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    I should have done the free IRs first. I kind of lept in!

    For me, they suffer from the same issue as the Top Jimi profiles. They don't have the punch and low end depth for loud/live work. It's like the low end got sucked out. When you compare them against the most recent 68 Plexi and 72 JMP from MBritt, it is very evident. Those two amps were brilliant by the way. The Purple Plexi sounds good tonally, but for me, the only way I'd try to use them is in a recording mix. They are not "live ready" so to speak. Keep in mind...I tend to dial out the low end live on a real tube amp so it's not like I dig woofy or excessive low end in my guitar sound.

    It's interesting though. I think this kind of reaffirms to me that a lot of the MBritt magic is coming from that cab of is. Even with his own profiles, the 69 Marshall he did had 3 cabs and the fullest sounding was the 2x12 that he always uses. The 4x12 Marshall with Greenback "should" sound bigger but it did not. It's missing a little bit of the depth.

    Maybe I'll try playing with the cabs and swapping them. It's weird though. You would think that 4x12 cabs would sound bigger than 2x12s but that MBritt 2x12 is pretty tough to beat!


    That was exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. Much appreciated.

    And totally agreed...the direct profiles just vary quite a bit. Case in point...I made two profiles of an Orange OR50 back in the day. Even with the bass dialed down to 3 on the actual profiled amp, they came out sounding thick as it should. No need for depth from the PS2. I tried Tone Junkie's direct Orange CS50 and there seems to be a lot less low end. That might actually be the way that amp differs from the OR50 for all I know. I'll guess I'll just have to dig around for what works or roll my own.

    Your approach sounds interesting as far as two different 1x12s but I think for me, to start, I'll see how the 2x12 works out.

    One thing I'm not sure of that I hoped you could clear imprints work with direct or merged profiles only or do they work with studio profiles?

    I currently have the first configuration. I find direct profiles to be hit or miss because there are a lot of variables with the Power Station and some direct profiles just sound thin and need help. Studio profiles are typically not as satisfying running through this config. I normally use MBritt studio profiles and also some from Tone Junkie and Selah Sounds...but MBritt for sure in live or rehearsal applications. I could just go repurchase a Kemper Direct box, "borrow" a Marshall SV20, and do up my own tailored tones.

    I'm pondering a simpler set up that is more flexible though. I'd basically go get a few Kemper Kones (if I could find them available) and stick then in my closed back Port City place of the Greenbacks...and then get some type of SS power amp as I read it allows the Kones to do their thing better. If I did this, it sounds like I could get amp-in-the-room feel and tones with studio rigs + I could virtually substitute new speakers into some of those studio profiles. That sounds pretty intriguing to me. However, I do worry about the sounds being too artificial with all of that going on.

    I guess the question is out to those who may have tried playing through both configs (or close to it) in the subject line and the pros and cons of each for you.

    FWIW, there is a new OS update that works to address this. Even though I was able to solve things with a restore of an older backup, this might help others who are still experiencing some of these issues. That was fast! Thanks Kemper Support!

    I'd love to hear some of the other Marshalls he's already profiled in the past get a new treatment with the Greenback and H30 4x12s that he has. I realize for his own live work, that's probably not the sound he's necessarily going for, but that's a Marshall pack I'd go buy from him for sure.

    I feel like when you take the IR of a Studio profile and move it to another, it's kind of like 70% one amp and 30% another. It's obvious when you try different profiles of the same amp and pull the cab over. Some part of that profile's gain/aggression bleeds into the cab IR, almost like a room mic, and feeds too much (for me) of that profile into the other. To me, a fully baked profile is the secret sauce of the Kemper vs the other methods.

    I'm OK with the 3P 2x12 and CL80 speaker. It's certainly more even and "mellow" in tone vs. others but the low end response is great for a 2x12 and it's blank slate-ish.

    I tried reinstalling 7.3.1 from boot with the FW on a USB stick. I think it may be working. Need to play with it further but so far so good.

    UPDATE: Foiled. It seemed be working as I was using RM to save the performance changes. I turned it off and on and then the same BS happened and 3 and 10 were joined as were 6 and 7. I think tried to initialize 7 and 10 again and save through RM and everything appeared to be fine. Turned off again, turned back on, and now 3 and 10 were showing new performances. They were initialized.

    UPDATE 2: I think we have success! I did have an old backup from Sep 2019. I restored that. It had some different performances in there. I did lose some of the effects I had saved recently but it appears my performance mapping woes have been resolved. 3 is not duplicating to 10 anymore and 6 is not duplicating to 7. So for those of you experiencing some performance rig issues like this, it looks like an older backup can "reset" it. You may lose some custom effects though if you made those post the rig you're backing up with...unless you saved those effects in your local library.

    First off, if I understand your note, it sound like your new FGN has some spiky tuning i.e. turning doesn't do anything and then it kicks not gradual? That could be the nut being tighter. Actually, you'll likely get that particular issue resolved by going from 10s to 9s. The strings shouldn't be as tight in the nut.

    I'm assuming that's a Fender scale instrument. I like 9.5s in Standard tuning (Daddario makes them) and 10s in Eb tuning. If you go down to 9s from 10s and keep the tuning, then you may see your action raise a touch due to less tension on the neck. That can be solved pretty easily if you have a tool to tighten the truss rod a touch. You shouldn't need to change the action of the saddles if you like where everything is at, but, the lower gauge strings with the same tuning means less tension and it's going to need just a touch of adjustment. If you were looking at the neck form the top, you'll want to turn the wrench to the right (right takes away relief, left adds relief). Just a quarter turn at most and then look at the action. That's it. Also, there can some times be intonation changes where the saddles need to move to compensate, but honestly I've rarely had to account for that in a string change. If your strings are ringing true at the open and 12th frets right now on the new guitar, then going to the lower gauge and adjusting the truss rod won't likely change that.

    Hope this helps. Send me a DM if you need more help.


    I fixed my problems by restoring a backup I made before the update.

    It seems to me to be a problem with the storage organization,
    I also had problems changing the rigs, sometimes I had a loud bang or loud crack.

    Interesting...I should have backed up before the last you did. It sounds like it is something in the latest OS then.

    I have a ticket into support now and supplied them all my stuff. We'll see how it goes.

    Going forward, I need to backup before my updates! :)

    FWIW, it seems to be a FW issue based on some of my testing. I just tried to make a performance without RM. I used slot 3 and just dropped some random rigs in there and stored the performance. I then scrolled to slot 10 and sure enough, it duplicated the change to that slot. No RM involved.

    I'm a big 70's JMP fan. In fact, when I have the scratch, I'd like to buy a real one. I love that sound of the early to mid 70s JMP. Anyhow, I dug the ReampZone 76 Marshall and love MBritt's different 70s JMPs. For fans of this amp, the new adds/updates from Dan at ReampZone to the 76 JMP are stellar. He added new studio profiles tuned specific for the Les Paul and Strat. I really wanted the Les Paul ones. I have similar pickups to what his LP uses and man, those profiles are really dialed in with perfect EQ. No adjustments on that side needed. It's through a 1960A cab with GT75 speakers which is different than the original studio profiles. There are some profiles labeled Jump 2 and some labeled Jump 1. I seem to gravitate towards the Jump 2 profiles.

    Also, I've grown to like the clarity, power sag, and compression settings used by MBritt and some other commercial profilers and doing so can help you really dial the aggression/smoothness/feel quotient that you want with profiles that don't use it. I actually pull back those settings a bit if I want a certain profile to get more aggressive (at least the clarity) but adding a touch of these to the ReampZone profiles produced excellent results. I'm going to be setting up a performance with this amp whereas I've mostly had MBritt profiles comprising my live performance stuff (if I were still live performing!).

    Thanks. I'll give this a go and send. Will this be sufficient or do you need to see screen shots too?

    FWIW, I tried deleting/initializing all my Performances and then pulling back over the saved performances. Doing so created the same issue. It created mirror rigs in in 3 and 10 and in 6 and 7. So, I'm thinking the issue lives in the profile itself. It takes so dang long to get the performances the way I want them that it's pretty frustrating. But, at least I have my performances there despite them mirroring.

    I'm on RM

    Kemper OS is I have a Toaster.

    The maddening issue I'm getting is that somehow two slots are getting linked together and the following happens with Rig Manager:

    I configure and load Performance 3 and save. Performance 10 now has a copy of this performance despite not putting there or not wanting it there. If I initialize the performance on 10, then even though RM displays Performance 3 correctly, I go to 3 and it is now initialized as well with my performance tweaks all lost, even though I didn't initialize 3. I copy back in the performance to 3 and 10 gets it copied to it again. Maddening. The same thing is happening with Performance 6 and 7. The other performances aren't having this problem. Technically, I should only have Performances 1-6 active. Or at least that was my goal!

    Somehow these performances are getting linked...I think in RM.

    My take...starting with the Grab and Go through the Crank and Go, MBritt profiles have more top end than they had pre-2017. You can tweak the EQ and definition to get the older ones closer, but these seem to be more a good way. I wonder if Michael did that at the profiling i.e. turned up the treble etc. or in post tweaking.

    For reference, I'm pretty much dialed in on MBritt profiles when I go FRFR and want a good live/band context sound. I like Sela and Tone Junkie for recording purposes. Both tend to fit better in that denser recorded mix context vs the MBritt stuff.

    For Direct profiles, I'm connecting to a Port City Vertical 2x12 OS with 2 Greenbacks via a Power Station 2. I have and like a Reampzone JMP profile set and I also tried a Tone Junkie Orange OR50 that sounds pretty good as well. The ReampZone stuff seemed to have the definition turned very low or off and raising that to around 5 or so makes them come alive. That might have been his intent. Any other profiles or profilers you could recommend that really do something special direct profiles? Per my love of MBritt's profile dialing, I like present but controlled bass, good upper mids, and some rounding of the highs.

    Just so I understand better in comparing the Kone/Kab with the Line 6 PowerCab...

    Each of them are capable of serving as FRFRs to play studio profiles. And, each of them can be used as real cabinet powered by a power amp. And in that case, they can be told to be a particular speaker i.e. a V30 in one instant or a GB25 in another.

    The Line 6 PowerCab looks to have self powered options right now whereas the Kemper solutions needs a power amp in front of the cab. Also, unless I'm looking at it wrong, the speaker modeling lives in the PowerCab so you could use it with a Kemper and power amp (or a tube amp?) and have it sound like any number of cabs. It seems like the Kab/Kone is dependent on interacting with the Kemper brain or can the cones be told what to be without having to connect to a Kemper?

    If the Kone/Kab needs the Kemper connected, then it's less interesting to me. What would be the most flexible is a cab that could virtually change the speakers no matter what I connected to it. So the modeling would need to live in the cab I guess. I THINK that's how the PowerCab operates but I don't know.

    I thought I recall at one point you could delete a peformance (not a slot...the whole performance) right in Rig Manager. Whenever I select a performance in Rig Manager and right hand click on it, "Delete" is grayed out no matter what I do. Every other option seems to be available. I'm running FW 7.1.8 and RM 3.082. This was happening before I upgraded to the Beta OS and RMs.