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    I ordered mine on Friday ~noon (to Poland), but the order hasn't been processed yet, says the information in - how log did you wait to get yours folks?

    I write in Logic, generally either starting with Logic’s Drummer and tweaking, or importing a midi groove into Steven Slate Drums and tweaking that. Rarely I’ll start from scratch. For bass, I have a Mexican Fender Jazz and a Höfner violin bass. Occasionally I’ll use a synth, if I’m lazy or the track calls for it.

    Thanks sambrox. I'm not using Mac, so no Logic. Now I'm using Reaper and thinking if this is good DAW, I've never used much midi there... Thanks again!

    I start recording most of my songs with a simple loop to just keep the timing. After I record the basic tracks, I then use EZDrummer to create a drum track that enhances the song.

    Thanks lespauled, how about the bass line? Anyway, I'm wondering how it works, you play something in loop and then you create drumtrack for that... Gonna try this approach...

    EZD2 is my go to drum machine , with slight work on each track ( mostky kick , snare mods )

    Bass, I play the real stuff while not being a real bassist, a MIJ jazzbass and a chinese Violin bass Hofner are my tools.

    I would never use these shitty bass VST , yuck ! I prefer to take 50 takes of one single line than using these crappy little bass vsts

    Thanks waraba so much for your input! ?

    Afternoon Everyone,

    Long-time valve amp guy... I love Dr.Z amps and will always purchase and be a fan of Mike Zaite. I’ve also built a really nice Trainwreck Express clone based on schematics from a TW conservationist group. I’ve always been skeptical of modelers. Purchased a powered toaster yesterday and I’m blown away. I can’t believe it. I promptly bought Dr Z’s profiles as well as M Britt’s profiles for D*mble type amps (a real ODS, Fuchs, Two Rock, Ceriatone).
    I can’t believe the Kemper is this good. It sounds and feels like my real Dr Z amps that I’ve played for years. Looking forward to profiling my TW as well, and sharing with you all. It is so loud... looking forward to manageable volumes.

    Looking forward to being part of the community.

    Welcome to the community prspastor!

    Real one as I own a beautiful Ibanez SR1500 limited edition from the 90s. Good to play for my guitar player hands although long scale. Enough to do some demos but naturally and unfortunately not enough to unleash the beauty of the instrument as I am not a well trained bass player. Helped out some friends from time to time but would still need to practice way more... 8o

    My DAW is Cubase and in the VSTs there are some good sounds for Bass but I never really tried to put this in via Midi keyboard or similar.

    By the way: Another great free drum library is Steven Slate Drums 5. They offer a free edition with just one drumkit but it works very well and a bit more versatile for other styles than the MT Power DrumKit I mentioned above.

    Thanks deadman42 for your input ?

    I ordered it today :-)

    I sort of understand what you mean but I must confess I have never really understood this concept. The very definition of sound is moving air so if an FRFR doesn’t move air it is literally inaudible ?

    for me the amp in the room concept is more to do with dispersion and on/off axis response which is obviously very different for a tweeter than a 12” speaker.

    I have to hear this then. I believe it's coming to me in the form of Kabinet which will be powered by Fryette PS-2.

    Yeah, this was up only sound enough to not hear the strings on the guitar much.

    Also, it's a 1x12. I think I'd need a loaded 4x12 to really get the feeling. This bring the 1x12 experience. Which to me isnt close to a 4x12

    But does it move any air in moderate volume level, more that FRFR (which almost doesn't)?

    I don't think I would ever describe my PS-1 as dull... quite the contrary, it is quirte brilliant. I usually run my Kemper through a 1000W Behringer Eurolive B112MP3 Active 2-Way PA Speaker System. I also have an Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum which, with the exception of late night bedroom playing, is just too little power to push any air. I've been eyeballing am Electro-Harmonix ART SLA-1 260W Power Amp but I keep waffling on it because some folks say the fan is way loud... so the jury is still out on that.

    PS-2 as dull was just an irony ShadowJumper ;)

    IMHO they add 'real' (noticeable) tube amp warmth and require a bit of extra tweaking because most are EQ'd for solid state but once you get the hang of it it is well worth the effort. It will be interesting to see how the Kabinet/Kone interact with it... if at all. My Kabinet will be here this weekend and I'll be plugging in as soon as it arrives and questions will be answered... oh yes, questions will be answered!! :P

    Do you have any SS amp to compare to Fryette PS-2. I was also thinking to get SS amp for my Kemper, but what the h3ll. If PS-2 will be dull, I will get smth else ;)