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    I usually record both KPA and Axe, direct and processed sounds, in this way:
    - Axe plugged to the pc via USB
    - KPA plugged to the soundcard via S/PDIF

    I use two installations of Reaper on the same pc (one "normal" and one "portable") so I can run two Reaper sessions at the same time, the first running the soundcard ASIO engine, the second running the AXE ASIO engine.
    The two Reaper sessions are synchronized via SPP (song position pointer) using a virtual midi cable.
    I usually record the DI signal first and the processed sound in a second time.

    With this method no A/D conversion is involved, all signals flow through digital connections (only remember that KPA runs @44.1KHz and AXE @48KHz).



    I'd like to share my personal experience using KPA's NRPN functions through a pc.
    What you need is:
    - a MIDI interface
    - the Prologue Bidule app/plugin
    - a volume pedal/pedalboard capable to send cc messages

    In my setup I have a MOTU 828 MKIII, a SoftStep pedalboard and a Boss FV-500-H volume pedal.

    The connections are:
    - SoftStep -> MOTU MIDI IN
    - MOTU -> PC

    In this experiment I put the focus on distortion stomps in order to control the gain range, of course only those without the "Pedal Range" facility: Bit/Recti/Soft/Hard/Wave Shaper.
    I'm on the last official KPA release 1.1.0.

    The main purpose is to send only cc messages from pedal and delegate something else for the "NRPN translation".
    Of course this function could be covered by other piece of hardware but in this experiment I use only software.

    Well, referring to the "Profiler MIDI Parameter Guide" document, KPA accepts NRPN messages with the structure:
    - cc 99 - address page
    - cc 98 - address number
    - cc 38 - parameter value LSB
    - cc 6 - parameter value MSB

    where the last cc (6) could be omitted.

    For distortion stomps, the flow for gain range is:
    - cc 99: value 52
    - cc 98: value 16
    - cc 38 - the value received from volume pedal

    So, the idea is: when I move the pedal up and down, the Bidule app intercepts the cc flow and prepends the 99 and 98 addresses at every cc value.

    To do this, I've designed a flow in Bidule that:
    - receive the cc 38 pedal message
    - replicate the received message (cc 38 value x) 3 times (A, B, C)
    - transform the message A in cc 99 value 52
    - transform the message B in cc 98 value 16
    - leave untouched the message C (cc 38 )

    I also need to send to KPA the EXACT ORDER above mentioned:
    - FIRST: cc 99-value 52
    - SECOND: cc 98-value 16
    - THIRD: cc 38-the value received from volume pedal

    To respect the order, I put a delay after the message B and C respectively of 1ms and 2ms.

    This is the attached scheme designed in Bidule:
    [Blocked Image:]

    This is the detailed flow:
    [Blocked Image:]

    I'm not a Bidule expert , so probably there is an easiest way to do this (i.e. using the MIDI stack block) but I haven't explored anymore ;(

    You could experiment with different page addresses and numbers and combine different interactions, for example using different midi channels.

    I hope this example could help someone...

    Bye, Vernon

    Hi billruppert,

    many thanks for this incredible profile. With my humbucker and through my studio monitors it sounds damn realistic! I don't know the original zoom sound but this profiled one...WOW



    I've my Kemper connected with an Eventide Eclipse FX via stereo fx loop: KPA send->Eclipse mono in; Eclipse OUT 1/2-> KPA return 1/2 in.
    No problem using this configuration putting the KPA "Stereo Loop" fx in the X section...but...when I try to use the "Mono Loop" fx in one of the 4 stomps before the amp I'm experiencing a terrible noise that I cannot remove.

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks, Vernon

    Have you checked the return level Vernon?

    OMG, I've done better... I've checked my brain and after system-rebooting myself I've figured out that the return cable was plugged in the Alternative input. that I solved this (and plugged cable on the return jack) I landed on a new problem: FEEDBACK.
    Yes, the only sound that I can hear from the Reference amp is a terrible typical whistle of feedback loops. The master led is "glorious" red also at -84db of Monitor Volume :?: :!: :?:

    I hope in your suggestions...

    Thanks for the patience,

    Hi everybody,

    I'm a fresh KPA owner and first of all I'd like to share my really good feeling on how this beast sounds!!!
    I'm at my first profiling session and I'm experimenting a strange behaviour with the direct out send.
    I'm trying to profile a "both worlds" less than simple rig:
    - Line6 Spider Valve Amp
    - Engl 580 Preamp
    - 2 Nebula plugins: the 1st with an Ownhammer Amp and the 2nd with an Ownhammer cab

    My chain is:
    - GTR->KPA guitar IN
    - KPA direct out->Line6 guitar in & ENGL guitar in (through a splitter)
    - Line6 direct out-> Soundcard LINE IN 1 (I've a MOTU 828 MK3)
    - ENGL out-> Soundcard LINE IN 2
    - On PC a REAPER project with simulated amp and cab receiving from MOTU IN 1&2 and sending to MOTU OUT 1
    - Soundcard LINE OUT 1->KPA return IN (in soundcard OUT 1 the 2 amps are mixed in mono)
    - KPA MAIN OUTS->monitors

    So no real mics & cabs involved.

    Ok, let's start to profile a clean sound.
    I go to KPA browser and select the first clean amp (AC Clean - R121). After that, I move the selector to profiling position.
    When the KPA is on "Kemper amp", the sound flows thru the chain and I can hear the guitar sound BUT when I switch to "Reference amp", the sound is muted (nothing goes to amps and, of course, nothing goes in the soundcard).
    This happens BEFORE profiling but I think that I cannot profile anything without the sound coming to the soundcard and back to KPA...

    I'm on last beta fw release and I've already made a system reset after upgrading the KPA fw.

    So, what I'missing?

    Thanks a lot