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    Can i request to remove this entire post? i dont want to bum anyone out any longer and i dont want to get anymore bummed out. I dont want to bring any negative emotions to the forum or be that p*ssy whingy forum user.

    Appreciated. x

    You're not bumming anyone, stop caring about others having pain of existence, because you want your unit working right.

    IMPORTANT: you are not bringing emotions, emotions cannot be passed through air like sound (air pressure) or through keyboard on forum, emotions arise inside of people, mostly unconsciously based on beliefs. When one learns how to maintain emotional life, which comes down to getting rid of external beliefs, life becomes as it should be.

    What's strange to me is how do you let this problem live for 5 years and this thread go for 8 pages long? The problem isn't your 6 guitars. I'd have swiftly done a factory reset and gone to a friend or a music store with another KPA to compare side by side the sound of a factory profile so you know whether or not the problem is your hardware.

    I don't mean this personally, there just seems to be so many curious threads here on the theme "Help, my possibly defective guitar processor has been keeping me up at night for 5+ years but since I'm not sure, I need more opinions to know if I should keep putting up with my dissatisfaction or not".

    Anyway, hope you sort it out!

    I'm not defending anyone, nor I'm attacking anyone, but not everyone of us is active musician, knows other folks that have Kempers to compare our gear, lives in bigger ciy that we can go to music store an compare. I think there are many guitar enthusiast here, that work full time job, and arranging with another Kemper side by side thing is a challenge.

    In this particular case, in the recording posted at Look how awesome Kemper users are. I can hear obvious fizz/hiss, which is not anything that can be rectified by EQ.

    I hope OP sorts it out. And I didn't read this post as "Help, my possibly defective guitar processor has been keeping me up at night for 5+ years...."

    Just plucking the A string and gradually adding gain. Barely got to 11-12 oclock and it started to come in. It sounds like an intonation problem maybe truss rod adjustment or saddle adjustment because it does sound like distorted fret buzz but ive altered both to the point where its like a blummin cello and its still there.

    These are brand new strings too ( a few days old) not that makes any difference at all new or old same problem.

    in this example I can't hear the buzz/hiss as obvious as in first example, when you stop playing / between you riff chops - I'm not saying it isn't there, just in 1st case I heard it immediately

    Appreciate the input buddy ive already tried all of these suggestions.

    Clean signal is flawless clean profiles are wonderful. the moment distortion/gain is introduced the problems start.

    good luck with whatever you come up with

    I didn't have such thing, my Kemper is fine, but sleeping in the closet now :-) since the functionality and convenience of Yamaha THR30II wins for me :-)

    There's a obvious fizz coming out, when you don't play, no discussion about it.

    Maybe that's dumb suggestion, but can you try Kemper in different electrical outlet or even try it in different building? Maybe the current delivered to Kemper is "not healthy", maybe you have some electrical devices that affect you electric guitar pickups when playing distortion.

    Is it the same on clean?

    You mentioned that you play EMG pickups, is the 9V battery fine, or maybe there's some shortage in electronics. Have you tried with guitar with passive pickups?

    Kemper is not for everyone. There are plenty of guys out there gigging with a 1x12 Mesa tube amp, an eq/boost pedal, and a guitar that sound fantastic and love their sound.

    I still find that I come back to the sound with a band and the ease of setup outweighs all concerns with amp in the room sound; however, others have different priorities and different hot buttons. For them, KPA may not be the right answer.

    This was the case for me. I'm not playing live, I don't need to have ease of setup, I'm not saving my back by not dragging heavy amps/cabs.

    I'm bedroom player, which I believe many of us are. And I found that actual playing is more important than having better gear with better effects.

    Or a vintage POD - same sounds I think.

    POD needs speakers to play. The same with Kemper. Then you spend time to find the best speakers for you gear and start blaming you sound, start neverending research for perfect preset/profile. Then you land up on a forum seeking for help. Been there, done that. Just play, it sounds good.

    Also...(im so sorry guys) Im still having the issue of when i turn on the kemper the profile i used before i turned the unit off sounds totaly different to what it did before i turned it off...i then have to skip said profile to the next one in my list and then back again to the one that sounded different and then it completely changes to what it sounded like before i turned it off. Also...(this JUST happened) i turned the cab all the way up to 10 and nothing happened...the lights went up to 10 but the sound didnt change. i then rolled it back one to 9 and the whole profile changed like i stepped on a pedal.

    Some weird things happening.

    It happened a few days ago too i actually got a recording of what happened you can clearly hear the change. Thats me skipping the profile and back again and the difference is huge.

    You can even see the change in image of this recording.

    Get Yamaha THR and start playing music.

    I'm sure someone has said it on here..Something is obviously wrong. I am an amp and tone snob ( least I think I am lol..) Owned every Boogie, Bogner, Diezel, well as Axe FX and Line 6..Still have the Boogie MKIV half stack that my other guitar player uses and I go thru my K Powerhead through a V30 Cab. Absolutley gloriously crushing..plenty loud, full, rich and organic sounding (..using a rofile of my Boogie that I did myself..) It literally shocks us how good it sounds everytime we plug in to it. I got rid of my Axe Fx gear (..sounded KILLER, but the interface on the fly was challenging) as well as my Helix becasue it took a lot of EQ tweeking for recording direct....The Kemper i just plug in and go..NO tweeking, sounds and feels so inspiring... I'm sharing this because I was so skeptical of the Kemper, and it has outlasted all but one of my amps and modellers...If it doesn't sound and feel incredible (..again, depends on the profiles and some other factors, ) something is wrong. Good luck man...sorry for the bad experience.

    But you are playing powered Kemper through real guitar cabinet?

    Then try connecting it to studio monitors and share the experience.

    So it could be because im playing it direct through my monitors? Ive never heard anyone offer that as a possibility.

    Interesting. 🤔

    I don't know what doesn't work for you, I gave you my experience. Now when I want to play, I power on THR and play. And don't care about profiles, EQ, cables, FRFR powered speakers, impulse responses, better pickups, premium guitars. I just play, because it's so easy and fun with THR

    Hey guys!

    Sad to say i will be selling my kemper and moving onto other things. Since day one (a few years) ive had nothing but an absolute nightmare of a time with my kemper everything i tried and purchased along the way and it was ALOT to the point of spending MORE than the actual kemper 3-4 times more to try an enjoy my unit just always ended up in dissapointment. It got to the point where i would just be seriously depressed and frustrated and didnt even want to write or record anything or even turn it on anymore.

    I don't have such bad experience. But I never got the sound on powered monitors as I expected. I even tried very expensive Neumanns KH120A. It didn't help much. I ordered Kemper Kabinet (plus I bought suggested TC Electronic BAM power amp) - I returned both. To experience Kemper's glory I think you'd need to connect it to regular guitar cabinet. I'm not selling Kemper, maybe someday I can use it in different scenario than earlier.

    But since 2 years I play daily Yamaha TRH30II. This this has cleans, that I even didn't get on Kemper. Plus many advantages over Kemper. I'm not saying Kemper is bad. Just THR30II is best for my application. Mainly because I play it as often as I can. And it tremendously improved my skills.

    The smaller you go with the woofer size and the enclosure size, the less bass response you get. While this might not be a huge issue when you play electric guitar only ... you'll likely notice it quite a bit when you e.g. play over a backing track with bass and kick drum/floor toms.

    Regarding "guitar only", I don#t know what genre you typically play. But don't expect such small speakers to "chug" properly (this plam muted ooomp in high gain). :)

    I play Yamaha THR30II with two 3.5" speakers and maybe they don't deliver punch of 12" speaker, but I play over backing tracks ant it sounds damn good. I created a request for Kemper Desktop Amp, but they moved it to other gear. Well. I play other gear then. I don't play Kemper :)

    Thank you V8guitar :)

    I made this comparison, because I tried other desktop solutions and newest THR was the best among them. It was so good, that idea popped in my mid to make it even better, but with the heart from Recklinghausen, Germany. Congratulations to your deduction skills :)

    I would like to experience a Kemper desktop Amp solution - portable, with wireless streaming solutions, small stereo Kones would be a great idea. And catchy looks - we tend to play more if we see something that looks good :)

    because this is more a discussion of the THR's features than anything else.
    It's not really a Feature Request, it's more like 'make a product like this one' so I decided it fits better in this subforum

    for extended stereo sounds, the PROFILER already has a number of features:
    some from the very beginning, like the mono-compatible and criminally under-used Stereo Widener, but also many newer additions like the Phase WIdener and the Delay Widener, Also there is the Double Tracker, plenty of tools to create a really wide stereo image, not to mention that some of our effects can be turned up to 200% of stereo width.

    DonPetersen I just put a list of features from THR, that in my opinion would be great to have in Kemper Desktop Amp.

    I didn't say anywhere "make a product like this one", I can only command myself :)

    I know and said it, Kemper sounds better than THR, but Kemper doesn't have built-in speakers and bluetooth streaming capabilities, is not that portable as THR (any desktop amp).

    Hereby, I request Kemper Desktop Amp :) will it ever be considered, will it be dark green or white green (like my Profiler form early 2012) this is beyond me :) but people requested floor Kemper and got Stage. There's nothing wrong in dreaming :)

    Kind Regards

    Indeed V8guitar - my post was not about to say one is better than another. My post was to show the convenience of playing desktop amp. I've used VST plugins, but honestly this is the least convenient way of playing guitar. Kemper is great for what it is, and even THR has USB recording abilities, I use Kemper to record anything.

    But to play and practice (and we need to practice whole life) I tend to use desktop amp.

    I wish it was Kemper Desktop Amp.

    - I wish it looked eye catchy with their green color.

    - I wish they would put 2x 4" small Kones.

    - I wish it had bluetooth for audio streaming and had rechargable battery.

    - I wish off course it'd use the same technology as older brothers.

    I wish, so I requested.

    I do a lot of recording and practise at home and will take a good (!) pair of studio monitors or even headphones over a cab anytime.
    Adding a cab to the studio monitor scenario is fun, but doesn't really serve much purpose.

    I've been playing a lot of amps, combos, half and full stacks and a combination thereof over the years and I don't miss the hassle, the ridiculous volume, unreliability, cost and weight at all. :)

    And Kemper Desktop Amp could have Kemper's soul and some built in speakers (studio monitors) :) I've played recently 40W 6Lt tube amp combo, and it screamed on Stratocaster. Indeed it was loud and heavy, but it had this 5% (ooomph, 3D, amp in the room) which I couldn't get even on Neumann KH120 monitors.

    Anyway DonPetersen, my initial post was to REQUEST Kemper Desktop Amp, not sure why you moved it to other gear. I didn't want to convince anyone, that Kemper Profiler is bad in any way. I just saw and experienced, what good desktop amp gives you. If it doesn't happen I'm fine, but I felt like I want to create post after long time of break, because having Kemper Desktop Amp could be ultimate experience :)

    It's personal taste. Since I have my kemper I only play with headphones or iem. I can't hear anymore the sound of a cab and I don't like playing loud.

    If a want to travel in my house with a quick start device, I play acoustic :)

    Sure, it's all personal thing 🙂

    The total sensory immersion you get with headphones is hard to beat. I think the best listening pleasure anyone can get is good headphones for immersion and then cranked cabs and sub for the inner body feel. That's like musical heaven!

    ooh! I'm getting excited! :)

    I don't like closed situation, and I like playing for people around me 🙂