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    Thank you for the comment skoczy! For me, if the tone isn't right then I don't get inspired to play with feeling.


    I get you Foxglovestudios - I've got Kemper for 9 years now and to be honest, never had inspiring sound. I stopped caring at one moment and started appreciating my sloppy playing. Over and over, days by days, playing E minor pentatonic, adding bends to it, slides, tapping, pull-offs, then adding faces to it (like I feel music) and magic has happened. Never been more satisfied with playing guitar. Because now I feel it, I can express myself and enjoy. The tone will come :-)

    Thanks for the comments guys! I wasn't sure about the gtr tone when I recorded it but now that I've spent some time with it I'm pretty happy with the tone.


    Tone is just a backgroud. Feel is what counts in music and this was magnificent.

    So recently I had an opportunity to visit a buddy with his Kemper Stage to play along. And what I noticed is that his Stage powers up 2~3 times faster, than my 2012 Toaster. This would indicate newer processor (or optimized code?). Has anybody else had a chance to compare that?

    I know we're off topic, but if you're truly trying to emulate the amp in the room sound of your favourite tube amps, then how can you expect to emulate them playing through a plastic enclosure or 10kg of mdf? It's never going to sound like 35kg of plywood, obviously.

    Don't discount the effect the cab you're playing through makes to your overall sound. It's just as important as your amplifier or speaker selection, otherwise you're making apple and avocado comparisons

    I don't have my favourite tube amps, because I've never played over. Thank you.

    Hi folks, never had cabinet with an amp.

    Is it ok to connect Kemper to TC Electronic BAM200 200W poweramp to 20W Celestion Greenback speaker?

    I just need to start with low poweramp master volume?

    I use a Atomic CLR with my Kemper(I could never get past the hollow plastic tone of the yamahas and a few others)

    I’ve sold all my amps, except my Egnater IE4 preamp and PV 50-50 power amp

    I just gig with my Kemper

    Yes - I'm aware that gigwise Kemper wins as you don't care that much about sound and feel as for live experience.

    Yes, Yamaha is hollow plastic, although has been reccomended here many tiimes. It can be sometimes acceptable with good profile.

    Thanks for opinion.

    All I can say is that I still own a Mesa Studio .22 combo, Mark V:25 head, 2 Channel Dual Rectifier, Triaxis, 2;ninety power amp, THD BiValve (built in hot plate attenuator), a pair of Mesa Thiele 1x12 EVM12L cabinets and a Rectifier Horizontal 2x12, a Two Notes Torpedo Reload attenuator/loadbox/reamping device with Wall of Sound IR loader. They are all gathering dust as I only ever use the Kemper now.

    You chose kemper because of convienece of almost the same sound and feel as your tube amps (or both)?

    DO you get the same amp in the room with Kemper + pwramp + Kone/Kabinet as with the real thing? Or it just sounds good? Or you don't care after all these years?

    Well, I think you are answering yourself. I guess that you will only find what you seek in real amps if you have the opportunity to play them without killing neighbours and don't have to carry them around to gigs. My own tube amps have become furniture. As for live for me it is all about the show. I want the best sound for the audience, I can very much live with what I get from my monitors. And here comes in the Kemper with its reliability and indistinguishable sound to my precious vintage amps.

    As for live for me it is all about the show - I can relate. Live show is where emotions play. You see audience happy, you care less about harmonic richness of tube sound. But I still learn and having inspirational sound helps so much.

    But I guess you learnt on tube amps - can you find in tube amps, what Kemper and Kone doesn't give you? Or maybe you don't care that much, because you care more about playing live? (if you know what I mean...)

    Kemper Stage - SD power stage 170 - Kemper Kone. Sounds really good to my ears. Much better than the "Helixes" from my past. If you really want more realism in such a small format you have to use the Amp1. This little amp slays everything, IMHO. I have the Amp1 on a small Board but... I still use my stages more often (:/), because of their all in one form factor. Other than that: real, big amps, of course. But who wants to carry them to stages that have to become more and more silent and monitored by in ears...

    I tried Kemper unpowered head + poweramp + Kabinet. Poweramp was Fryette PS-1 and TC Electronic BAM 200 - couldn't tell a difference. And Kabinet didn't impress me, I sent it back. In fact I could't tell much difference between Kabinet and DXR10 with Imprints. Have you ever played through tube amp? I think what I need is small head + 212 cab. Maybe power soak between poweamp and cab. But I think what I miss is powertube + speaker interaction. I play at home, won't carry it over.

    I don't mean amps, I think that's obvious. I honestly just mean my Kempers. I don't know about the rest of the Kemper owners but I don't really "tweak" them. I use about 10 different amps in my Kempers that I only touched the Amp EQ and the Amp compression. That's all.

    I have never reached that point at which I am satisfied with Kempers sound. I play through Yamaha DXR10. With imptints it sounds sometimes OK, but not 1600 Euro ok. How do you monitor your Kemper? Powered Kemper + cab?