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    In the dowload folder? On my Windows PC it is "Downloads" on the desktop.

    I deleted the downloaded file and it didn't help. Still the same message.

    I thought that USB stick connected to Kemper had to do something with that, but after removing it it is the same.

    I uploaded latest OS onto USB stick and plugged into Kemper with latest beta OS - Kemper recognizes the USB stick, but cannot see the OS to be installed.

    I tried the emergency booting from USB (put the OS file in root folder of USB, switch on Kemper to Browse mode, while holding both < > RIG buttons) but it didn't help either.

    Gonna contact support.

    When you're human, but basically you're God. I thought I've seen all Paul's solos, but this one is insane.

    Off course the play with looper, flawless, no notes lost.

    And this moment at 2:42, when he plays more melodically, little overdriven sound (I think this is middle and neck pickup with this twang).

    BTW, I've got the same guitar (PGM301) and never been able to reach this melodic sound (I know I suck at guitar, but the texture when you hit the string is not there..)

    Witam wszystkich bardzo serdecznie.

    Stałem się posiadaczem wersji Profiler Stage.

    Mam pytanko, czy ktoś z Was grał na Kemperze podłączonym do aktywnej kolumny Head Rush 108 lub 112.

    Zastanawiam się nad kupnem jakiegoś aktywa - ten wydaje się przystępny cenowo.

    Pozdrawiam z okolic Warszawy.

    Hej u mnie gra Yamaha DXR10, czasem dobrze, czasem tak sobie. Miałem Kabinet (paczkę 1x12 Kempera) ale zwróciłem. Pozdrawiam z WW.

    Had this Yamaha THR II 30 for two days for testing at home. Conclusions:

    1) Makes you wanna play, is ready instantly.

    2) IT IS LOUD! Especially this impression is there on clean profiles. I'm sure that when somebody turned away from it, would strum strings with VOLUME up, he could have sworn it is at least 1x12 cab.

    3) Cleans are insanely good, never had a profile on a Kemper + Yamaha DXR10, where clean sounded so defined and 3D.

    4) Audio bluetooth streaming - pick your backing track from YouTube, and play along - very good sound quality.

    5) Hi-Gain model can also sound BIG, just a matter of playing with GAIN and MASTER knobs. To much of MASTER (not final guitar volume, for which there is separate knob) and speakers start to sweat and sound boomy.

    6) Cab simulations in mobile app - makes a difference between British, America, Diesel, Brown, Orange...

    7) When set properly level of audio and set good guitar sound - playing to backing track is so much fun.

    What I didn't like was Crunch and Lead channels - I think this is where most "emulations" fall down. Or maybe I spent to little time fiddling with settings. I could not acheive this ACDC sound

    - I have guitar with low level humbuckers - PAF PRO 8.5 kOhm.....

    I decided to return it for now, but might get it back.

    madmarcus1960 , Crookster , Trigati - how do you enjoy Crunch and Lead channels? I read a review before trying it, and these both channels were described as weak compared to previous generation THR...

    I've tried going through the 83 pages of this thread but haven't seen the answer to this question -- do the imprints only work with a Kone? I have Celestions F200-X12's, which I understood were essentially the Kone's -- will imprints work with these, or must one use a Kone or a Kabinet?

    I am using imprints with Yamaha DXR10 and I'm happy.

    mic'd maybe or lined out into a PA. Loud enough for a coffee house gig on its own. I found I had to change the preordained speaker/cab choice to get it to sound the way I wanted.

    I don't consider it to play outside a room. What about preordained speaker/cab choice? You mean, you changed default cab for amp in control app?

    Yes I own one and it’s excellent.

    I use mine with a Line 6 wireless jack and often Bluetooth music from my phone to play alongside.

    Easy to dial in some good tones or tweak the pre-installed ones from the app.

    Good value, small and looks good in any living room.

    Thanks Crookster - this sounds tempting!

    Hello, anybody uses new THR and has a word to say? I know it won't be in Kemper's league soundwise - but is it any big sounding to play in the room?