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    Couldn't agree more on the importance of choosing the right pickup and finding the sweet spot for setting the pickup height, especially with single coil pickups.

    I have just recently gotten a remote for my Kemper.

    Is there a download that has blank Performance slots?

    It would be more convenient if there was such a template as copy and paste would be easier with such a template I would think.

    Thanks in advance for the response.

    My congratulations on the release Bert!


    After a very brief test through my studio monitors has me happy to have spent the money and looking forward to using some of the live as well as recording work.

    You Marshall offset head is on the money from my memories of playing a same vintage head in England. The one you profiled is an EXCELLENT example indeed!

    Those heads are rare and the survivors that have the real magic are even harder to come by.

    I'll share a more thorough review later, but suffice it to say, if people know what good examples of the amps which were profiled can sound like they should be quite impressed.

    This pack is a must buy!

    I believe the choice of Verenigde Staten would be the choice in Dutch for the United States. Not certain but I believe it is.

    I’m just finding it odd that guitar amp sim pedals continue to go up in price so much, while VSTs which are only getting better and better and have narrowed the gap for recording to virtually nothing stay at the same around $100 price.

    I’m glad I got a Kemper when it first came out. But it’s getting harder to justify these sorts of prices for the convenience of hardware.

    By and large? Yes indeed.

    As the population of more and more of computers chosen for music production gain in power and speed the leading edge VST makers will offer more and more capable VSTs.

    Oversampling VST's can and do add quality and the hit to computer performance is not a severe as it once was.

    I'm glad for folks who are excited about the new AXE FXIII. I find it interesting as news and some of my friends use Fractal gear.

    I am still a lover of the better tube amps out there.

    Kemper makes using those great amps still fit my workflow and ear.

    A new very well done profile gives me a new usability and reason to know I have made the best choice for me. Continuing opportunities for inspiration. I have new amps on a rolling basis.

    I have been more than satisfied by the continuing FW updates. Not every one of the updates has been vital for my situation but there have been some gems that I am glad were offered. Particularly for no cost.

    Much is made of a need for having an editor app for the KPA. I can see where it would be important for some folks, but it isn't something I find troublesome.

    An app that would allow quick assignment or reassignment of midi switching numbers would be something I would find helpful.

    Most of my work is recording and the switching thing is a moot point.

    If I'm asked to do live work it would be easier to quickly set a rig switching scheme for the gig. Other change are quite easy on the fly for me.

    Thanks for the post regarding a new AXE FX.

    I am still more than satisfied with my Kemper but if this makes someone excited and fires up their gear jones?

    I can be happy for them.

    I follow the gear world and purchase things for my studio on a regular basis.

    Avidly follow guitar amps and profiles from commercial of shared sources.

    Rarely hit music stores but did stop by one that had a Friedman Runt and 2x12 Friedman cabinet.

    Easy to dial in as most of Dave's amps are.

    It'd be a good one for me to profile at some point. Much better vibe than most 18/20 waters.

    Phase differences can crop up and not be as simple as flipping 180 degrees. There are frequency dependent phase anomalies which are the nature of EQ differences.

    Not pimping the IBP as a product but offering that phase issues are not strictly 180 degrees away from resolution or manipulation for tone color.

    EQing can introduce phase coloration which is pleasant and also horrid. Linear phase EQ can and can't be a better way to go.

    Some issues can be resolved by time alteration. MS EQ's open a wider sense of ambience at specific frequency ranges.
    There's a possibility that constant latency being associated with the unpleasant sound is a hint that the phase issue is a frequency or frequency range and not an across the board time difference.

    The sound issue we most associate with wide range frequency misalignment is usually nulled @ 180 phase flipping.

    I think, perhaps, you are hearing a stereo correlation that is stacking unpleasantly in the center depending on the phase switch.

    I'd be inclined to suggest Mid/Side EQ to resolve the muddiness in the middle by honing in on the frequency issue and reducing it's prominence in the "middle" of the stereo image.

    Phase is a deep subject and I'm no expert. I just have learned that it's only part of the sound image manipulation.

    Hope this helps point out the simple answer isn't usually simple...