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    It's not Kemper that s*cks, it's Brexit that s*cks. Whether you have voted for it or not, your have to live with the consequences.

    I completely disagree, that Kemper doesn't care about their customers. I had mine unit serviced twice, all done swiftly.

    You can always try competition products and their service. By the time they will accept your request, new version of the device (FX7 Ultra Crypto HEX) will be released.

    There are always solutions though. You can move to the country within EU :-)

    I feel your pain, I wish you luck in your endeavours, but the biggest factor on what happens was decision to leave the EU.

    Good luck :-)

    I would have offered him $700 for it then do a proper setup on it, change trem springs out, and put some locking tuners. It would have been killer then! I like the maple neck on white look. But one rule I have is to never buy the same guitar and pickup configuration twice unless I know I will be changing pups out or when I would need a backup for stage (not likely this year ;)).

    Still this guitar was too heavy for me, neck was chunkier than mine. And the rusty heavy stings made the testing this guitar really annoying. And the seller wasn't eager to negotiate.

    I like maple fretboards too, but I'd go for black pickguard :-)

    Let's see maybe I have a chance trying different model.

    What size strings did he have on it? I have some strats with 9s and 10s. 12s may require a nut file and a proper truss rod adjustment. 12's would also require trem spring tightening due to the added force of the heavier strings. But nothing to hard to do.

    I don't know what strings size was there, but it felt like 11 at least or trem block springs loosened too much (what I exclude, 'cause the seller was not "guitarist", it was first guitar to learn how to play). However this chunkier neck and significantly heavier guitar overall were turn off for me. Maybe these dead strings added much to the impression. Anyway, I go with my vintage to do some fretwork and next I order some replacement tuning keys.

    I was always wondering if American Stratocaster are the real thing. I had some Mexican with Noiseless Pickups few years ago, at the moment I am playing some quite popular strat rip-off.

    I read about American Special, watched all YouTube reviews and had a chance to try it today, seller wanted ~1000USD

    This could have been my guitar today (illustrative photo, not original), I admit I liked big headstocks on strats.

    But the seller didn't play on it for year and the strings were dirty, what's more they were to heavy for this guitar, when I tried tuning the guitar, the bridge moved upwards from the body. Not the best idea to present guitar for sale in such shape.

    I noticed it was significantly heavier (alder) with body little thicker than mine (east poplar) and the neck was chunkier. My strat has "Soft C", whereas American Special has Modern C (slightly chunkier than regular C).

    So the moral of this story is: always try guitar before you buy it. Don't believe reviews, don't buy brands. I'm not saying this Fender is bad guitar, I'm sure it will sell quickly, but I would regret if I bought it without trying.

    So I stay with my Vintage Icon V6MRSSB. It needs some care - I need to change tuners and do some fretwork. Other than that it sounds like a strat and is comfortable to play. And I've put black pickguard (stock was mint green) and for me it looks even better now.

    And I think I never presented it here, so let it be my "latest guitar".

    Please, please, do the guitar wood imprints! Because mahogany sounds darker and alder is brighter. Can we also have mix parameter in such imprints? So that people can mix some amount of mahogany to alder strats with maple fingerboards, that would be awesome!

    I hope the market competition is not reading this, because they may come with OCTAQUAD FX90 Ultra with such features and Kemper would go bankrupt, because they wouldn't compete without such crucial effects.

    I heard rumors that strings imprints are in the works, maybe next in the line there will be guitar straps or cables imprints?

    I think there will never be any synth thingy in KPA2 (if there will be KPA2), as mentioned before synth itself requires multiple knobs and buttons (~30 of both on Virus2). Would it come with KPA pickup underneath the strings or the instrument cable would send the MIDI?

    What about sales of Virus TI2?

    I'm quite old dated with my thinking, but if you want synth sounds in your band, play real synth, you have one more person contributing to the fun in the band

    I don't want to be this bag guy, I simply cannot see this happen.

    But as always it's only my opinion, if KPA2 comes in 2 years with built in synth, you who need it are all satisfied.

    It's commercial suicide for a company to rest on its laurels. You can bet your bottom dollar that Kemper are up to something. What do you think their employees are doing every day? Popping down to the warehouse to ship out some Stages? Nah mate. There is blatantly some heavy research and design going on; that is what makes the most sense.

    I'm not sure what are your sources, so that you suggest that heavy R&D is going on, but sounds serious.

    Let's take MESA - I think they haven't committed suicide selling for years the same 4x12 cabs with the same V30.

    There are companies like Fractal, Line6, which work in the way that you suggest it allows them to stay alive. And there is Kemper with the same device for 10 years already. Nobody knows what's in their heads.

    There are users, that want newest, shiniest, fully packaged. There are users, who are satisfied with what they have. There is room for everybody and everybody's opinions, which are only opinions, so no need to excite too much.

    Why not having KPA 2 with built in computer, whether with Windows or MacOS. So you don't have to connect built-in audio interface (which you don't have yet) to another computer. But the question is whether KPA2 should have HDMI 1.4b or also built in 24" screen, which would be attachable. I'm shy to suggest that it could have built-in best studio monitors, at least 5" :D

    But I also could imagine that in the mean while they will soon offer a KPA XXL with dual/triple etc amps/more fx/more I/Os and whatever..

    This is a joke, right? Looking at this company approach to products' longevity - if they release KPA XXL with dual/triple amps, more FX and "whatever", they become Kraktal :D

    And I have strong feeling that KPA2 is not in the works. What doesn't mean that I am against it and I don't want these guys who wish it, for their dreams to become true. What means that both your and my opinion doesn't matter a smallest bit.

    This is for me an example that if a product is not evolving it becomes obsolete - yes, you'll still find it in studios for many years to come but the user base will not grow because competition offers much better solutions, more aligned with modern times.

    But this is different story, for another forum... :-)

    Yes, Virus2 may have become obsolete, because of lack of some MAC support, but I think Depeche Mode or Nine Inch Nails don't care :) It's the big fish, that has more voice, than users crying on the forums. Maybe Kemper doesn't expect the user base to grow. Maybe not all companies are business sharks, living up to every dollar. This is my main point. I think Kemper is one of the last of companies, that believe in their product since day one. Not watching around the chase of newer hardware and software every year - think Fractal, Line6, Apple or all smatphone manufacturers.

    By the way, what is the other forum URL? ;-)

    This is not fanboy thing sir, I am not playing Kemper for few months already, so no fanboy by any means. You still can ask for hardware upgrade, but in my opinion you can't have expectations after you bought Kemper. Why not reading the spec sheet, when spending 1500E? It's similar to involve in a relationship with a woman and expecting her to change / get better.

    I don't know if there will be KPA2, I think there won't be. But I'm not against anyone, my opinions (as others) DO NOT MATTER.

    I think, Skoczy, you're still missing the point of the discussion. We don't want KPA2 because we are bored with KPA1, or because we don't like the tone, but many of us would welcome some improvements because they would improve our workflow. I assure you that I'm using KPA in 100% different way than you (and you're not even using it anymore - you admit it quite often). If KPA2 had features requested in this thread many of us could either get rid of some additional equipment or could achieve things which aren't possible with current hardware because of DSP/CPU/memory constraints. Whether you use any of advanced features or not - the fact is many features present in competition's products are darn useful, maybe not for you - and you don't have to use them. This doesn't immediately mean that everyone who would like to have them in KPA2 has uncontrolled GAS or should switch to different product. I explained it a few posts earlier - what we are doing here is we are participating in product evolution process and even Kemper as a company still wants to improve this product - that's why this section of forum exists in the first place. I suggest we stay on topic and refrain from judging one another how we should use KPA or any other gear.

    Hi Piotr, I am not missing anything here. I have my own opinion and I'm keen to share it. I'm pretty sure there are some people that utilize KPA to its full potential, but would like to squeeze 110% out of it, by having features that don't exist in current incarnation. But I'm also sure that there are many requests just to have it all in one box, "because". Believe me, I've been there, wanted it all, guitars, gear, VSTs and what not. And when I got it, nothing has changed. We will see KPA2 with audio interface, 2 profiles at once, fancy editor, big colorful screen, if company decides to do so. And none of us knows what's gonna happen. My internal voice tells me, that they are not so focused on new gear, rather than polishing what they have. In my opinion this company is not Line6 or Fractal. They created Virus2 synth 24 years ago and it still is awesome (although some people moan due to lack of updates).

    As far as I remember, you mentioned once, that during the live show, all devices on your band were reset due to lack of current. All other gear than Kemper booted in 10 seconds and it took about 1 minute for Kemper to boot. Is it that big flaw? In my case I would entertain the audience, when Kemper was booting :-)

    As for playing powerchords on best gear, it was also about me. So don't take it personally. I just came to the point, when I decided that what I have and what I am is enough - believe me this makes huge change how you live.

    So your requests are still valid, but in my opinion there will not be KPA2 :-)

    Cheers! :-)

    Ultimately, I think the Kemper feels like a 12 year old device at this point. It really isn't beyond the pale to expect a new unit after 12 years.

    Marshall Plexi is like 60 years old now. I haven't heard anybody asking for Plexi 2 - even if, I'm pretty convinced Marshall wouldn't even move their finger to mess with that.