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    Two of my friends have broken rj45 sockets in their kemper racks. They still work, but they don't hold the cable tight(yes, cable and nose is ok, its the socket). This can happen when someone accidentialy pulls hard on the cable while plugged in.

    It is possible to change them. But you have to disassamble the whole unit to get to this point, and have to solder the small connectors.

    If you don't live in the US getting the spare part costs about 35€ or more, cause you only find shops in the US that sell them.


    I'm thinking about switching from Rack to Stage for rehearsal and live.

    For live use I see a little "problem":

    I got a Laptop on stage for adjusting InEar-Mixes and recording. Also it runs Rig manager so I can arrange Performances according to Setlist.

    It would be nice to do this also with the KempStage while it is already in its place. Problem: the usb cable would need to be more than 5m long (at least 7,5m, better 10m). The specs of USB 2.0 allow only cables <=5m.


    >5m does not fit the standard. But beside the theory and rules: Anyone tried yet? Any change to "break the rules?"

    Side note: yes, I could extend the length with a hub at half way. but I need the cable in one part. A hub or any technical device would only be ok at the ends of the cable.


    I want to use one of the remote switches or an external switch to make the kemper send midi signal to my x32 to (de)activate a mute group.

    I found things about "pedal to midi" with expression pedals. Is it also possible with a remote switch or external switch:?:


    We will have to wait for the Editor, to be absolutely sure...however, I would imagine that the Editor would allow you to tweak the contents of a certain Slot (for example, changing the Mids on your Clean setting), hitting "Copy", and then highlighting/selecting multiple Slot/Performances at the same time, and then selecting "Paste", then the ability to Store/Save all these changes to the selected slot/performances.

    Yes, this would be a great feature.

    I'm afraid that on the day the Editor will be released I might realise I waited for an Editor that does not help me at all.

    I hoped that maybe I missed a Video or Statement while being abstinent to the Topic.

    But as this does not seems to be, I will wait and hope.

    Thanks for the replies!

    Wouldn't the lock feature help here?

    Not realy. I could tweak the Clean profile in slot 1 and lock it, but this would mean I would have the clean sound in all slots and performances.... So it would only be an Option if there were several Options of locking (Master Lock, Lock for that Slot#, Lock for a list of Slots/Performances....)

    But yes, the locking can help a Little if I would realy start to Change many Slots without an Editor. I could lock a tweaked section, go manualy to all Slots that Need that change and store the Performance. Helps a Little, but still a lot of work.

    Bored from all the " Why don't we have an editor yet" and "Why do you need an editor at all" threads and posts I avoided all Editor threads for a long time. Can someone who is more into this topic tell me whether there is some information yet WHAT the editor will be able to do?

    In fact, I'd like to know if it will help my needs:

    For ME, I don't need the editor to not have to touch the Kemper and do the same things that I could already do on the Kemper itself.

    I need it to do things a lot faster and better than I can do it on the Kemper.

    For example:

    I got about 40 performances. One for each Song. Most of them only differ in tempo, fx status and delay settings. Profiles are mostly identical (Slot 1 Clean, 2 Crunch...)

    Let's say I think my Clean Channel might need a little more Mids. -> Load Performance, Tweak EQ, Save, Next Performance. 40 Times!

    Even Worse: Finding some nice new profiles, Try to test them in rehearsal. -> 5 Slots x 40 Performances.... Without knowing if I like to keep those profiles or want to switch back after rehearsal.

    The fact that my kind of Performance-Use makes it terrible to easy check new sounds with all the songs/performances is the reason I don't work alot on my sound. Thats sad, because I know I could get a lot more out of my loved Kemper. This is the one thing I miss from my pre-Kemper-Time. I would have tweaked a Channel on the Amp and would be ready. Of course, the Kemper still gives me more advantages than limitations.

    Does someone know whether this handling will be better with the Editor?

    Would be great to Drag/Drop Or Copy/Paste or draw down (like in excel) Profiles or FX between Performances and Slots without having to store each performance individual.

    another three years later, still can't find this option.
    As I don't find a lot of other threads about this topic It seems I might be the only one to miss something i thought should be the standard option for most players that use S/PDIF.
    Confuses me a lot.

    I guess you already tried some Profiles?
    I can not recommand a specific one. But I also use an EBow with the Kemper and I don't think it's too dificult to find a similar sound if you just browse through RE.
    Sadly only heared the video on low volume and laptopspeakers and for me it does'nt sound very special (for an ebow + distortion). Ebow+Distortion = Cello. Maybe i'd say something different if I had Headphones with me.

    Kemper specifications will tell you power requirements in watts. That becomes watt hours when you add time, where 1 watt for 1 hour is 1 watt hour. APC specifications will give you the UPS capacity in watt hours.

    So, speaking theoretically, if a particular UPS had a 50 watt hour capacity, it could run a 50 watt load for 1 hour, or a 1 watt load for 50 hours, or a 10 watt load for 5 hours...

    Best wishes,

    I read in another thread that the unpowered Kemper + remote requires 12watts. so for 2 kempers and remotes 24 watts.
    If I get it right, even the small APC BE425M would power these for more than 1.3 hours.

    does anyone know a ver small and light ups? i only need to cover <5min

    The most UPSs that i've Seen in action were APCs. So I also thought they nicht be reliable.
    It doesn't have to be rackmountable.
    The smaller and lighter the better.
    So at the Moment, i'm mostly interested about the needed specs.

    I'm touring in Ecuador with my Band in August.
    We've been there 2 years ago and on two stages we had power blackouts.
    One of the two Kempers we had always needed a few minutes to come back to live after the blackout.
    The other booted immediately (see here my old thread: KPAs different reaction to power blackout! Why do some KPAs do better than others?)

    To avoid any Problems we'd like to use an UPS.
    Mainly, it should only be "strong" enough to cover a few minutes of blackout for two unpowered Kemper + Remotes.

    Anyone who knows what I have to look for? What are the important specs I have to look at?


    I think this is mainly important for people who use the same settings with more than one Kemper.
    I Backup when I think it has been a while since the last time or when I know I did some changes in the Performances.
    When I'm working with another KPA for the next time I restore the Backup to have the same Sounds and settings on all of them.

    I often plug in my USB Drive and am not sure wether I already have restored since last Backup or not.
    In the Menu for Backup/Restore, it would be nice If the KPA would show the Date/Time I made the last Backup or Date/Time the restored Backup was made.
    There might be not so many people that would like to have this feature but on the other hand I think this can't be so hard to implement in a future firmware.