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    The smaller you go with the woofer size and the enclosure size, the less bass response you get. While this might not be a huge issue when you play electric guitar only ... you'll likely notice it quite a bit when you e.g. play over a backing track with bass and kick drum/floor toms.

    Regarding "guitar only", I don#t know what genre you typically play. But don't expect such small speakers to "chug" properly (this plam muted ooomp in high gain). :)

    I play Yamaha THR30II with two 3.5" speakers and maybe they don't deliver punch of 12" speaker, but I play over backing tracks ant it sounds damn good. I created a request for Kemper Desktop Amp, but they moved it to other gear. Well. I play other gear then. I don't play Kemper :)

    Thank you V8guitar :)

    I made this comparison, because I tried other desktop solutions and newest THR was the best among them. It was so good, that idea popped in my mid to make it even better, but with the heart from Recklinghausen, Germany. Congratulations to your deduction skills :)

    I would like to experience a Kemper desktop Amp solution - portable, with wireless streaming solutions, small stereo Kones would be a great idea. And catchy looks - we tend to play more if we see something that looks good :)

    because this is more a discussion of the THR's features than anything else.
    It's not really a Feature Request, it's more like 'make a product like this one' so I decided it fits better in this subforum

    for extended stereo sounds, the PROFILER already has a number of features:
    some from the very beginning, like the mono-compatible and criminally under-used Stereo Widener, but also many newer additions like the Phase WIdener and the Delay Widener, Also there is the Double Tracker, plenty of tools to create a really wide stereo image, not to mention that some of our effects can be turned up to 200% of stereo width.

    DonPetersen I just put a list of features from THR, that in my opinion would be great to have in Kemper Desktop Amp.

    I didn't say anywhere "make a product like this one", I can only command myself :)

    I know and said it, Kemper sounds better than THR, but Kemper doesn't have built-in speakers and bluetooth streaming capabilities, is not that portable as THR (any desktop amp).

    Hereby, I request Kemper Desktop Amp :) will it ever be considered, will it be dark green or white green (like my Profiler form early 2012) this is beyond me :) but people requested floor Kemper and got Stage. There's nothing wrong in dreaming :)

    Kind Regards

    Indeed V8guitar - my post was not about to say one is better than another. My post was to show the convenience of playing desktop amp. I've used VST plugins, but honestly this is the least convenient way of playing guitar. Kemper is great for what it is, and even THR has USB recording abilities, I use Kemper to record anything.

    But to play and practice (and we need to practice whole life) I tend to use desktop amp.

    I wish it was Kemper Desktop Amp.

    - I wish it looked eye catchy with their green color.

    - I wish they would put 2x 4" small Kones.

    - I wish it had bluetooth for audio streaming and had rechargable battery.

    - I wish off course it'd use the same technology as older brothers.

    I wish, so I requested.

    I do a lot of recording and practise at home and will take a good (!) pair of studio monitors or even headphones over a cab anytime.
    Adding a cab to the studio monitor scenario is fun, but doesn't really serve much purpose.

    I've been playing a lot of amps, combos, half and full stacks and a combination thereof over the years and I don't miss the hassle, the ridiculous volume, unreliability, cost and weight at all. :)

    And Kemper Desktop Amp could have Kemper's soul and some built in speakers (studio monitors) :) I've played recently 40W 6Lt tube amp combo, and it screamed on Stratocaster. Indeed it was loud and heavy, but it had this 5% (ooomph, 3D, amp in the room) which I couldn't get even on Neumann KH120 monitors.

    Anyway DonPetersen, my initial post was to REQUEST Kemper Desktop Amp, not sure why you moved it to other gear. I didn't want to convince anyone, that Kemper Profiler is bad in any way. I just saw and experienced, what good desktop amp gives you. If it doesn't happen I'm fine, but I felt like I want to create post after long time of break, because having Kemper Desktop Amp could be ultimate experience :)

    It's personal taste. Since I have my kemper I only play with headphones or iem. I can't hear anymore the sound of a cab and I don't like playing loud.

    If a want to travel in my house with a quick start device, I play acoustic :)

    Sure, it's all personal thing 🙂

    The total sensory immersion you get with headphones is hard to beat. I think the best listening pleasure anyone can get is good headphones for immersion and then cranked cabs and sub for the inner body feel. That's like musical heaven!

    ooh! I'm getting excited! :)

    I don't like closed situation, and I like playing for people around me 🙂

    I don't get why you think the Yamaha is easier, or why you'd accept that level of compromise in your sound. Does the Yamaha PC app have the same level of control?

    It starts in no time, it has app for Android, it has speakers, it's portable with built-in battery. It's pretty loud and sounds good for these 4" speakers. Yamaha PC app, does the same as Android app. Controls presets, allows to change amps, cabs, edit effects, etc. Yes, it doesn't sound as good as Kemper, but I played it daily since I bought it. I don't say Kemper is bad in any way. I just request hereby for Kemper Desktop Amp.

    after playing a lot of gigs since may this year I have to disagree - nothing sounds better than a good band with good IEMs and a top notch sound guy
    plus, I can move around and go anywhere on stage while the sound stays exactly the same...
    I can hear everything in glorious stereo :):thumbup:

    DonPetersen, sure! For live situation IEMs are great solution. But still my post was for us, the bedroom players 🙂

    Thanks for describing your story FearAbsolute. I also had a chance to compare THR30II to THR10X and Brown II setting was indeed godly. But THR30II received firmware update some time later, with "Open" speaker tuning which made me keep it (without that it was inferior soundwise to older brother).

    I agree that headphones output on Kemper is stellar. Didn't care about THR's because I don't use headphones.

    I have Kemper since 10 years and have no interest in trying new gear. It's GREAT for what it is. But if I'd see Kemper Desk Amp, I'd shell out my cash.

    My Kemper has 85watt speakers on the desk and 112watt speakers that stand on side of my desk. You could travel easily with the Kemper with a descent pair of headphones and never bother anyone. ;)

    If you really want good tone to travel with just get an original Rockman!

    Your Kemper doesn't have any additional speakers, or you have some custom made version 😉 mine is only a preamp, very good one. I'm really sorry, but playing on headphones should be forbidden by law. It's inconvenient and fake. Music needs room. I don't have a problem to bother anyone, in fact people like me play 😉

    What Rockman you have in mind?

    My Kemper IS a desktop amp already. It sits on my desktop.

    IMO, I think people get hooked on the THR for it's "stereo" speakers. Even my Tablet sounds great with Dolby stereo speakers compared to my cell phone speaker. THR is a Toy Home Receiver.

    But Kemper has no speakers. Surely Kemper's sound is better compared to THR. But you cannot take Kemper, and play while travelling. You cannot quickly power it on, and play to backing track which wirelessly streams to it. I got hooked to THR, because I played it more for 18 months, than Kemper for 9 years. It does NOT mean in any way, that Kemper is bad, just THR's simplicity and functionality, made me play it over and over. Kemper stays with me. I just wonder, what desktop amp would that be... Kemper DesKemper...

    Each to his own. I don't nothing else than the kemper. I don't move around in the house and play . I don't play guitar in the couch when watching tv when I'm alone(not very often).

    Sure, your needs may vary. But I know how playing desktop amp, just made me play.

    I've been using my Yamaha THR30II basically everyday for last 18 months. Unfortunately Kemper went to the closet. Really, throughout this time I haven't switched it even once. But I decided to keep it, it served me for 10 years and will for another decades.

    What made me play THR everyday? Ease of use and functionality overall.

    1) It starts in no time

    2) It has builtin speakers and great streaming audio quality

    3) It is portable, you can take it with you, because you love guitar you take it with you

    4) It has Bluetooth, launch backing track on YouTube on your phone and you're ready to play

    5) It has built-in battery, you can move it around, even do small busking

    6) It looks beautiful (although beauty is subjective)

    7) It has an app to load profiles, edit parameters

    Few days ago suddenly I couldn't power it on anymore and sent back to the dealer, so I took Kemper back and played it. Yes, it has better sound quality, what people instantly noticed when I publish me playing guitar. But it is a different beast.

    I can see desktop amps market is still growing, BOSS just launched Cube Dual LX. If Kemper would build such amp, I'd buy it. Having THR funcionality and Kempers sound in a box, sounds like what every home musician needs. With THR my playing skyrocketed. Mostly because of ease of use, I play using 1 or two presets. Who knows, maybe ckemper has already something in R&D department, or maybe some working device with v1.01 firmware....

    This is simply a limitation of the software, no matter which way you cut it, unfortunately. For example, I have a collection of performances that I want to swap out the amp for.

    I cannot do this without a kemper plugged into rig manager. Unfortunately, the software is not very user friendly, and hasn't improved since I purchased a kemper in 2018. Seems a shame that this is an aspect that has been left behind.

    Why crying? There are lot of other options on the market. Life is so short and beautiful, yet some people choose the way of bitterness. Option 1) sell Kemper, buy gear which has features you need. Option 2) Develop better software. Option 3) The best one - learn how to live with full acceptance of thing you cannot change.

    I use Elixir strings too since many years. I don't know if it brings a better sound (they have many products (polyweb , nanoweb, optiweb following the sound you want to obtain)) but those strings really last longer than others !!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    actually I broke highe E string 2 days after restinging my strat with elixirs, I changed it to spare ernie ball string and it now sounds... 100% the same