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    Grabbed the DR Z profiles last night. Looking forward to trying them out tonight.

    Next step, I'd love to see amp manufacturers like DR Z bring in some of their endorsee artists to create some custom Rig/Performance packs.

    Looking forward to those DR Z Presents - Brad Paisley, Billy Gibbons, Keb Mo, Lenny Kravitz, John Oates amp/performance/fx packs.

    Thanks for the info. I can understand the developers concerns regarding this method. It could easily result in more problems than on started with. I've used this process a couple time before, fortunately, with no negative results.

    Given the choice between deleting cabs one at a time, or in one go using this method, I think I'll take my chances...

    Keep in mind that drummers have had to deal with this since the rhythm machines of the 60's, all the way through EZDrummer and BFD, and I can find no shortage of drummers. They are as relevant as ever.

    As a guitar player myself though, I welcome this new technology. I can assure you that in some stage of production for these new products, there are guitar players. There are also probably many guitar players using products like this. I'd love to have a controller like the one in the video. I'd use it for keyboard sounds, but then I guess there'd be no keyboard players either. ;-)

    I've decided that it's time to rid my KPA of some of the cabinets that I never use. My plan is to use the backup and restore method. I'll make a backup onto my USB stick, open it in my PC, delete the cabinets that I don't need, and then restore the backup, minus the cabinets. This is the fastest method that I know of, to rid my KPA of clutter. I've done this previously, and it works great. My question before doing this again,

    Are the cabinets used in browser and performance rigs, stored inside of the actual .kipr rig file, as oppose to being stored in the "Cabinets" folders?

    I'd hate to delete a cabinet that is needed for one of my rigs.

    Maybe a little wishful thinking, but the KPA does an excellent job of tracking pitch effects. It would be great if that detection could also be used to pass through midi note information to the KPA's midi out, to be used to power VST synths. Probably not the most latency efficient way, but it could be very useful.

    Today while noodling on my Kemper, I pressed the "Lock" button, while in "Browse" mode, to see if I had any modules locked. I didn't, but I noticed that the rig button lit when I pressed the "Lock" button. I could also toggle the rig button on and off while holding the lock button. Can someone tell me what this is locking?

    Have you checked the S/PDIF input level on your audio interface, or possibly in your DAW?

    Another thought would be for you to check which spdif output mode your KPA is set to. Mono, Stereo, GIT/Proc, ect.

    Do you get normal analog volume?

    The easiest way to ensure it's a new unit, is to buy it from a reputable dealer. A reputable dealer will make sure that their customers are happy, and get what they paid for. I'm sure you can find plenty of owners here who can give you advice on reputable dealers.

    I haven't played around with it. I'll try it tonight. Thought I'd ask what it does before messing with it. It is already locked (lit when the lock button is held) on my KPA.

    I was checking for locked modules on my KPA, and I noticed that the rig light was the only button lit, when the lock button was held. I also noticed that I could toggle the rig button, effectively locking the rig. I've never noticed this before. Does anyone know what locking the rig button does?

    Try lowering the master volume, and raising the volume on you JBLs. I'm not really a high gain guy, but when I'm playing a profile with too much bite, backing off the master volume and raising my amplifier volume does it for me.

    Also, If you use a volume pedal, go into the rig menu and see what position you have your volume pedal in. Pre or post can have a big effect on the gain/tone when using a volume pedal.

    If none of that works. Press the Cab button and start scrolling through different cabs. You might find one that you like better for a particular profile.

    Other that the usual items under the master menu, The first thing that I check when I have volume change strangeness, is the pedal links page, (page 5 of the system menu). On that page you can see if your KPA has any of the pedals at the zero position, for some reason. Same thing on page 3 of the rig menu, which is another place to check for a zero volume pedal problem for the particular rig.

    After the above, I would make sure that you don't have any weird volume settings saved in any of your stomp positions. A boost stomp, with a very low volume setting, for example. try turning off and on, all of the stomps used in the rig, for testing.