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    7.1.8 was pretty solid for me.

    7.1.9 sees some new issues.

    Kemper Stage

    First, the Stage is back to powering on when the Power cable is plugged in. It seems the power configuration has reverted back to launch behavior.

    Upon booting, the Performance Name is wrong, it is showing the name of a different performance. The individual slots are named from the referenced (named) Performance. However, the underlying Performance is correct, the right rigs are loaded in the right spots, it’s that the UI is referencing a different performance.

    Init Globals causes a hard crash. Error message says exp=unitfound, file=src/profmidi.cpp, line 7078. Pressing Return reboots the device.

    OP here, I went back to 7.1.1 (7.1.2 was always problematic for me) and my Stage once again retains date/time settings when the mains cable is unplugged.

    Thank you to the developers troubleshooting, it looks like there may be a couple different issues at play here across users, and I know that can be frustrating!

    After updating to 7.1.3, my Stage is no longer retaining its clock settings when power is disconnected. I get a "clock setup error" on boot and have to reset the day/time from 2010/10/10 00:00:00 to the current day/time.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue? (I did notify Kemper Support but wondering since it just started with 7.1.3 if anyone else sees this too with the new power behavior)

    I don't use a MAC. Can someone help me out with something that seems to be missing in this GUI -- which is some sort of menu bar at the top of screen (e.g. File, Edit, Tools, Help, etc.), Does the MAC OS have a drop drown menu that only appears when you move the cursor up to the top of the screen, or something like that? Otherwise, I don't see an obvious way to do something as simple as "Save" a new preset. Of course, I realize everything will be revealed shortly...but I am just wondering if I am missing something that is specific to a MAC OS.

    Yes, Mac OS allows you to put applications in full screen mode, hiding the window "chrome" and the menu bar - which both appear if you move the mouse to the top of the screen.

    I love my Powercab+. I sold my ASM-12 - it was too big/heavy/awkward. I'm pretty sure the Powercab is louder too.

    I recomend you try some Merged or Direct profiles with the onboard speaker models. I particularly like the Creamback with Marshalls and the Essex sounds GREAT for Vox tones. I find it's very much the "last mile" for amp-in-the-room.

    Funny - I had purchased a demo Kemper rack from them about two months back - and the ground lift button was broken off in the box. I taped it to the top of the unit and they shipped me out a new unit.

    Sweet water does treat customers better than the other huge music retailers. But make no mistake - they are now the big kid on the block and it will be interesting to see how they continue to exert their pressure on the industry. I know my local shops are definitely seeing changes in vendor behavior because of how big Sweetwater is becoming.

    Inserting - a very small allen wrench and pushing up undid the clip. It's pretty clear that the clip, instead of just providing some resistance, is actually locking rather than only providing tension. A very thin and narrow flathead screwdriver or a narrow feeler gauge would also work.

    I've tried a few different cables - varying makes - all quality - and they all lock in. Also - to clarify, this is the male end of the cable going into the female Input Return XLR - the small buttons on the cable that you push are on the female ends of the XLR cable (like the mains outs). There is no button on the XLR Input jack on the back of the Kemper (in fact I've only seen buttons on female jacks a few times - usually female jacks use tension clips to keep the cable in). This is the jack that you plug your mic or DI in when you want to profile.

    It looks like it's just a simple manufacturing defect in the jack, but at $2600 I'll be asking for a replacement unit from Sweetwater. Fortunately they have always resolved my issues in the past.

    On a positive note, I was able to upgrade to 3.0 and profile my Ampeg SVT-7 Pro and my GK MB Fusion 800 through their DI outs.

    Wiggling doesn't help. I Can pull very hard on the plug and it doesn't come out. I think the tension mechanism is messed up. I literally had it unpacked for less than an hour before I plugged in the xlr and it got stuck. It's not a crappy cable and it shows no signs of damage or compression. I would certainly hate to have to deal with returns for such a silly problem... But despite it's silliness its a real problem. :)

    thanks for for the suggestions!

    Button? I don't see a button. I have buttons on the female ends of the plugs, but the male ends either have a small hole or no hope at all. Most of my plugs are neutriks so I can disassemble the cable and only the cylinder remains.

    I guessing that the tension clip that holds the male for plug is either bent or is simply applying too much pressure.

    It looks like there is a small slot area below the xlr plug. I may try sliding in a flathead screwdriver to see if I can unlatch it. This appears to be the solution for many people with similar problems on other equipment like mixers, etc.

    Hello. Today I received my new Profiler PowerRack. I want to model my Ampeg SVT-7 Pro bass amp, so I ran an XLR cable from the SVT's DI to the XLR on the Return Input.

    Unfortunately somehow my XLR is now stuck in the Return Input. I can't pull it out, and I've tried pretty hard (obviously don't want to hurt it on day 1).

    Is there some trick to pulling out XLR cables on the Return?