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    Welcome back @Geraldo7

    I'm not sure what the Guitar Summit event is, but it sounds cool. Can you explain a little?

    Nice to see one of the early guys back on the scene. You and I did alot of tips on the Midiraider and Allaccess programming troubles pre KPA Remote days. Good to have you back mate!

    Thank you for your kind words! :)

    First things first. I am a member in various forums. You name it, been there. Cubase forum, english and german., Fractal forum. Facebook guitarist community. Some unknown german forums, and last but not least hundreds of gamer sites. This forum here is by far the best because this the only place where people respect each other even if they have a different opinion. So, yes. I do miss you guys. <3 But life moves on, i have a different preamp now and well some things i have to sort out in my life. Anyway, thx to all here!

    The Guitar Summit. I remember quite well when i had met @Eltzejupp and @Guidorist at the Frankfurter Musikmesse 2016. And we all said in unison: never again! The german mag Gitarre&Bass took the chance immediately and inaugurated this new event in the wonderful location of the Rosengarten in Mannheim in 2017. After 29 years they are connected all over the world. I stood two meters from Phil X and Pete Thorn at the Mayones stand. And played a 7-string of Mayones. I have met youtuber Simon from France. Among many others. I saw Uli Jon Roth in the halls and and and. The workshop (free) with Victor Smolski with headphones was awesome. The two concert nights were brilliant. Long story short:
    If you are anywhere on the planet in 2019, get a friggin' ticket asap. cheers.

    Actually, I find the opposite is true. No one cares what rig the crappy guitar player is playing through, as his playing makes anything sound rubbish. On the other hand, everyone wants to know what the great guitar player is playing through, even though he makes anything sound good :wacko: We all want to believe that the greats have some secret that makes them sound awesome, and if only we could all be in on it, then we would sound great, too. Just not true ;(

    well, yes and yes. 8o BOTH is true. Fun facts.

    1. Sell your house and buy a dumble amp. Buy a custom PRS for 8K dollars. Do you honestly think you'll sound like Carlos? :S
    2. I have played my best solo totally off of my head with a fender squire guitar for less than 170 Euro. :love:
    3. I have recorded my best song yet (available for free on youtube, Summer Night) with a 5 year-old profile of a fractal rig. True story. :pinch::?::?:
    4. The "I want his amp, because artist so-and-so sounds so good with it" is a trap everyone of us has fallen into.
    5. Periphery mastermind Misha Mansoor makes real money only with his endorsements, because number 4 {see above} is so valid and everybody wants to sound like him, buying his (at least in the case of his guitars) overpriced stuff.
    6. Go figure!
    7. Have a nice day! 8)

    Ah, Ash! Nice 2 meet u again. I remember you well. Well, welcome back is a bit too early. Getting a second Kemper is my number 15 on my priority list atm ...
    Plus, it is only a tool. Not really important, writing music, playing in a band is more important, IMHO. If i had the money the KPA would be back yesterday, though.
    I have sold the proflied plexi too. Haha! That you keep using the profiles is nice! :thumbsup: Smoking is my nemesis, but hey i do not drink, have lost 12 kilos, i am in good shape, best ever actually. Nice 2 c u m8, maybe sooner or later here. Nice so many did not forget me.

    I was at the guitar summit. It was interesting, way better than Musikmesse Frankfurt. But no re-invention of the wheel tbh.

    Welcome back.

    Get a new girlfriend AND a new guitar ;-)

    No Guitar Summit this year - I'am on vacation

    Well I Do have a new guitar, with a Bareknuckles Juggernaut, see the main thread. And I am working on the girlfriend. :P

    Back to my first question:
    Will there be any of you guys in Mannheim for the Summit? cheers

    Haha! You have made my day! RealDoll™. 8o<3:D And yes i did not receive your birthday card, but thx so much anyway. :thumbsup: Nice to be here again, if it is only for a little while. See above. Sold my KPA. What has happenned here, everything well here and down under? Greetings

    You bet.
    Why not get a girlfriend instead?

    You mean it is cheaper to get a new girlfriend than buying expensive guitars and selling them on ebay for half the price? Seriously?
    Never thougt about it that way! :D;( I am working on the girlfriend actually, it is called tinder, what a mess, haha! <3
    Nice to see you here, m8, again. Back to topic: Is someone at the Summit?

    Yup, i sold more or less everything. Literally. ALL pedals, quite a few, sold all guitars but one. Bought new ones, sold them.
    Bought a Friedman finally. Sold it. Met Aaron Marshall from Intervals. That changed my life, most intelligent musician I had ever the privilege to meet.
    Midlife Crisis I presume.

    Hi there everybody, remember me? :P

    Is someone of you I may even know from former <3 good times in Mannheim for the Guitar Summit. I am.
    Sooner or later and if I finally win the lottery I'll be back here. For the moment i can only post in this part of the forum.
    (I have discovered fantastic profiles of Tesseract's Guitarist, sby else tested them?).
    Hope 2 c u soon. 8o

    Exactly, the best thing of the Musikmesse 2016 was meeting you two guys. So, no me i wont be there this time. cu elsewhere, i hope ...

    :thumbup: 5150 pack is great. For me worth to change some Rigs in my Gig-Performances!

    Hi there. I prepared a Jimi song for a student of mine just the other day. By coincidence some random profile of my testing of the new pack was loaded when re-starting
    my KPA for the recordings. This one:
    <<5150 Lead 2 5M>>
    I have used this profile which worked perfectly for Jimi sound 1967, with reduced gain!!!
    Once i was at it, i continued to use this one. It is always a good sign if a profile inspires you to write a new song.
    Long story short: All of the six different sounds in this file are coming of the same profile!
    Is this the best Michael profile yet? It is incredible how versatile this one mentioned profile alone is.
    Can't wait to record with it seriously, but here is the result of today i wanna share: PurpleBritt.

    Awesome work, Frank, thx a lot! :)