps using his guitar cab.
    The profiles he's using are not even profiles of his own amps, just profiles made by others that have the same amp model as he does.
    He use the kemper power amp and bypasses the cab section in the kemper, so it's not even a DI, merged profile used.
    Despite all that I think the results are good, but to get best results I suggest always profile your own amps.

    Kemper vs Dr Z - M Britt Profile

    First Hour with a Kemper Amp - Comparing Mesa Profile vs Real Mesa Dual

    Say, do you remember that thread involving a picture that was supposedly discredited as being real and over analyzed and it turned out to be a rather funny crow eating venture. I wonder if that's still up or erased. I think the guy involved really slowed down on posting after that (it was rather embarrassing) The photo kind of became a meme after that.

    Do you mean this classic TGP thread, about having to prove owning Axe fx gear by showing a photo?
    It gets going on page 3, but all 20 pages are good fun history. Save it for future reference just in case.
    Another Kemper/Axe FX debate...…1293/page-3#post-17596687
    And page 12. Go db9091…fx-debate.1411293/page-12
    And page 17 What a thread!…fx-debate.1411293/page-17
    Yes after that things have gotten a bit better on TGP.