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    But we always had bass players in mind.


    Great to here that from you, i'm firstly a guitarist but probably like a lot of us, i'm also a bass player and the kemper interest me a lot in that way cause plugin are not so great (imo) and if the quality of bass profiles can be as good as guitar profile that would be a huge plus for the Kemper !!
    I also think that a lot of people can do a guitar amp profile cause a lot of guitarist have at least a sm57 but not a bass amp mic.

    Did someone had a good result with distorted bass profile ?

    The old noise gate is now always staying at the last setting i did (for exemple if i put it to 0.0, it will always like that even i change rigs etc...)

    Is it the same for you ? before if i had a rig stored with noise gate 5.0 or 2.4 when i was going back to that profile the gate was like it was stored, and when i touch gain ets the noise gate was automatic, now it stay always with the last setting right ?

    Thanks for that, the noise gate seems to be very good !
    The old noise gate is now always staying at the last setting i did (for exemple if i put it to 0.0, it will always like that even i change rigs etc...)

    I haven't got good listening condition for the moment so is it just me or there is so less noise now that the kemper dosen't need noisegate anymore (or so little) even with very high gain ??

    Hi, you can try the BASSAMPEG or MarkBass profiles that are in the download section.

    Personally i didn't find my bass sound for the moment especially bass sound with distortion but i'm looking forward for this cause i'm also a bass player.

    Hi, finally at home, so christophe i don't know if that respond to your answer but it's the only thing i've found about rear inputs:

    These are unbalanced analog inputs on standard 1/4” TS connectors at –10dB line level. They are parallel
    to the front-panel analog inputs, and are functional only when the front panel mic/line switch is in the “in” position


    It's not about what you prefer but about doing things right..if the front input provides the same level with guitar direct or thru the Kemper then you'll know where the problem is and that it is not the kemper ...the front panel input is the one to use need to preamp a guitar signal..And I don't see where adjusting the level is a you have 200 guitars ? just take a note of the setting for each guitar and it will take 5 seconds

    Man, I feel weird at this time, I'm clearly not a technical guy (it's why the Kemper interested from the first day) but i'm so sure that my seller told me when i bought this soundcard that it was better to record direct instruments (to use plugin next etc) to use rear input not preamped to not color the sound !! :wacko:
    I did that for years now and never had any issues so i didn't look over that !
    I've just tested the line preamped and i thing there is no noticable level difference (or very little) need to do more test but not possible until tomorrow.

    If it's normal to have this volume difference with the other input... wow so much wasting time for nothing !! X(
    When i looked to the manual after noticed this huge level difference i saw "it will carry the original guitar signal" so it was not for me, if there is a technical reason it's so over me...

    Will make more tests tomorrow and let you know about this !

    I can try the front one that implicate that i need to adjust it every time with every different guitar, really annoying especially if i don't do each takes in one day, if i'm on several project at on time (like usually) and i'll need to adjust it before each take (it's not precise), i will have some level différence etc... I can't imagine doing this every time.
    I also don't want to use the preamp of my soundcard.

    If with a 100% working kemper, the direct output must be the same or really close to direct from guitar, in my case it's not (big difference).
    I want no other thing than a normal working kemper !

    Next answer from me not until sunday night, have a great week end you all.

    What input of your soundcard do you use?
    Is there a High Z input available?

    Hi christophe, i use the line input 1 but i did the test with the 2 and there is no change.
    Sorry but i don't now what is High Z input.
    I don't want to use front input cause they are preamped.

    Even i could find an astuce i don't want to make profile with not a good (same) guitar level (my first try with the first one make saturate the amp so the profile)

    So I send a mail to the Kemper support, will see what next...

    If i make a list of person who have higher direct output on the kemper than the guitar (not normal confirm by the perfect unit of BRUNO)
    here it is:

    -Me, 2 times (black kemper)
    -mikeb (sorry for you man but thanks, i feel a bit less alone :whistling: )

    If anybody noticed an higher direct output please tell that i will report to Kemper.
    They thought it was a very rare problem (if it is i'm cursed) and if not they must take care of that for the future units that will be produced and for customers to have normal working unit.

    So now i don't know what next, will wait the support answer...
    Maybe giving up or exchange kemper until have a good one... really annoying and waste of time imo, i want to seriously begin to make music now X(

    Has Kemper customer support got anything to say about this? (Have you reported it to them yet?).

    I didn't ask them yet (i'm sure it's difficult and they are busy but i had some questions without respond...) but for the first one after asking me to do some different reset they said that:

    ok, sorry, but then I'm afraid the unit has a hardware problem and needs to get exchanged. Please contact your dealer for getting exchange.

    As a customer i always take my chance and ask for something when i get some trouble with what i buy, i've got that:

    Overall I'm confident, that generally the unit is very stable now with our latest firmware. We have little real hardware issues.
    Your case might be one of the rare exceptions.
    Unfortunately it might be wrong cause 2 Kemper for me, the mikeb one and how many have this issue and don't know about it.

    I can notice the problem is not as bad as my first Kemper but it's still to much and the fact that some of you have no difference between direct from KPA and guitar (like BRUNO) proove that is not normal.