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    Like a lot of folk here the TAF were the first profiles I bought - there'll also be the next ones I buy with the release of this last pack.
    Very best of luck to you Andy - you're a top pro and a real gent to deal with!

    Thanks for this! Came for the Helix vid but stayed for the Guitars - some great ones here.
    That Cort model with the holes caught the eye. Fuel for the tone wood debate perhaps... ;)
    The red Steel model is real looker as was that last red Tele - gorgeous!
    Interesting comparison vid - I think the Helix does a 'respectable' job here.

    I opened a thread on the Helix recently... 178 replies without any censorship so far. I think it was more the tone of the debate rather than the subject matter that got the other thread closed!
    I'm not sure what you mean by the term 'competing products'? I wasn't aware there were any ;)

    I'm sure I'll have plenty to say (possibly positive, possibly negative, probably both) but I don't think there will be much use trying to say it on this particular forum.

    Say it anyway - I enjoy reading your posts :)

    The science and the semantics of the science are a challenge to tease apart. You could even view profiling as a type of 'adaptive modelling'. The Kemper itself uses modelling for its effects.

    Lots of variations of modelling out there - I think it was TAF's Andy who mentioned the Hotone Xstomp that's about to come out with its 'Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling' (CDCM) system.
    Apparently it uses 'larger and more complex modeling algorithms'. Still, unlike the KPA this looks like a 'closed system', although there's already 300 stomps in their library. What would be interesting, and it's been mentioned, is if Kemper bought out a floor unit that used profiling solely for multiple stomp boxes - that you could place pre or post. I guess you could already do this if you had two profilers!

    With modelling you are limited to what is being modelled in the first instance. Someone else chooses the sound source. You could say that Profiling places the modelling sound source in the hands of the end user - that's part of it's genius. I don't see why modelling can't reach the same sound quality reproduction as a single profiled amp - but as a philosophy it lacks the flexibility inherent in profiling.

    Something that does irk me somewhat - and it's mentioned by Lee Anderton in the first Helix vid - are throwaway comments that the KPA is fine for single static profiles but you can't stray very far from that if you want to edit. There's definitely some quality 'tweakability' there if you want it!

    I'll leave the plastic on the rack unit and controller until I'm finished assembling the final bits... fabricating cage for wireless, so Kemper will come out of rack at least one more time... completing patch bay, waiting on Trailer Trash pedalboard and 2nd spring-loaded Mission pedal. Once everything is finally gathered and assembled the plastic peeling ceremony will commence.

    Good god - that'll be an orgy of de-plasticing. You should film that... I wonder if there's a youtube channel for this sort of thing: 'De-plasticing TV' anyone?

    I'm not so sure about your assessment. More than 10 years ago when Line 6 released the Vetta and Vetta 2 they were aiming on the highend market. The rest is history: a very long time period of re-using the very same
    technology in several versions of different devices followed without any further improvements.

    I think Brattcave is hoping that L6's (re-)entry into the high-end space will spur competitors to up their game.

    Yep - more a vague hope than an assessment :)
    Was really referring solely to the digital-amp in a box type of product (No amp/speaker - just 'sound source') as opposed to the Vetta series - I always saw them as a 'Pod with a speaker' (Probably unfairly). Didn't they use essentially the same algorithms?

    This seems to be the first 'modeller type product' from a 'big company' to enter this part of the market in recent years. I can't remember another similar sized company doing this. The Eleven rack was mid priced, the DV Mark Multiamp is now mid price and a much smaller company. I'm probably forgetting one? Anything over the £1000 (UK-centric, apologies!) mark? Must be missing one out but I can't think of it... ?(

    I wonder where the money's been spent on the Helix...The line 6 promo clips on their site have mentioned the guitar input (They state, "the highest quality guitar input you can buy") , the extensive routing, and the colour screen, + a ton of other features...but are the algorithms significantly improved? Despite it looking like an interesting product, my own personal GAS for the Helix is a little low at this point. I'm just interested in the direction being taken and what it might eventually led to.

    The thing I like about the whole premise of the Helix is that one of the bigger companies is finally aiming their sights the Kemper/Axe FX portion of the market - the more 'high end' digital gear.

    From what I've heard so far they'll line up behind those two in terms of sound quality but the interface and routing options seem impressive. It's already being marketed to high heaven and I'm sure it'll sell well.

    Hopefully that will mean more R&D into this area of the market place. So in a few years time we could have a real hard decision choosing between a Helix 2, Axe FX 3, and er... the Original Kemper ;)

    Found this on YouTube - this may develop into something interesting to follow :)

    Looks like Scott has had to rename his channel to "Toaster Tips TV" - in case anyone tries to search for Kemper TV, it's transmogrified!
    I think to commemorate his new name he should perhaps... take the plastic off his display :D
    [When I take the plastic off anything I buy it signals the moment it's here to stay. My display was plastic'd only fleetingly...]

    Time to slow down on Profiling videos and concentrate on FX videos.

    In case anyone missed it - I followed a link I got from Wolf in another thread regarding 'Kemper TV' - New YouTube channel by a chap called Scott. I think he goes by 'Utterlyguitarded' here and did a lot of good work with similar videos with the G system previously.

    Found this on YouTube - this may develop into something interesting to follow

    Regarding the Helix, looks like the rack version will follow on a little later in the UK at the same price. Making the floor system look a little better value I think...
    Just wondering how the Helix will stack up against the Fractal offering when it sees the light of day - either the AX8 or FX8.
    Liking the Helix FX, although can't say I'm hearing too much different with the modelling. Hard to tell on YouTube though.