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    Thanks again, yep, no problem with using the driver. It's just that if the switch is not present on the device itself, then you have to ask... or d\l the manual :)

    I am Focusrite user since few years. First interface was Saffire 6 USB. It had physical switch on analog inputs to change from LINE to INST impedance level. Saffire 24 Pro DSP had this option on mixer, as well as Scarlett has. Just business thing :) producing button and placing in in chasis costs money, they put this into driver. Luckily VOLUME control still exists as real button ;)

    Thanks for chiming in :)

    I mean a switch to toggle the function on\off. Several soundcards have one.

    This is Scarlett's mixer. When I chose this option "Zero latency tracking" I can hear what I play through Kemper connected to Scarlett by SPDIF. If this is Direct Monitoring for you :) There is no physical switch, just in software.

    [Blocked Image:]

    So according to this definition:

    Direct Monitoring - Use 'direct monitoring' if supported by your soundcard. Direct monitoring is achieved completely in hardware, routing a copy of the input signal directly to the soundcard outputs, and so eliminating latency caused by the software buffer.

    Yes, Scarlett 6i6 has Hardware Direct Monitoring - but you have to use software to switch that....

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 I use myself. Your PC needs to do FireWire though. Scarlett is USB and also recommmended.
    Definitely choose an interface with SPDIF capabilities.

    Using Scarlett 6i6 on Win7 32-bit, no hassles or anything, stable driver, superb sound for its price. Previously was using Saffire 24 Pro also no problems. As for HP I am using ATH M50. For me big step up from AKG K271 ,I described it in some thread here. AKGs sounded weak. Anyway ATHs can be not comfortable for longer usage.

    No biggie, but the guy in the video says it's actually a '64.
    Either way, It'd make a fine addition to anyone's collection. :D

    He says at beginning it's 54. Then he adds adnotation somewhere in the video that he had mistaken twice saying it's 64. It is 1954 with serial no 0930. LOL Fender assumed to manufacture 9999 guitars then? So it is no biggie? This sound? Just the amp and dynamic playing?

    So, excuse me, my website has been published only a few hours ago... For the guitar amps I played my examples with a fender stratocaster (MIM) 60th anniversary, always with 3 positions: n°2 (bridge and center) then n°4 (center and neck) and n°5 (neck). Usually I use a Les Paul, but she actually needs to be repaired :(

    For the bass amp, I used a squier vintage modified jazz bass, all potentiometers full!

    No need to excuse. Thank you - I will try with my stratocaster in the same positions. DO you play these positions in this particular order? 2, 4, 5?

    Hi everybody,

    here is my new website with free profiles (I just hope a donation)!! Juste please visit it, and enjoy!


    I will try them for sure. I will ask you, what guitar have you used on particular recording, what pickup. Because I expect the profile to sound the same(99% the same if it can be measured) on my Kemper if I use same guitar, same pickup.

    It's nice if you play simple chords (if you do, I haven't heard all samples), progressions, so I can repeat this, and compare. Sorry I am not virtuoso :-) So when I hear some commercial profiles played by some good players, it makes this profile sound even better.

    Paul Gilbert can shred on 50% Wallmart guitar, with 500$ singature effect and shitty 100$ amp. Believe me. Than it makes you wanna buy this 500$ effect so when you play at home like him. No. Fingers play, not effects nor guitar nor profile. Off course that doesn't count for proffesionals.

    So if simpler presentation of profile (amp, guitar) it is more likely to have the same sound in the same gear. Off course that doesn't count for proffesionals.

    Summing up. If I like the sound of profile on your site, it can sound similar on similar setup at my "studio" I will donate. Otherwise I delete.

    I don't need another profile which doesn't sound like in clip and I can appreciate good product and someones work.

    So: DONATE or DELETE - it is very good business model :thumbup: