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    Add me to the list of satisfied users.................Great Job!!!

    Initially, I was going for the individual packs, but by the time I finished adding packs to the cart, I had most of them. So, I decided to buy the full pack, it's a better deal if you have the cash.

    One suggestion would be to add some other bundle options like:

    Original Amp Pack (Amps only, clean, crunch and dirty profiles, no pedal profiles)

    Pedal Pack (All of the profiles in which pedals were used)

    Clean Pack (Clean Amps Only)

    Crunch Pack (Crunch Profiles Only)

    Dirt Pack (All Dirt Profiles)

    Classic Rock Pack

    Metalhead Pack

    Boutique Pack

    USA Amp Pack

    UK Amp Pack

    Hello, let me preface by saying that I work for a pro audio distribution company that sells many brands, including Behringer, so I may be a little biased.

    I find that Behringer gets a really bad rap. Their current product line is very good. In the early days of Behringer, they had reliability issues, and it that bad rap was well deserved. As of this year, Behringer now offers a 3 year warranty on their product, which is better than most manufacturers.

    If money is a concern, I see nothing wrong with going with Behringer Eurolive monitors, they sound great. At our warehouse, I have Eurolive displayed next to JBL Eon's, PRX, QSC K's and KW's, Mackie SRM and Thumps, RCF ect... They stand up very well in their price range. Both in sound quality and value.

    I have access to all the different brands because of my job, and I still use Behringer 8" Eurolive powered speakers for vocal monitors in my own band. We hate lugging gear, and they are tiny, and 200w. You can put them anywhere. Not a lot of bass, but we only run vocals through them.

    On my KPA, I don't use FRFR. I could, but I prefer going KPA main outs to my ADA Microtube 200 and a 2 x12 cab wired in stereo, with the cabs locked OFF on the KPA.

    Does anybody have a list of the new rigs?
    I've imported them but I can't find them among my 1.000 rigs. I thought they would be the last ones if sorted by date but I olny found my own edited rigs there.

    Here's a screenshot of the rigs in the .rar file sent to me by schenidas

    [Blocked Image:]

    And here's a link to the file -

    Can someone upload the new rigs separately?

    I'd love to run through the new rigs, but i just got my rig count down to a respectable number, and I don't want to restore ALL the factory rigs.

    I run a similar setup with the ADA Microtube 200 into a stereo 2x12 cab. The only drawback that I see is that the Kemper only has the one monitor out (unless it's TSR stereo), so you can only do stereo using the Main outs.

    I can report that I spent yesterday downgrading my KPA firmware from 1.08 Beta to 1.04. I ran through the steps mentioned above. Didn't notice much difference, but the KPA did sound a little fatter at v1.04.

    Of course, a quick turn of the volume knob reminded me why I upgraded from v1.04. The volume settings were jumping all over the place.

    So, I upgraded back to the v1.08 release version, and all is well. The KPA does seem to have a slightly hotter output but seems a little thinner with the v1.08 firmware. It's real slight though. Could be my imagination.

    Either way, I wouldn't recommend flashing your firmware more than necessary. Firmware flashing should only be done when absolutely necessary, like a new upgrade, or if you have a problem. One wrong move, or bad timing on a power outage and you could kill your KPA.

    I've got 10 switches on my footcontroller, and that Morgan AC-20 profile is the one of the few profiles that get permanent button status. The other profiles can be voted off the controller.

    Another trick that works good, especially on high gain sounds, is to set the volume of the profile to your solo level initially, then use an effect (like the EQ) to lower the volume for rhythm. Then save the profile with the effect engaged. When the solo comes around, you disable the eq. to put the volume back at the original level.

    Kind of like boosting without actually boosting. It can help on profiles that get noisy when boosted too much.

    I have to add my thanks to you for these great profiles, and for all the hard work.

    Anyone who's profiled a single amp should appreciate the amount of work that's gone into this collection of profiles. Great job!!

    1500 profiles?.........Man I'd hate to see that set list.... :)

    Seriously, I keep 2 backups....on 2 different USB sticks. One for home another one for shows.

    The home backup has pretty much all of the available profiles on it. The gig backup only has about 50 profiles that I may want to use at a show.

    At home, I can restore the home backup and fart around. At shows, I load up just the necessities.

    Not sure if I'm just missing it, but would it be possible to get a quick link to the main Kemper website at the top of the forum page?

    Maybe have a URL spot on the Kemper logo above which takes you to the main site.

    Maybe a link directly to the Rig Exchange?

    Well I finally got around to trying my hand at profiling today. First up is my Dumble 1 x 12 combo clone built by KBP over at TGP.

    The amp is a 50w version of Dumble #183 which is a EL-34 variant. Also, I had mine built with the HRM mods and a few other tweaks.

    Signal chain was pretty basic since I did the profiling at my rehearsal space. The guitar is my PRS DGT into the KPA > KPA send > Amp Input > Eminence Tonker > CAD Trion 7000 Ribbon on the first batch of profiles and a CAD Trion 6000 condenser on the 2nd group of profiles > Eleven Rack Mic Input (all amp models and FX turned off) > Eleven Rack Main Left out > KPA return.

    All profiles were made with the same amp gain and eq settings. The only difference are the channel, and preamp boost in or out (PAB) Volume was set at the 3 o'clock position and the master was set at the 1 o'clock position. No fx or pedals were used on the amp. I added reverb and delay afterwards in the KPA

    First Batch (CAD TRION 7000 ribbon mic)

    KBP ODS "183" CLN = Clean channel (No PAB)

    KBP ODS "183" +PAB = Clean channel (PAB On)

    KBP ODS "183" CH2 = Overdrive channel (No PAB)

    KBP ODS "183" CH2PAB = Overdrive channel (PAB On)

    Second Batch (CAD TRION 6000 condenser mic)

    KBP ODS "183" CLN2 = Clean channel (No PAB)

    KBP ODS "183" +PAB2 = Clean channel (PAB On)

    KBP ODS "183" CH2A = Overdrive channel (No PAB)

    KBP ODS "183" PAB2 = Overdrive channel (PAB On)

    I normally run my KPA through my ADA microtube 200 and 2 x12 cab with Tone Tubby Ceramic and a EV -12L so I keep the cabs locked in the off position. I saved these profiles with the cabs on, so they should sound correct through a FRFR setup.

    Profiles are now up!!!

    Here a zip:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Has there been any discussion, or can anyone speak to the magnetic shielding of the KPA?

    Without sounding to nutty, could there be issues with placing the Kemper directly on top of a speaker cabinet housing two EV-12L's (Large magnet) for example?

    How about sitting the KPA on top of a 200w stereo power amp?

    I have had problems in the past, with tube amps being in close proximity to various devices, ie. speakers, poweramps, ect. I'm just wondering if that should be a consideration with the KPA?

    I've used the Kemper live, and I haven't noticed any loss in dynamics.

    Could it possibly be the PA that you plugged into?

    Many PA consoles have gates, compressors, and/or limiters on the input channels. Most are simple one knob affairs, which can wreck the tone of your Kemper if not kept in check.

    Some sound guys crank these input channel processors up by default, thinking that it will help, but it can destroy certain signals.

    If you have some great presets, that you've finely tuned, don't let the sound guy at your next gig destroy it. Ask him or her to disable input channel processors. You've already handled it in the Kemper.