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    Is there a known issue with KPA Backups, currently? I updated my KPA to 7.08 today via Rig Manager. As my normal routine, I created a backup of the KPA to USB Stick. I noticed after the backup, that the file had a different extension than the older backups on the stick. Normally, I get .kpabackup. Todays backups had .kpbackup. I then installed 7.08, and afterward, I created another backup, which also has the .kpbackup extension. When I try to unzip with 7Zip, I'm getting a corrupted zip file error message. Btw, the older backups on the stick, with the .kpabackup extension, open correctly.

    Lots of drama with that band apparently. They've gone through lineup changes, fan revolts, ect. Used to be a cute gimmicky thing.

    Looks like now they are using older girls, maybe in a effort make it more legit. The musicians have always been solid.

    First time since 2012, that I've accidentally fired up the looper at a gig, so it's not a problem. I'll just refresh myself on the pedal mappings. The main problem was determining what was actually happening at the moment. I thought my KPA was possessed. Having a panic button, in my opinion would have helped.

    Any button combinations on the KPA, which act as a "Panic Button"? It's pretty common in midi keyboards/synths, which on occasion have midi glitches which can result in stuck notes, random noises, stuck loops, ect. Kind of a last resort reset button, when nothing else is working. It would be nice if we could had similar for the KPA.

    Ok, so what happened was ;-)........during my last gig, i managed to activate the looper by accident, which resulted in a random guitar lick being recorded, which repeated about every 15 seconds or so. So, as I'm playing the next song, I hear this random chord jumping out every few seconds. It took a while to figure out what was going on, then since I rarely use the looper. (I have a Behirnger Foot Controller with EurekaProm, btw) another couple minutes to figure out how to stop it.

    A "Panic Button" or button combination on the front panel would have helped a lot.

    Agree with the comments below. You really need to hear them both.

    For my personal monitors, I started with the JBL 308's, but I felt they were too clinical sounding for my taste. I ended up trading them for a pair of Yamaha HS7's, (I didn't need the extra bottom end from the HS8) and haven't looked back.

    Let me say, that I mixed in studios for many years, on Yamaha NS10's, so I may be a little biased.

    The JBL's to me, just seemed a little too polished. Great sound, but it didn't translate well on other systems.

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned already, but I was watching the Charles Mingus Revisited concert on You Tube just now, mainly because it has that crazy sax guy (Leo P) from the British subway video that went viral a while back, and what do I hear in the symphony, a freaking Gretsch guitar solo with this monster tone. Next to the guy I spot a Kemper, and I want that profile. Man, that sounds killer to me. Check it out here starts around 35:20.

    Personally, I use my KPA's master volume to get a similar effect on purpose. Maybe you don't have enough headroom in whatever you are using as a power amp. Headroom carries all the way through the signal chain, so you should check it at each stage.




    FX Loop


    Power Amp (I use a powered cab)

    Try disabling everything between the input and Power Amp, except the "Stack" section. This should give you the loudest, clearest output from your profile. Then one at a time, turn the other sections on, and note what they do to your overall level. You may find that something in the chain is drastically lowering the overall KPA volume.

    I had a similar problem for a while, and I found out it was a shorted cable in my FX loop, which was causing the problem. Once replaced, the overall volume jumped significantly. I've also had similar findings with stomps (some of which have their own volume) that for some reason had there volume set very low.

    Disabling and starting from just the Stack section should give you some ideas. If there is no problem in the signal chain, you may just need more headroom in whatever amp you are using. This way, you can turn down the KPA master, and still have enough output volume.

    Just headed over to your site to check out the latest profiles, and got the following on your homepage:

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