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    So is there a control in the Kemper to 'manage' the mix between the front an rear inputs?

    I assumed that they were to be used as 'one or the other' but not both at the same time?

    I don't know if they implemented mixing control between AUX IN and FRONT input, but you can just turn down your guitar or manage volume of device that enters AUX IN.

    I am also playing Stratocaster. '89 Clapton and EMG DG20 PUPs. If you think your guitar way too quiet, increasing the pickup's height would help.

    My Clean & Dist. Sense are -5.0 dB both. I like setting my PUPs just a little high (but not too high) because I like "meaty" tones. And my output settings are @ -6 dB on KPA and locked. I am very happy with these values at the studio or on stage.

    Thank You for your suggestions about piskups. I will try that :thumbup:

    Hi skoczy,
    i.e. for this rig I lowered the Amp and Cabinet volume about 1 - 1.5dB. It worked. These values will be different with another guitar, another system. So tweak your own taste.

    I will try your suggestions. My guitar is quite quiet. It is Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Players with Vintego Noiseless Pickups. I have to bring the Clean Sens up to + few dB really.

    May I ask what governmental regulations?

    This is stated on their website

    The ZEROCAP cable is for sale now, priced depending on length, plus Virginia sales tax (where applicable) & shipping, and includes the cable, a user manual, battery, and free support. We will accept your money order or check -- please contact us. Due to governmental regulations, this product is available only in the US and Canada!

    I have no idea, why.

    Been using 3 of these for 10 years now with a LOT of abuse without a single failure:…e_spirit_xxl_instr_60.htm
    You can even get them now with neutrik silent plugs:…irit_xxl_ins_6_silent.htm

    I a just about tu buy Sommer Spirit XXL cable with these silent plugs! Do you plug this silent into guitar or into amp? Guitar rather, huh? Or it depends if you change more amps or guitars you play.... but since we have all amps in Kemper, I suppose silent plug will go into guitar.

    I don't know if the ZEROCAP product is active or not, but if it was passive it would be worth comparing against a Radial Dragster Load Corrector ($49) which sounds like a very similar device. For the rest of us, plug into something with a high-impedance active buffered input - like your Kemper!


    This is powered "device" - Type A23 Battery, 12VDC, and you cannot get it in Europe - Due to governmental regulations, this product is available only in the US and Canada!


    I have some very nice "Vibroking 3" profile by "chadrides" loaded to my Kemper - you can find thie profile on RE. When I load this profile Gain is about 2.2, EQ is at noon, Volume is at NOON.

    What makes the MASTER(OUTPUT in newer Kempers) clipping? It is rather clean profile, no boosters added.

    OK I notcied AMPLIFIER volume is +3.7dB and REVERB volume is +1.6. I made these volumes 0.0dB but still clipping on my Stratocaster with single coils? Input clean sens set to 0.0. When I set VOLUME to -6dB it is not clipping

    Is this profile prepared not correctly?

    Cool, thanks. I think I'll get the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB. The Presonus I was looking at has no s/pdif connector.

    I am also interested in Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB since this is "lowest" Scarlett with SPDIF. I've been Focusrite user for few years and I find their interfaces good in terrms of stability. Using SPDIF saves you 2 inputs and lets you omit 2 stages of conversion. Once in Kemper from digital singal into analog on Kemper's output and secondly on the input on interface when analog signal has to be converted into digital. And reamping is easier with SPDIF.

    +1000 on this.

    Changing cabinet is what changes sound mostly.

    I often try to experiment with Tills cabs when trying different profiles. Scrolling through 160 cabs (+ some more custom) is time consuming and not handy. It would be nice to be able to select cab using RM after selecting profile using RM. But I see it makes Rig Manager more like full editor. Anyway it seems like great improvement...


    I just know that guitar with Kemper will sound as good as weakest item in chain. It applies to all in life. All things go so well as the weakest point can perform.

    1) Superb guitar with weak profile (weak Kemper :D ) on Atomic CLR will sound just mediocre.
    2) Guitar with faulty pickups, quality profile and top quality monitors will not match the quality of rest.
    3) 5000$ Fender deluxe with best profile connected to 6" speaker of old radio receiver will not do.

    Enough of theory.

    Could you justice guitar's sonic possibilities by playing it on Kemper through good pair of headphones? I have possibility to try some guitars, but I am not able to take my monitors with Kemper. Can you say that "this" guitar has rich sound, cleans up well and will translate to monitors or PA if it sounds good on headphones? Would you try it on clean to hairy profiles? Anyone has done it before?

    Try this - copy the kaos.bin on a FAT32 formatted USB pendrive. Put the file on the root directory (not in OS Update folder on any other folder). Insert the stick into the profiler and hold both PAGE buttons while you power up the unit into Browse Mode until you see the words "Booting and Burning from USB device" in the display. Once you see this text you can let go off the PAGE buttons and let the process finish.

    Let us know what happened.