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    1600.00 is not unreasonable for a mint unpowered KPA. One sold recently on, for 1299.00usd. Saw another one listed for 1530.00 on The Gear Page. Brand New units can be found on for 1800.00 - 2000.00. Several on Ebay now, for 1500.00-1600.00.

    Of course, there's also a Powered head on Ebay for 4999.99 and a Powered Rack for 6999.99. Not sure what's going on there.

    I'm no expert, and I may be well off base, but my laymen s understanding is that the original studio profiles really had no way of knowing which part of a profile was amp, and which part was cab, so many guestimates calculations had to be made, when separating amp and cab. The new merged profiling process, better profiles the amp and cabinet separately, so when you go swapping amps and cabs from different profiles, you get better results. As an example, a Fender Deluxe amp with a Marshall cabinet, will sound more like what you would expect to hear from the actual amp and cabs.

    Here's a few ideas for you:

    1. Check the cables from your KPA to your power amp or speaker cab.
    2. Try disabling each module one at a time, to ensure that one of your modules is not causing the problem. Especially the loop module.
    3. If you use anything in the loop, try unplugging it temporarily, to test.
    4. Go into the Master Out section and check your output settings. Make sure that your are using the correct stereo out setting.
    5. If using a stereo effect in the loop, make sure you are using the stereo loop module in the slot, and not the mono loop module.

    Find yourself a new or used Behringer SRC2496 AD/DA Converter and plug your KPA Spdif into it, then Take the SPdif out of the SRC 2496 and plug into your audio interface. From the front panel of the SRC, you can set any sample rate that you want. I record all my projects at 96k. I keep my KPA connected at 44.1k to my sound cards SPdif at 96k. All happens in real time. No detectable latency.…nterfaces/SRC2496/p/P0141

    I run a H9Max in my KPA Loop, and between the two, I have not yet found a tone that is not achievable. It's a great combination. The delays coming to the KPA, will add even more to the possibilities. My suggestion, if you have the cash, get an H9 to go along with your KPA, you'll probably find that's all you need. FYI, the new "Sculpt" algorithm for the H9 is killer.

    One thing to consider. Systems like Bose L1, Fender Expo, Turbosound Inspire series, ect are columnar line array designs. These systems are great for covering a medium to large space with sound. Generally, they sound just as good to the person in the front row, as they do to the people in the back rows. The problem is that they don't always make for great personal monitoring systems in high volume situations or spaces where placement is a problem. If you are playing rooms where space is at a premium, and you have to stand right in front of these systems, you'll most likely have trouble hearing yourself. If your systems is also feeding the room (instead of your main P.A.), and placement is not ideal, you coulb be blocking much of the output to the audience.

    With that said, I've found that these systems do work great for medium to larger stages, where placement is not a problem, or for smaller rooms where you won't be competing with other high volume instruments. If your buddy sets up his Matrix cab right next to your line array system, you may be hearing much more of him than you do of yourself. Of course the audience will most likely be hearing more of you than they do of your buddy. That's kind of the difference in design between array systems and traditional point and shoot speakers.

    I've been chasing a similar problem recently. Seemed like the tone of many of my rigs had changed. Even during shows, many rigs seemed to have random fluctuations in tone and volume. I do think that I've finally got it resolved, and my tone has returned, though I'm not sure which change actually helped. Things that I tried:

    1. Updated the firmware to 4.05 Beta (why not. just released)
    2. Replaced a loose jack in my speaker cabinet (maybe bad connection)
    3. Re-calibrated the Expression pedals in my footcontroller (make sure I have full volume range)
    4. Switched Main Output preset to "Default"
    5. Replaced cables connecting my Eventide H9 to the KPA Fx Loop (bad cables in the loop can affect the KPA tone with loop active. My loop is always active.)

    Looks Good........I can barely get our guys to carry the PA system......... :D

    Seriously though, I thought about using the 2nd midi program change from my KPA, to send midi lighting commands to a light controller for our band. Haven't got around to trying it out yet........

    Just got into converting some of my many cabinet impulses to .kipr files, with Cab Maker. I can see this easily getting out of hand. Does anyone know if installing too many cabinets have negative effects on the KPA's performance?

    I actually try to keep my rig count fairly low, but I love trying different cabs.

    The folks at Muse had a great idea, but it never really caught on, probably for various reasons. As someone mentioned, it's hard to justify using a Muse Receptor over using a laptop on stage. The main claim for the Receptor units were reliability and ease of use, which initially was true when compared to laptops, but then laptop hardware and their operating systems became much more reliable and stable, which kind of took away the reason for having a Receptor. Couple this with the fact that many of the VST's that lived happily on laptops, didn't work so well (if at all) on the Receptor, and it was probably just a matter of time for the Receptor. Hopefully they find another outlet for their technology. In the right hardware, it would probably be a great idea.

    I use an app on my Ipad called "Setlists" , which is available in the Itunes store. Has guitar chords diagrams, and allows you to search for lyrics and import them right into the app, with manual or automatic lyric scrolling. Has Dropbox, Googledocs, itunes, and box import.

    I've had two that come to mind.....

    1. 62 Vintage Reissue Straocaster, with Kinman Woodstocks - I've spent most of my life looking for a Stratocaster that sounded like the strat sound that I hear in my head. I actually had it with my 62 VIntage Reissue Strat, but I didn't recognize it until I had sold that Strat, and started looking for another one. I have yet to find another strat that sounded like the one I sold.

    [Blocked Image:]

    2. Gretsch Spectrasonic - Traded one of my guitars for a Gretsch Spectrasonic, which I loved, but went into GAS mode for some reason and traded the Gretsch. Regretted it ever since. That guitar covered so many bases. Hope to own another one some day.......

    [Blocked Image:]

    I use the HS7 monitors in my 15 x 10 untreated room, and they are perfect. The room actually has less of an effect on my monitioring, because I generally montior at low to medium levels. Rarely at levels in which the room would have any serious effect.

    The HS8 which I also listened to before buying, had more bottom, but unless your mixing hip hop or EDM, at loud volumes, they will probably be overkill for most rooms.

    You should double check your version of RM. As mentioned, I was having similar problems. I checked the website a couple days ago, and there was a new version of RM available. Since installing it, I haven't had any RM problems. FYI. There's also a backup feature in RM, to save your RM data.