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    Bonjour Andy. I was more comfortable with your prior method with Paypal being a way to say thanks for your work on the profiles. Which I did. The point of the Kemper rig exchange system was having people freely exchanging sounds and methods. At some point, what happens when Kemper decides to follow when they see all the money that could be made by charging for premium profiles??? That being said, when some soundbites are available on your new website, I will consider my options.

    Pan L/R for sure, but also other parameters that the pro's are using to blend the amps. Interaction also with the amp widener effect and stereo delays. I'm sure consultants working with Kemper will find the best tweaking options. It would then become a killer new feature to blow the competition away ! 8o

    I believe more and more pro musicians are mixing and blending different amps to get their signature sound, just like John Mayer for instance. In future versions of the KPA, I'm sure it could be made possible. Food for thought.

    Bonjour à tous,

    After months of waiting, I've ordered a second-hand Kemper from the States. I wasn't able to wait anymore. It arrived yesterday. I'm still in the discovery process and the instruction manual. I will probably be doing some profiling over the weekend. I have two great amps: a Fender Vibroverb 1964 and Two Rock Classic Reverb with matching 1x12 signature cabinet. ;)