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    I agree some coloration might be introduced. Not certain, though. Rupert's coloration is not necessarily a bad thing. Nearly anything in the signal has the potential to have some audible evidence.

    Nearly every piece of Neve gear I have used over the years have been nicer sounding to me due to transformer choices in manufacturer. The right "iron" can make a world of difference in tube amps, in my experience.

    I think this one is worth a hard look if DI head profiles are a major part of one's methodology for profiling. As it's a Neve branded product, I think it will be reviewed by may publications.

    No luck for me in getting Rig Manager to work as of today. Win 7 64 bit

    My system was not shut down in the past 2 days with RE running.

    Installed latest version after deleting as suggested... No change.

    I'm open to new suggestions. Never had any concerns until today.

    What volume level are you monitoring your work?

    Problem rooms do not improve with the application of "louder".

    Any well recorded commercial releases which are similar material to what's being recorded will show frequency issues if the culprit is the room rather than particular instrument eq miscalculations.

    Don't spend money to fix what can be corrected other ways. Make certain the culprit is the room. Unless you are doing movie soundtrack mixes, don't use a sub speaker/speakers. Use the right size monitor speakers for the distance you are from them.

    Monitor at the lowest volume that get great results. Be advised that I can't stress this enough.

    there's more to consider but there isn't enough info for definitive answers. One person's "boom" can be another person's too much bass and vice versa.

    Having a better idea of the actual frequency range of the issue is pretty key to getting the better advice.

    The longer you monitor at higher than necessary volumes can "flatten" your hearing response and the danger is inching louder and louder looking for better. The result is generally worse and worse in actuality.Turning the overall volume of what is being monitored will NOT resolve a room related issue.

    Try to determine if the "boom" changes depending on the key of the song being recorded.

    Keep in mind that a room need not be "perfect". I can't tell you how many supposed "acoustically perfect" venues quickly sound horrid with certain material played, or volume levels that the room simply won't support.

    A great room is one where the mix is good without regard to where recorded material take elsewhere to be listened to. The best places to record and mix allow whats done to easily translate in other monitoring situations.

    Perhaps using some saturation in the form of a plugin might go a long way to better audibility for bass guitar parts. Maybe see if this freebie plug might be of use: It's not a magic bullet, but some material benefits from some harmonic complexity
    assistance on bass guitar.

    It looks like the BE100 is in the lead. What do you guys think, should we go with the BE100 and move on to speaker and mic choice tomorrow or wait a couple more days to see if the results change?

    It's up to you Tim. I'd like to see all of the amps you mentioned done so concentrating on each starting with the BE/HBE would work great for me!

    I am a huge fan of Dave's amps and your capture profile of the BE HBE is far closer to the tone I would go for with a Friedman amp than the previous Friedman profiles out there.

    I salute how you hear the amp. I'd love to hear more along the line of this with the top end starting at what you have posted and above that explores in the mid/treble/presence settings. I hear more of the speaker's paper than cone and with this type amp I think it the way to go, depending on mic/mic placement.

    < In my experience and depending on the mic, the sweetspot for pre-rola style speakers is key to maintaining viola rather than violin character. >

    With and amp like a Friedman BE or HBE the profiling choices have usually been on the fizzy side. I don't think folks that enjoy that are wrong to do so. Tone is a matter of variable on the player's instrument, technique, and what they want to hear.

    "Hashy" tone is what makes high gain amps sound tiny in my experience.

    I think the Friedman amps are not one trick ponies and I think you are on the right track with what you have so far.

    I'd love to hear more profiles from you. I look forward to you revisiting this Friedman and other such as your Dirty Shirley.

    I'd be happy to share any opinions or possible tweaks to try if you understand I don't mind at all if my opinions or advice is cheerfully considered but not taken! ;->

    Very interested in the EL34 TW and your take on a PT.

    "REINHARDT CRUNCH 18" would be the profile I loaded quite sometime back.

    AFAIK it's the only one other than maybe some Reinhardt Storm profiles that Andy might have shared.

    Bob Reinhardt is a nice fellow and it's a shame he isn't building amps any longer. I know Mark Knopfler liked them quite a lot.

    It was a great amp while I owned it. The profile I did was of the "normal" channel. I was going to profile the"bright channel but the profile didn't seem to hit anyone's fancy so I didn't bother.

    I loaded the amp with N.O.S. Amperex "Bugle Boy" ECC83 preamp tubes with 1962 build date codes. The 2 EL84's power tubes were NOS Mullards with 1964 build date codes.
    The phase inverter was a N.O.S. RFT ECC81 with a build date in the '70's if I remember correctly.

    The speaker I put in it was a Celestion 20 watt 12.

    The cab swap works as well.

    It was originally mic'd with Heil P30 roughly 1/4 of the distance between dustcap and anulus just a 1/2 inch off the grillcloth..

    I still pull the Reinhardt 18 up for certain things.

    I hope it works for you.

    studio pack probably safest to buy. i bought it myself and its fine,i would say its kind of bread and butter rock sounds but extremely well profiled and eq"d. however if you already have a good library of basic tones it might be worth giving the extension pack a shot for something a little different.

    That was my thinking as a opted for the Xtension pack. I was looking for more nuance for light/medium/hard crunch tones.

    The profiles in that pack fit a wide range of material. :thumbup: