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    I picked one up for when I want to play out on the front deck or even out in the yard. As for tone, personally I don't feel that it's anywhere near my profiler, but it's fine for my purposes.

    The profiler itself produces no sound, Yamaha THR30II does it. How do you amplify/monitor your profiler, so that Yamaha is nowhere near the profiler? For me I get better impression with Yamaha, profiler now plays through 4" JBL monitors/speakers.

    My Kemper is monitored through Presonus monitors, or custom-molded in-ears. I've never taken it out of the house as of yet. I'm not sure if I'll go with a guitar amp/cab or FRFR when I do. We shall see when the time comes.

    The THR sounds much larger than it really should, but in the end, it's not really an "amp." It's really a hi-fidelity surround sound system.

    Whatever THR is, I am happy with it. I was never blown away by Kemper's sound, whether on headphones, monitors (had many including 1000Euro Neumans) or Yamaha DXR10. Maybe my is faulty, or I have trash guitars. Now it doesn't matter.

    Hi, I haven't compared Waza Air headphones to THR30II. Anyway, I wouldn't compare headphones and closed sound to ambient amp sound. Whatever works for you is fine Syntek.

    The benefit that THR30 has over Boss Katana and alike, is the stereo music streaming by bluetooth. This was main selling point for me.

    I had VOX Adio few years back - co comparison for me. Yamaha sounds fuller . Not mentioning that VOX looks like old granny's purse ;)

    Yes it is pricey, but I don't regret money spent. Because I play it everyday.

    How you compare Kemper vs THR? THR has its own spekaers, how do you amplify and monitor Kemper?

    I bought a THR30iii to replace my THR10X & returned it a few days later. In my opinion, Yamaha went backwords with the tones. Was the amp bigger, louder & with more features? Yup! Did it sound any better than the Green Box of Doom? Not even close.

    Frankly, the Kemper through in-ears or studio monitors wipes the floor with the Yamaha stuff...and that coming from a massive fan of those amps!

    Have you updated the firmware, so it had "Open" speaker tuning?

    Really? It's that good, skoczy ?

    It's the best guitar related gear purchase. Meaning, my playing skyrocketed since I got it. It sounds very good, it boots in no time, I can stream backing tracks over bluetooth. I have my favorite factory preset "90s Brown" which sounds huge - you wouldn't say, there are two 3.5" speakers.

    One thing to notice, Yamaha has introduced "Open" speaker tuning in firmware update, because when I tried it for 1st time, I didn't like it.

    I even returned Marshall Origin 20C which I tried - it was too loud for my apartment, even on lowest power setting.

    I am very very satisfied.

    Yamaha THR30 II

    Since I bought it, I rarely power on my Kemper.

    Since I bought it, I don't mess with settings, I just play.

    Since I bought it, my playing got better within one year, that within XY years with all modelers.

    Since I bought it, I'm not looking for best for profile for X Y Z style, I just enjoy playing.

    It has immense sound for it's size. Put some hi-gain, turn gain and master, set volume to more than "allowed", turn around, close your eyes, and play - it doesn't seem to be that third amp. It roars.

    The clean sound that I get, I never got on Kemper (I always had studio monitors with Kemper). It's so 3D.

    I can quickly play backing track using Bluetooth on it and play along to it - this is how I learned blues within one year. I play now with my eyes closed.

    It is also battery powered, so you can take it with you wherever - friend, hotel, beach - however haven't used it yet. But still you can take it to other room.

    It looks so sweet :P

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Kemper, it's with me for over 9 years .

    But I have never felt "tubiness" or amp-in-the-room. I had unpowered Kabinet with TC Electronic BAM200 and FRYETTE PS2 - didn't get with it.

    I have no intention of selling Kemper. Or maybe I should... this is not that important now however, because:

    Now I enjoy playing guitar, no more frustration, no more "it doesn't sound good", no more putting away guitar, when my heart wants to play.

    This is the best piece of gear, that I ever bought. Except this lovely PGM300 off course 8o

    If you tried Kemper in the FX Loop of my Peavey 6505 and then you buy studio monitors, you will be dissapointed.

    Hej przerabiałem już chyba z 10 sztuk monitorów, łącznie z HS8. Jak dla mnie w pokoju 16m2 bez adaptacji akusytycznej, dudniły. Potem miałem Neumanny KH120A które już lepiej brzmiały, ale cały czas to nie to. Sprzedałem. Teraz gram na zestawie stereo DENON RCD M38 i jest trochę "gorzej" niż na tych monitorach, ale... :-)

    Odkąd mam Yamahę THRii30, Kempera rzadko włączam. Poza tym kupiłem klawiaturę/aranżer Yamahy (takie coś do grania z akompaniamentami) i wróciła stara miłość do klawiszy :)

    Do you play thorugh this cabinet with studio profiles or without cabinet portion? Or maybe as Kone with imprints?