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    It would be nice if availability were posted on the shops, no matter the country. Target dates matter to folks like myself.

    I sent a message to the US shop looking for expected dates for delivery. No response as of yet but some acknowledgement would be helpful.

    On a related note...We had the legendary Ambrosia open the show on some select dates, and their guitarist Doug Jackson is a killer player! Most people are only familiar with their radio hits, but their other material leans way more toward some really intricate 70s prog.

    The Faux head case is a nice idea.

    Ambrosia? Good band.

    Over the years I would do FOH between band projects. Did Ambrosia a few times and it was an enjoyable thing for certain.

    Is David Pack still doing most of the lead vocals?

    I still have new and exciting experiences with my Kemper.

    Happier with it than any anything I could think of. I suppose I just like too many great amps to settle with one or two.

    I believe folk want what they hear in their head to match what is in coming from their rig. When it doesn't match there will be inner conflicts.

    I have no issue when folks swap rigs and try different things. Believe me, I get it. I started playing in a very long time and have travelled down numerous paths when it comes to gear.

    The Kemper has proven to be perfect for me. Yes, the right profiles for an individual WILL matter... and I am always on the lookout. Keep finding them and keep smiling. The correct profile for a player matters just as much as the correct amp for a player matters. Chasing physical amps is a far more costly process than collecting great profiles is.

    I wish anyone's musical choices to be toward the desired results.

    There is some deep tweaks available and associating them with dialing in your tone can take some learning curve time, however, the right tweaks once learned become as intuitive as the controls on an amp that's familiar.. On the KPA there in the same location every time.

    As we are all looking to hear different things is usually comes down to choices.

    I could offer suggestions about changes that will make being heard in an ensemble setting more possible, but choices of what gear to use is not necessarily a learning thing, but a personal thing. Each ensemble is different and personalities come into play.

    I wish I could tell you exactly what's causing your RM issue.

    My issues with RM have been post an uninstall and reinstall. In my instances there were registry entries which were not uninstalled and therefore database errors occurred. Rig Manager would not boot.

    I am very reticent to send someone into opening their registry. I do not suggest it unless one knows EXACTLY what they are doing. It's not a certainty that the concern you have is registry related. I run Windows 10 64 bit and have had uninstall / reinstall issues.

    It was resolved every time I ran Revo uninstall and allowed Revo to show leftover files. When those files were removed the issue was gone. Reinstall resulted in a running Rig Manager after all install info was input.

    Give Kemper Support a shot at working with your issue. I don't recommend anyone get into their registry when they are not EXPERTS.

    I don't recommend running uninstall programs unless you know what should and should not be removed.

    I highly suggest contacting Kemper support and see what they can advise.

    Some uninstaller programs can show registry enties which remain and they can be deleted.

    When I have used such programs RM has always been up and running once reinstalled.