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    Haha, genius :) Just use digital emulations to get different packs. I wonder if he is the first or most of the other smaller profilers do similar cheats :) Crazy world.

    Yes I agree the deleted response was kinda weak... whatever. I have no problem with this IF IT IS CLEARLY STATED on the site. A good sound is always a good sound. If they are real amps as MrThommy said, you definitely need to document the process in more detail, so buyers can see it is the real deal. If this is not possible, then it is all digital stuff confirmed.

    Yeah The Amp Factory profiles are very good. They were kinda the first big profiler sensation in the golden days :) and since then newer profilers have stolen the spotlight somewhat. But TAF profiles are still among the best. Definitely recommended.

    MBritt profiles have a very characteristic darker tone. You either like it or you don't. I use a few, but generally I like brighter ones. I always hear the MBritt profiles really shine with live use. I don't know, I mostly just play home.

    I always recommend everyone to just browse the Rig Exchange. There are really good free profiles available.You just need to skip a few bad ones, but definitely worth it if you have some time.

    I just encountered this for the first time with the latest version:

    While in browse mode, changing rigs with the arrows on the front panel of the KPA - and sometimes a short press jumps more rigs. Really strange.

    I have not read through the whole thread, just wanted to let you know I confirm a similar issue. Let me know if you need extra data. I'm happy to help.

    As I said earlier I'm also curious and competition is definitely good. I'm not a Kemper fanboy, I'm simply interested in playing the best amp emulations available. Having said that, this whole thing seems really suspicious to me. Its marketing is quite aggressive and is full of bullshit. Lets take the 2 GHz DSP for example. To my knowledge it is not really 2 GHz, it is simply a 500 Mhz quad-core chip. Of course 2 GHz looks better from a marketing standpoint. Also the neural network sounds really promising... but I'm very skeptical. Its basically a buzz-word nowadays and often there is no substance behind it. If the amp capturing part is really as groundbraking as hyped - don't you think it would make sense to demo it more thoroughly? We only heard a few samples/demos. Anyway - I hope it will be a good unit. But I do not have my hopes up, as I have also tried their plugins and... lets say I'm not impressed.

    Recently I keep using a little VST plugin on almost all of my sounds.

    Do you have any experience with it? To my ears it makes almost everything better sounding. Hard to describe, but it is some kind of saturating/sweetening plugin luckily with zero latency, so I can play with it live. Any idea what it does exactly and how could I emulate it inside the Kemper?

    Great stuff. I love your JP-Lead etc. profiles. Is there any way the backup file can be unpacked or can you transfer it directly in to the Kemepr without it changing my own profile-collection?

    You can simply load the backup in your Rig Manager software, and then you can drag-and-drop profiles into your KPA.

    Thanks djemass! Your Boogie profiles are legendary.

    I hope Kemper gets some more serious competition in the future. So far nothing comes close. A more active competition is a good thing and can theoretically push Kemper to even higher levels of quality. Just don't get fooled by marketing bullshit. Try everything first hand and decide yourself.