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    On any particular rig where I want a Wah, I have saved the Rig with the Wah effect 'ON', however the effect doesn't actually turn on until I touch the expression pedal. Go into Wah Edit mode and set the Pedal Mode on screen 2 of 3 to "Bypass @ Stop".

    The only other wah pedal that had this 'auto on/off' feature, that I'm aware of is the Ibanez Weeping Demon :)

    Best advice I can give you is to sell the wah, buy the mission pedal or something ASAP (honestly, even the FCB1010 pedals are fine with me even if the "feel" is different than my old wah...and then you'd have a pedal board) and never look back. You're 'bypassed' tone will thank you (shorter cable run with no pedal in front, no tone suck...ever, complete flexibility between wah sounds).


    I also love the fact the the wah turns 'on' as soon as you start rocking the expression pedal, turns 'off' when you stop. Likewise, I use the wah quite a bit more now.

    Great thread and suggestions...the ones I've read and highly recommend (all good reads, quite interesting and entertaining)

    - Scar Tissue (Anthony Kiedis)
    - Slash
    - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Caught In The Crossfire (older but great nonetheless)
    - The Dirt - couldn't believe some of the stuff I was reading :D
    - Heroin Diaries - was OK, preferred The Dirt
    - Red - Sammy Hagar (interesting insight into VH and Sammy)
    - Ozzy
    - Mustaine
    - How Black was our Sabbath - Unauthorized View from the Crew
    - Heavier Than Heaven - Kurt Cobain Autobiography

    Over the holidays I'd like to tackle Iommi and Neil Young (Waging Heavy Peace), would also like to read the Keith Richards one.

    For those that don't like to read or are driving, some of these are available as audiobooks, great for long road trips, as long as no kids in the car :)

    I think if you put a studio monitor in a room like a PA speaker would be used, it would not be as nice sounding. Studio Monitors are also called "Near Field Monitors". The sweet spot is close up. PA Speakers are "long throw" speakers. Perhaps someone else can explain the differences better.


    From what I've read here and other forums, the Atomic CLR is supposedly the closest thing to a studio monitor you'll get in a PA type speaker/enclosure. Still on the waiting list to get mine.

    +1 for FCB1010 with UnO4Kemper

    Picked up a used FCB1010 for $90 and installed the UnO. With the UnO, there's virtually no midi programming required, but you can customize various effect slots etc. which is pretty simple with the UnO manual provided.

    Hey Raoul, I'm not sure which harmony part you mean in the song?

    During the guitar solo, it is a delay effect that generates the harmony effect. Try quarter note regeneration with 1 repeat.

    I believe the song in in the Key of D (A Mixolydian), but it switches keys during the guitar solo to C# minor (E major)

    Let me know if you need more info...


    In each case (IMHO) the whammy performs with less latency (some of the KPA sounds like a short delay is engaged) and more stability to the shifted notes

    Will, thanks for doing the comparison. I've had similar experience with my WhammyDT. Although, I really like what Kemper has done for a first go at Pitch Shifting, I prefer my WhammyDT for shifting up/down (transpose)/octaver functions. I have also had a whammy product of some type since they were first introduced, with the WhammyDT being my favourite :thumbsup:

    The FCB1010 is dirt cheap in the used market, picked one up locally for $90. At first it is a bit overwhelming but it is not that bad. I use the Ripwerx editor and it works great. I also have the Uno chip, but according to the tutorial that Kemper posted, it seems you don't even need the Uno to control the Stomp on/off. Link to Ripwerx is here