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    When a rig is loaded it always starts in its unmorphed state, right?

    What is the idea behind this?

    The Wah pedal does not do that. It reflects the actual position of the pedal. When the pedal is half pressed and I load a rig with wah, the wah starts in it's "middle" position.
    I find it quite disturbing that the morphing does not reflect (at first) the pedal position.
    When I have morphed the gain from low to high and I load this rig while my pedal is half pressed, I would assume the gain to be in a mid position.

    Is there a way around this?


    What I did is: I made a slight change in the rig and then stored (replaced) it again on the kemper.
    This made rig manager update its list and now everything is fine again.

    In "Rig Manager" on the left there is "MyProfiler", where all currently loaded rigs show up.

    I have one entry that is apparently faulty. When I click on it, the profiler crashes and I get this message:

    The rig in question runs fine on the kemper.
    Can I somehow refresh the list in rig manager?

    Maybe a stupid question:

    I have different guitars with different output.
    For each guitar I wrote down the input clean and distortion sense values. When I use a certain guitar for a gig, I adjust these values.
    But now with the new FW they are labelled in db.
    Can somebody tell me how much db a former +2.0 or -2.5 is?
    I cannot even recall how it was labelled before. Clean from 0 to 5 and Dist from -3 to +3 ??

    Many thanks!

    The output impedance of the headphone does not matter for sound quality.
    It is a little power amp output, where the impedance is chosen as low as possible.
    You don't have to look for a certain ratio of impedances.

    They say that headphones with higher ohms are a little bit better in sound quality for construction reasons.

    I have the Beyerdynamic DT 770 with 80 ohm. It is a good compromise for me: On the kemper it is very loud. And it is still good for use on a computer or iPhone (where the 600 ohm version would be useless (almost silent)).

    Yes, you can.

    The FCB1010 is preprogrammed to send CC#7 from the (left) pedal A and CC#14 from pedal B.

    The Kemper listens for Volume to CC#7, so the left pedal should work as soon as you connect it to the Kemper.

    For the right pedal to work as a wah pedal you have to program the FCB to send CC#1 cause this is what the Kemper expects.
    Read the FCB manual on how to do that. It is simple, but quite tedious, because you can't set this globally. You have to do this for every preset.

    hope this helps

    The reference manual reads:

    The two expression pedal destinations can also be played by MIDI controllers. Pedal 1 (Wah Pedal) responds to MIDI controller #1 (Modulation Wheel). Pedal 2 (Volume Pedal) responds to MIDI controller #7 (Channel Volume).

    Can I change those numbers in the KPA? (and if yes, how?)

    You' re right.
    I stand corrected.

    I thought it would be different controlling the volume via midi by connecting to the midi in, than to actually connect a pedal to the pedal input. But it's not.

    No, because the exp pedal is a separate volume, not one of the volume controls on the front panel. Is like an extra FX that can be assigned pre/post-stomps or pre/post-FX

    I don' think so. My pedal is not a separate volume, but it is a controller that controls the volume on the front panel via midi.

    When I use the pedal for switching an fx on and off, then it does affect the LED of the effect.

    By the way, I run my guitar into the GK IN of the GR55, then out the (modified (thanks a million to musicman65!)) Guitar Out and into the Input of the kemper.

    This way, I play only the Kemper and can control it via midi from the GR55.

    Then with another cable I connect the GR55 OUTPUT to the Kemper Return Input.
    When I want to use a synth sound from the GR55, I choose a rig on the kemper where I loaded the Loop in the X-slot and set the Mix to 100%. This way I play only the GR55.
    (You can blend the Kemper and the GR55 by setting the Mix lower)


    for the modified Guitar Out)

    Here's a walktrough of what I did to use the GR-55 to control the kemper via midi:

    On the GR55 (once):
    Edit -> System (tab) -> MIDI/USB -> GTR-MIDI (tab) ->
    - CTL PDL CC 24
    - EXP PDL CC 1
    - GK VOL CC 7

    On the GR55 (for every Patch):

    Edit -> Master (tab) -> Pedal/GK CTL -> CTL (tab) -> CTL Function LED TOGGLE

    On the Kemper (for every rig):
    System -> Page 4:
    - Pedal 1 Expression (Wah)
    - Pedal 2 Expression (Volume)
    System -> Page 5: assign a PC number for this rig

    Unfortunately you can't send a MIDI command with the EXP Switch of the GR55.
    That's why I use the CTL pedal to send CC 24. This turns on the MOD in the kemper (in which I loaded a wah) and I can use the wah with the EXP pedal.

    And unfortunately, these CC assigns in the GR55 are systemwide, so I can't use the EXP pedal on one patch as volume and on another as wah.
    That's why I set the GK VOL CC to 7, so I can control the volume with the GK knob on my guitar.

    I hope this is of some help for someone.

    I'm still in the learning process. But as far as sending PC from the three pedals and sending CC from the control and expression pedals was quite easy.
    I'm not at home now, I can write you later the details.

    But first you have to set up the kemper to listen to midi.
    Select a rig and go to System page 2 or 3 and assign a number to the rig. And on page 4 set pedal 2 to expression or what you want.
    On the GR55 you have to change the midi channel to the ones the kemper listens to (I think 1 and 7 for the expression pedal Wah or Volume). (Somewhere in the system tab)

    Maybe this helps. Otherwise I'll be back home in a few hours.