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    Finally back on my feet after loosing my job to COVID layoff. Loved the Sterling version so I had to buy its more expensive counterpart. BTW modding the Sterling with P-Rails has made this my new Swiss Army knife guitar. Cheers!

    Those are really good guitars. And P-Rails look like a great match for them. Do you find a big quality difference between the two guitars? Did they sound similar with the original pickups?

    After the most recent update, I'm seeing noticeably longer delays and switching between performances. In the past I've noticed that if I had the Kemper plugged into USB and rig manager not on, the switching times were slower like it was waiting to communicate or something. I've had a couple times when coming out of rig manager and unplugging USB, rig slots were named incorrectly giving me a scare, but after switching performances a bit, went back to normal. I haven't fully tested to see if it is mostly visual but for me there have been longer delays switching performances and rig slots than there has been from what I've seen but it's intermittent and usually the weirdest laggy activity is when I have just unplugged it from rig manager. If I just fire it up and go it seems to be pretty normal. Performance switching on front panel cross still likes to jump a number unless you peck it with a 1/128th note fingering. All in all I have noticed a difference from the last 2 years.

    Yeah, same here. It skips in Browse mode. Really annoying.

    When using effect pedals I'm always a little scared not to damage the input of the unit. I understand that we should keep unity gain when possible, as the KPA does not really have an as large dynamic range for input signals as a tube amplifier but does it hurt if for example a booster or fuzz pedal overloads the input? Or can the unique soft clipping on the input handle really strong boosted signals without damaging the components?

    Thanks very much! Will try these :)

    Haha, genius :) Just use digital emulations to get different packs. I wonder if he is the first or most of the other smaller profilers do similar cheats :) Crazy world.

    Yes I agree the deleted response was kinda weak... whatever. I have no problem with this IF IT IS CLEARLY STATED on the site. A good sound is always a good sound. If they are real amps as MrThommy said, you definitely need to document the process in more detail, so buyers can see it is the real deal. If this is not possible, then it is all digital stuff confirmed.

    Yeah The Amp Factory profiles are very good. They were kinda the first big profiler sensation in the golden days :) and since then newer profilers have stolen the spotlight somewhat. But TAF profiles are still among the best. Definitely recommended.

    MBritt profiles have a very characteristic darker tone. You either like it or you don't. I use a few, but generally I like brighter ones. I always hear the MBritt profiles really shine with live use. I don't know, I mostly just play home.

    I always recommend everyone to just browse the Rig Exchange. There are really good free profiles available.You just need to skip a few bad ones, but definitely worth it if you have some time.