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    Well, I don't agree with 1, at all! For example they could set up repair services in other countries instead of..........

    Are you serious jonwrightguitar ? :huh:

    Do you think you are in charge of saying, what other company should/could do with their business?

    I've got another solution for you: set up a company, which is repair service center for Kemper in UK. I'll guarantee you, you're case would be sorted out swiftly.

    What a load of brexit drama :D

    skoczy I know you know all of this as you have been part of the Kemper group for sometime but for me this was the revelation. That "magic" I was prepared to compromise because I'd take the best FOH sound over on stage sound. . As long as its sounds good enough not to put me off and inspire then for me its the way to go. With a regular amp, you have no choice but to get the best on stage sound and hope it translates well through a PAInterestingly, only Kemper tries to solve that problem with a dedicated cab.

    I can fully agree V8guitar - FRFR vs tube amps is like convenience vs "this_sound". I don't know if it matters, but I have never played on stage, so I didn't have a chance to compromise. But I think you'll agree, how the Amp In The Room can be inspiring. And when you do something and you get instant inspiration, you're in loop of doing it. When you try 100's of devices and FRFR solutions and all you get is flat sound, one can get in the end desperated.

    But I dealt with this in other way. Knowing that in my current situation is not gonna change now, I changed.

    I started playing E pentatonic scale over and over. Beating it to the death. After 6 months of daily practicing and improvising on SOLID STATE Yamaha THR desktop amp, I'm in guitar heaven. I can play with closed eyes and make funny faces, unexpected bends or not playing a note for 1 bar and be happy.

    Still I know Amp In The Room can be very inspiring, but lack of it shouldn't stop you from playing and improving.

    Thank-you skoczy I need to practice at playing a lot tighter for this style, arrangement is also much harder than I expected. The guitars want to take up so much of the space.

    Surely Per self awareness is the key to becoming better and better. But I heard good piece of music. We are our worst judges sometimes. I'm sure more people didn't hear any arrangements issues, even us guitarists. Strive for better also remembering than done is better than perfect.

    Thanks guys!

    skoczy Also I think it’s more artifice than content.

    I think the beauty of music is not working with a plan, but letting oneself be spontaneous. This applies to life as well. What destroys fun of music in my opinion is scales and all the math C5m7Add13 - music and life is about feeling, not that much thinking. Kids more feel than think and look how happy and kind they are.

    Of course. Because they have completely different dispersion characteristics. And by that they interact differently with your room.

    The "beam" is different on both speakers. The felt lowmid bump is different because of that too.

    The highs from about 2khz on the DXR are played by the tweeter.

    The 12" Jensen plays all frequencies from his one cone.

    I don't think it's about dispersion, although I'm know it works differently in FRFR vs Guitar Cabs.

    1) Why can’t a man cry about the things you mention? Who are you to judge what is right and wrong in circumstances you might not understand? What academic degree or knowledge do you possess to claim that position? You see….I wonder about people of your kind, who believes they carry the truth around. It must be nice.

    2) If you saw the video, you will know that he also dives into the UPS situation. And I already explained why going after Brexit or customs and tax laws have no relevance here. No need to go further into that.

    1) Men can cry for whatever reason, it's just beta males, that cry because of the paper work they have to do. Still this is my opinion you may find it masculine and responsible :-)

    2) Why then this video is titled "Kemper You S*ck" not "UPS You S*ck" - maybe because to get attention and justify own anger :-)

    By the way the rules and taxes and not fixed forever. They were fixed differently whilst UK was in EU. They are fixed differently, when UK decided to live on their own - which I respect.

    Have a wonderful Sunday :-)

    2) He actually does precisely that. Didn’t you see the video?

    But why he titled video "Kemper You S*ck" not "UPS You S*ck" or "Brexit You S*ck"

    A man can cry wherever he wants to.

    Even when he is late for the train? When he doesn't get promotion at a job? This is what generation of snowflakes do.

    Being grown man responsible for your life and choices doesn't mean you cannot cry, when you loose parents, it doesn't mean you can not show your emotions to your woman and kids.

    But moaning in front of camera, that according to the mess in customs law, you have to pay tax is childish as it can get. In my opinion off course. You may find it very masculine.

    Hi Per I listen you from time to time and I wonder, how are you able to come up with so much music and from different genres. Your musical fecundity really amazes me. I wonder if it is result of how much music you heard of your imagination. Probably mix of both :-)

    This piece reminds me some good old Pearl Jam from Vitalogy/Yield era.

    I wonder when companies start making signature guitars for Jeffrey Sfeffenson.

    You don't know him? Let me tell you the story:

    "Jeffrey Steffenson lives in suburbs of Kentucky, he was a student of a musical school, but dropped it after two years.

    He now works as a clerk in an investment bank, makes average yearly income. He bought used red Jackson SL1 from 2007 with basswood body and maple fretboard, but struggles to learn pentatonic."

    Back in the days, you had to be Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, SRV with significant legacy to get signature guitar.

    And don't buy signatures, don't try being "that" rockstar, it's worth only being yourself in life, which most people miss doing, having in result miserable experience.

    For those wondering, Jeffrey Steffenson is a fictional character, made up for this case.

    Can you elaborate on where you feel, that he could have done things differently?

    Can you elaborate on where you feel, he as a costumer has to put the blame on himself?

    1) If he voted for Brexit, he could haven't voted for Brexit.

    2) Maybe taking blame on himself does not make a sense, but he could put blame on UK tax and customs authorities and UPS. Why not trying to fight on all fronts?

    In the end, grown man don't cry in front of cameras, this is a sing of immaturity.

    The difference between one small 10 inch speaker versus four bigger 12 inch speakers .... thats almost 6 times more vibrating and air moving surface.

    I bet if I had four DXR10 cabs it would still be flat, but louder than one DXR10.

    You can have 1 fender Deluxe Reverb with 12" Jensen speaker and have amp in the room. You can have 4x DXR12 and still sound flat, but "louder" than Deluxe Reverb.

    I do wonder how many people take a Kemper, add a Kab, then mic the Kab? Seems like a perversion of the intent to me, but for some players, the amp-in-the-room feeling is a must. Me, I just want the band to sound great together (I also am the lead singer and the one who knows the PA ... and owns it).

    It has been my experience that guitar players are the MOST prone to wanting to hear "their tone" on stage and the most difficult to teach about what the audience hears.

    do you own(ed)/play(ed) Kabinet by the way?

    Still, a Kemper with a Kab will not be making anyone smile at whisper levels. You need to move some air IMO.

    I am an electrical engineer ..... I don't believe in "magic" associated with tubes, transformers, or cab speakers :)

    As with all things, this is just an opinion.

    I am computer science engineer, I also don't believe in magic, I don't believe in anything except myself :-) By "magic" I meant non-linearity of tubes. I had Kabinet, both with Class D poweramp and 50W tube poweramp (Fryette PS2) and it sounded not much different to DXR10. Maybe better utilization of imprints, but the imprints also worked on DXR10. But I couldn't get any Amp In The Room from Kabinet, even when feeding signal with tube poweramp. Maybe the Kabinet is just to shallow and light, I have no idea.

    As with all things, this is just an opinion.

    Next topic: why did the editor take so long? ;-)

    What it has to do with your case?

    It's obvious that you're in uncomfortable situation, but then why don't you record YouTube video saying, that Brexit from economical standpoint was not wise, or that UPS are bunch of bureaucrats.

    As for editor took so long, you may choose one of the answers:

    1) I called them and ordered them to wait

    2) Chris Kemper was reading a book and studying C++, laying on Bahamas and he couldn't focus

    3) They had it developed, but mistakenly for UNIX and they had to rewrite it for Windows/MAC

    See? It doesn't matter. It's a private company and they decide, how to run their business. And it doesn't matter even more in this case.

    There you have webpage of UK customs authorities…rade-and-excise-enquiries

    And a phone number: 0300 322 9434

    Hope that helps :-)

    I agree with those saying that AITR is about volume. It isn't just the room dynamics with loud directional point source sound, it is also the feel of the SPL to your body, and how your ears interpret sound at high volume.

    I don't agree somehow. I could put DXR10 on high volume, with sound filling rehearsal room around, it had 130dB SPL, but it had zero Amp In The Room.

    I remember once being in music store, someone had Epiphone LP plugged into some 50W Marshall tube head connected to 4x12 cab. It was not loud in terms of decibels, but there was this missing piece in the sound, Amp In The Room.

    I don't know what is the reason, but I guess it could be the non-linearity of tubes in the poweramp pushing the cones of speakers in some magical way.

    I gave up chasing it, no chance to have Amp In The Room in my room, instead of I accepted the situation and kept playing and playing and playing. What really helped me practice everyday was (and still) is Yamaha THR30II.

    For a long time, I had Yamaha DXR10, as it was praised to be ultimate FRFR solution for the money. Well, it was significantly louder than my Neumamn KH-120A studio monitors (and I bought it 4 times cheaper compared to cost of Neumanns) but it was flat. Zero of amp in the room.

    I ordered passive Kabinet and I tried it with TC electronic 200$ BAM200 and 1000$ Fryette PS-2A. Results? I heard no difference between the power amps. And I heard no difference between Kabinet and DXR10.

    I sold both and since then I don't care about the hardware. I play everyday and play and play and play.

    It doesn't matter if you play 57 original Gibson plugged into 67 Plexi. What matters is, if you feel good with what you're playing.

    You cannot chase happiness by getting best gear, your are happy or unhappy.