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    That was really enjoyable to llisten to. It was like a modern day symphony. You really are talented as far as meshing different sounds together to put forward a beautiful overarching idea. Keep it up and keep sharing!

    +1, i've listened to it a few times already :)

    I agree wholeheartedly with "what could be improved" points 2, 3 and 4. :thumbsup:


    I've had it for only a week and can already agree with 2, 3. Don't really care too much for #1, would be nice to have more though, but I have so any effects units and pedals for my real amps that it doesn't bother me too much :)

    It would be really cool if you can profile a stomp box or effects unit though :) That would be insane

    4 is a good point, I still have no idea what I'm doing when making profiles, surprised at the outcome though.

    Hm, really? Not for me to be honest. While I really like this profile very much clean as it is, I seem to have some problems once I either turn up the gain or add a dist or boost (e.g. Green Scream) in front of it. Both introduces some nasty distortion (sounds a bit like digital clipping although all LEDs stay green).


    I would have to agree with Markus, the amp was profiled clean and I am not a big fan of how it comes out if you turn the gain up. Have you tried messing with the input sense levels? I am going to profile the lead channel in a few days :)


    Thanks! I really like the colossus. It sounds way different once you remove all the "effects" equalization etc. I see uses for it with the effects on and off so good deal!

    I didn't realize you could achieve this, but the scooped effect of the EQ is really accented by the green scream. I'm not much of an effect guy, but great way to really accent this amp!

    Yeah definitely try both ways! I think some of the effects were from another patch (Ola's I think) I only spent about 10 minutes tweaking mine and haven't refined the profile yet, just messed around and got it sounding close to what I wanted and just stuck with it :)

    What's cool with the Kemper is this was done without miccing a cabinet, was just the hotplate set to load, line out into the Kemper, using a Till cab. Probably one of the best low volume solutions I have found yet.

    Just added my YJM100, this was done with hotplate out into the Kemper. Jumpered inputs, most controls at noon, bass at 1:00, volume at 9:00 for both 1 & 2. Power scaling at 10:00.

    Props to Tills again for the awesome cab, using his 1960 cab.

    I tweaked for more of a "brown sound" type thing going on. Can get Yngwie easily if you switch out the stomp for something more like a DOD. Check it out! Added stomps for PHA/FLA and sauced up to the max :P . Recorded and tweaked in less than 15minutes.. can be tweaked a lot to fit your needs but I was having more fun playing than tweaking this thing! I'll leave it up to you guys to tweak it. :thumbsup:

    Uploaded a tweaked version (V2) on my take of what a marshall plexi using a lot of poweramp breakup sounds and feels like.

    Also for reference, I am running the Kemper into my Studio monitors (HS80M). Played through my American Deluxe Strat (HSS) - Dimarzio Cruiser in neck/mid, Dimarzio AT-1 in bridge. To me the sound is great through my monitors, YMMV.

    Will - bravo! I love this all honesty, the price of the Kemper is worth this profile alone. So friggin' METAL..and super expressive!!!

    GREAT JOB. Very "tweak-able" as well...

    Keep those profiles coming...this one is a keeper for sure.

    :thumbsup: Glad you dig it! I hopefully will be able to get a properly micced profile done in a couple of weeks.

    Will try to get ch. 4 up soon, that one has a bit more upper mid voicing and sings for leads. Ch. 3 on my Colossus is lowmid and just brutal!

    Tried doing a DI profile of my Rhodes Colossus. Fined tuned for Drop C-tuning. This is ch. 3, fat engaged, profiled using the DI out from my hotplate into the Kemper. Not sure if I am doing this 100% correct but it came out pretty cool to me :)

    Cab is a Tills Recto, props to Tills for some killer cabs!

    On the rig exchange, let me know what you think! Any tips on doing DI profiles?


    Hi All,

    Finally had a free day today to "try" and profile my Two Rock custom Reverb Signature V1. This is the 50w head, reverb off, settings around noon, bright off, mid on, deep off, EQ1, Gain 1:00, Master at 3:00, Loop volume at around 9:00, presence noon. Going through a 1x12 Two Rock open back cabinet loaded with the Two Rock 65 speaker. Sm57 close miced.

    This is my first attempt and I don't even know how to properly record a cab so any comment/suggestions to make it better would be great! Let me know what you guys think! I tried the lead channel but it's way too loud for my apt, planning to rent some rehearsal space in a few weeks to profile my other amplifiers, planning on doing it at Sound Matrix Studio so if anyone is in the Orange County, CA and is good at micing cabinets let me know and we can properly get these recorded!

    Also to state the obvious it's on the rig exchange.. :) Hmm, I totally forgot about setting the Stomps/Effects so disregard any settings and ones that get enabled.. maybe i'll tweak the patch first and reupload?

    **EDIT JUST DELETED IT, reuploading in 10mins!



    I just upgraded to 1.0.7 today, and held the System on start up, a message come up on screen "Initializing Global Settings" and Monitor Out is Not working either, but I don't need it anyways at the moment, so I'll wait for new firmware to fix it, all other outputs are fine, don't know if it's working for anyone else.

    Thanks, glad to know it's not just me. I'll just run it through my monitors tonight and test my poweramp with something else in the meantime :)

    You may first want to check "Master" button to see if the setting is right. If you have already done so, you may try resetting KPA. When my S/PDIF out had no sound after upgrading FW to 1.0.7, the resetting it as instructed by the support fixed the issue. Here's how I did reset: (1) press and hold "AMPLIFIER" and "CABINET" button while powering up by turning the chicken head knob to "PROFILER". (2) Hold the buttons until I see "Initializing...". I did not lose the profiles or rigs, but I did lose the MIDI assignment. You may want to make a backup before doing this. If this resetting ever fixes your issue, do not restore the backup directly, because it will reload the setting that caused the issue. -Jake

    I'll give this a try tonight. Thanks!