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    thanks guys

    i rarely have upgraded or added anything for about 2-3 years ago! finally upgraded to 3.0 and got rig mgr rocking

    and now trying to clean up and test profiles

    cool, yeah i was nt sure since it was the kemper and profiles etc if it somehow wouldnt work as well, of course i could have tried :) but i thought i would ask user experience here

    alot of my fav profiles, from like the amp factory already have effects on so i dont want to overdue it to much

    but i will check it out


    Hi All

    I have a nice set of pedals from days of yore (i still have my 65 amps london pro and a modified Blackstar). I have never used any with the Kemper. However i was thinking of putting my WAH and tuner in front which makes sense i think.

    however i have a bunch of strymon and others and is it worth using them as well or does it mess up the sound ?



    thanks so much

    i have also been trying to find out about the 49 combined rigs? and what they are or bring to the table? is there some info or sound samples somewhere?

    thanks much!


    I just upgraded to 3.0 and was wondering how to tell or how to add the 300 new profiles? and the 49? or does the 300 load automatically and you have to manually load the 49?

    thanks !

    Thanks Guys

    thats a bummer, i will contact them as well. i dont think i have had it 3 years though anyway, i need to check with sweetwater when i bought it

    they also claim to double manufacturer warranties, but we will see

    thanks for the help!

    Hi all

    My volume knob and others have burned out LED/Green lights. I contacted sweet-water where i got it and they told me it is out of warranty and i needed to have Kemper fix this. i am in the US, does anyone know if there is an easy way to fix these i ca just do myself?

    its not all of them but 3-4 per knob

    visual reference is obviously alot harder without them


    thanks alot

    i will try this

    it showed me 1K profiles when i had the old rig manager on and the old 2.2, i literally delted 700 so i could grab the 349 new ones.

    then i upgraded rig manger to 1.3.1 then the kemper to 3.0 the latest

    once the update happened i rebooted the mac and the kemper

    but then the rig manger never connected again and i never saw anything but 0 in my library and never saw again that other part about local profiles or something.

    also the kemper still gave me the memory full no room for more profiles

    strange, anyway going to try what you suggested


    i am not sure what happened

    i deleted all the rigs with the old version of rig manager, and it seemed to work.

    then i upgraded the rig manager to 1.3.1 70688 or something like that

    then up upgraded the kemper to 3.0

    now the rig manager will not connect to it at all, and on the kemper it doesn't look like anything deleted because it says my memory is full still

    any idea what to do?


    Hi All just getting ready to upgrade my kemper to 3.0 and 1.3.1 thanks to the great help here

    just a quick question since i wont be in front of this for a while and just want to know

    in the rig manager when you click on a profile does it load it to the kemper? or is it just a manager ?

    dumb i know and i know i will find out in a few hours but just wondering so i can think about it

    also does this forgo needing a usb stick for upgrades and loading new profiles?


    Thank you so much for all that info! i appreciate it!

    Yeah i somehow ended up with 1K profiles lol over time and now i get that errors, i am SO happy you can delete from rig manager, that is so nice! thanks for that tip

    well i am off to upgrade and perform some clean up this weekend

    thanks again!

    Hi all

    I think i am on 2.2. something on the Kemper and i dont have rig mgr 1.3 right now

    1) Can i upgrade the kemper to 3.0 without issue form 2.2 ? or is there and intermediate version i need to go to first?

    2) BY upgrading to 3.0 do i los all my profies and just gain the 49 included?

    3) I dont really understand the 49 included? are they put in automatically? if so where?

    4) My Kemper is maxed right now and i get a warning i cannot add rigs, if i upgrade to 3.0 with the 49 new ones what happens? can it still upgrade? if not how do i delte profiles? can i do this from rig manger or if not how is this done on the kemper? can i delete individual? by total person's profiles? all at once?

    5) after i get this sorted i will then upgrade rig mgr to 1.3.1 i see

    thanks for any help