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    I am trying to have an "infinite" sustain like the intro of With or Without You by U2 without using an ebow.
    I saw a trick on the Internet for a Boss GT-8, using the "defretter" mode to smooth the attack + a very long tap delay configured with the delay volume equivalent to main sound. I tried to do something like that using the Kemper but not very successfully ;-)

    Is there a way to have this kind of very sustained sound ?

    Cheers !

    Hi, and thanks for all your feedback !

    Here it is my decision : I will buy the GM50 (not very expensive) and start in playing live the Kemper with my current Celestion V30 cab (with cab simulation off).
    I will take the time then to test FRFR speakers, to listen if possible at Camper amp, Atomic etc. and take the time to choose the best solution for my needs.

    In any case a very instructive topic and once again, thanks to all for your kindness !!


    Uh...I found a few used "Atomic Reactor 112" (about 300e)...18W, but tube (i.e. today I play with a 20W Blackstar)
    Maybe a good choice to start ? Maybe not as good as the last version, but any feedback on this ?

    If it is not a good choice, I can put a little more (around 500e), as said ;)

    Ciao Gianfranco, grazie per la risposta !

    It seems to be a very good solution, as I will be able to buy "good" 1x12 in 2 steps (best solution for my bank account) 8o
    Do you have any suggestion about the models ?
    The Atomic Reactor Cab passive ?
    Or the Matrix CFR12 (but I am afraid the wedge "shape" would not be really adapted for my usage when I play in bars/pubs) ?

    Thanks to all of you, the forum is full of very nice and helpful people !
    Grazie !! :thumbsup:

    Ah ma sei italiano allora ? :thumbsup:

    OK I will check these speakers then. Are they ok to play in little gigs like bars or pubs ?
    We mainly play in this kind of little places (20/100 people) and I am used to directly play through my Blackstar tube head + 2x12 cab (we use the PA only for voice). Is the "wedge" type of DB speakers adapted to play like this ?

    Meanwhile (I am reading so much posts since this morning to try to understand something), I heard a lot of good feedback about the Atomic Cab :
    The passive one is about 349$ could be also a good solution linked to a Matrix GM50 ?
    And I keep the feel of a "real" guitar cab 8)

    Fine...and very wise words :thumbup:

    I am used to play "real" guitar tube amps...I must admit I am a little afraid about changing to a FRFR (stupid old school guitarist considerations) :D
    But I read a lot of very good comments, it must be very adapted then...

    Do you have any advice of an FRFR around 300/500e (I listen very good comments on RCF NX12...but unfortunately I do not have the budget). In this case no need of GM50 right (I have not ordered yet the gear) ?

    Hi Jimmy and many thanks for your feedback.
    Sorry for my ignorance...but what is a "thiele" cab ? I tried to google the word, but I cqnnot understand if it is an home made cab or a model...
    Moreover, do you have any idea of the speaker Tube-Town put in it ?

    I am in South of France, unfortunately I have not planned to go to Germany in the coming days :D

    Hi guys,

    I need some advice for a custom 2x12 setup. I am a KPA new user (bought it last week !) and I would like to replace my gear then.
    So far, I have a Blackstar HT-20 head + 2x12 cab equipped with Celestion V30 speakers.

    I plan to order the Matrix GM50, which seems to be a very efficient solution to power the 2x12 cab without coloring the sound (waiting for the module to put in the back of KPA).
    Nevertheless, I want to take advantage of KPA cab simulations and I am analyzing the possibility to change the V30 speakers to a more "FRFR-like" speaker, like the Eminence Beta-12LTA Full Range 12" speaker.

    Or maybe is it better to sell the 2x12 and buy something like EV ELX112 (300e) ? In this case could I buy just one piece to start or I must buy a pair (sorry for the silly question...but not so easy when you have no skills on this) ? :rolleyes:

    Any thoughts / suggestions very much appreciated !!


    Thanks for your reply. I guess you plug the FS-6 on the switch / pedal inputs of the Kemper.
    You do not use any expression pedal then (volume, wha or something to modulate gain, etc.) ?


    have you bought the Midi Moose then ? I am also looking for a small and easy midi pedalboard to associate to KPA for live gig.
    Nevetheless, I am afraid not to have the possibility to activate/deactivate the stomps (like a phaser for solos, etc.).
    That is why I am still hesitating with a Rocktron board.

    If you bought it, do you have any feedback about the usage ?


    So far i have purchased the Morgan, Plexi and Divided.
    They all sound good but the the Morgan is definitely one of my favorite profile ever.
    All these profiles do make me wanna a buy a White Light pedal !
    Thought, i am not a big fan of the TC DM.

    dumb question: is it ok to rename the .kipr file before loading it into the kemper or do i have to rename everything from the kemper.