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    It's not the arrow that makes the difference, it's the hunter that shoots it.

    Going with recommendation, recently I restrung my strat with Elixir NanoWeb Super Light 9-42.

    They were supposed to be worth the price and sound even better when not plugged compared to "regular" strings.

    Well, doing the almighty E chord after restringing, they just sound as... electric strings.

    However already broke B and high E strings, while doing bends.

    So I bought spare Ernie Ball B and high E strings "just in case".

    All in all, still sound is in your fingers :) but also how you interpret it in your head :)

    Has Kemper enough processing prettier power (and will to do it) to implement Infinite Sample Sustainer?

    Sampling and holding the guitar signal creates a sound surface over which to play.

    Layering allows to stack multiple layers of held notes and chords to create harmonies.

    I won’t dispute it. But people like shiny new things. I bet half the people that have and still use the current KPA would buy a new version if they sold one. Musicians see a new product in a catalogue and they have to have it.

    Desire is a root cause of all suffering in this life. Good musicians know, that they only need to have skills to play which they develop by constant work, and they need pure joy out of playing. Life worth living is more about feeling than having.

    Yes, this is true for "analog" representation of time. But what about the "digital" version? Would you really prefer "5 pm" to "17"? To be fair, all this discussion seems to me a bit ridicoulus. I can live with both versions, but to implement it as an option is for me priority no. 9999999.... :)

    I learned how to tell the time, when there were analog clocks in my life / I haven't seen digital. 12 is easier to remember than 24.

    And really, this request is priority infinity. But if you don't enjoy playing, you start requesting this and that...

    Meh for tonight.

    Does meh mean " so, so....", "not the best, but still.."? We ourselves are our worst critics. I haven't recorded anything in my life, but I wholeheartedly appreciate what progress I made, when I focused on how I feel when I play, not on how I play.

    And your tune is great. I still admire your creativity and number of tracks you put out here Per

    Arguing might be your favorite hobby and something you feed on. But I don't want to see this great forum become something else than what it is intended to be about.

    My favorite hobby is playing guitar, what you call arguing is me giving my honest and open opinion. I feed with food, I just had tasteful pasta with vegetables and some nice sauce. I can't do anything about others feeling offended or maybe even finding my views kind of hate speech. This is the "society" we're having nowadays.

    Surely you must know, that you can report any post, that you don't like to moderators, and they close it, or ban me, or do both.

    Whatever the result would be, my favorite hobby still is playing guitar, I feed with food, I got my emotional part under total control. And if this thread is closed or/and I'm banned, I wouldn't feel any regret to mods or to anyone that reports me.

    Life goes on, and I still will think/say what I want.

    While I’ve added my two cents and had it dismissed and/or woefully misinterpreted….I do sympathize. Truly.

    What I vehemently disagree with is the manner in which you chose to express your displeasure.

    I mean, we all guitarists/musicians are empathetic beings, and having no gear to play is painful. Still I agree with your second point, grown people should control their emotions.

    ....recommending it to anyone and everyone, making videos on it and so, and then feeling quite let down by the service, seems to have been missed (or interpreted as being a crybaby).

    Still I think you've been let down mostly by Brexit mess and UPS clerks, but I know - it's easier to target the weakest. The weakness of human's nature.

    The thumbnail was a question mark for me; it's quite inflammatory, but it's how I felt after what happened

    Very important rule in life - do not act when you're emotional. We're all humans and guitarists/musicians especially have soft hearts, due to nature of how we perceive the world.

    I regret being drawn into tit-for-tat squabbling with a few of the individuals on this forum for sure.

    Thanks for referring to me, but I have no power or interest to pull anybody in tit-for-tat squabbling. If this is what you call giving my honest opinion.

    Anyway, is your case progressing? Any news from Kemper, UPS, customs?