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    I am looking to sell my Kemper Powered Toaster in Black. Comes with original box packaging as well as accessories and inserts. It is in excellent condition and works perfectly. Never registered with Kemper and only lightly used. Asking $1,800 paypal'ed and shipped. No trades please.


    I am selling a Kemper Remote that is brand new in the box never opened. I bought the remote bundled with the toaster (which I love) but I don't need a foot switch now as I moved the Kemper to my working desk. I am asking $575 paypal'ed and shipped. No trades please. Thanks!

    I look at tone and gear as if I am a full-time musician. I spend top dollar to get the absolute best of all gear. I spend tons of time working on music. However, I am not a professional musician anymore. I am a husband, father and professional. My "true" needs are therefore somewhat different than my "aspirational" needs. I need a simple interface (all important controls easily gotten to), small footprint (small box that is fully functional without a footcontroller), as cheap as I can get, getting as good a tone as possible as fast as possible; all while not sacrificing tone and feel. After tons of A/B back and forth and going nuts, I realized the strengths of the KPA seemed more in line with my needs.

    Talk to me next week and it will be different. I hope that none of this is taken as a knock against either of the products. The fact that the decision was so hard is testament to what a truly sensational job these companies have done.

    That's weird.
    I assume you could delete them manually, but before you do you should make a backup and send it to support opening a ticket.

    Thanks, deleting 120 profiles one by one is quite time consuming. Wish there was a way to multi-select profiles right on the KPA.

    So in case anyone here still cares, I will be bothering you guys on this board for some time to come :). I went with the KPA for various reasons and now that that's over I can get back to just enjoying playing music.

    The first 120 or so profiles in my kemper are empty and don't seem to correspond to anything. They just show as blank spaces in the browser and are counted in the total number of rigs on the KPA itself. The rig manager though doesn't see them at all and shows the proper total number of rigs. Any idea what caused these in the first place or how I get rid of them?


    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. This is really a great community. But I have to say, I may not be back for good. This is really a horse race between these two boxes!. Ugh, I wish it was easier. Just when I think I have made my decision, something seems to change.

    Lol Hoth, I'm back too :D
    Sold all my II rig, my CLR was returned because UPS scraped it up. I've been playing primarily acoustic gigs but just picked up a number of full band shows. Tried a real JVM, pretty nice but needed work, Bogner Atma, very cool a little small sounding and then a Shiva - incredible cleans, overdrive solid but not perfect but way too big and heavy to cart. Plan is to profile the crap out of Shiva and JVM and have it all while using the CLR, will see ;)

    I think you're a pathological modeler switcher. I hope you're better with women :P. I played the KPA for a long time last night. I have to say it was really fun and the feel was superb. There are definitely aspects of the AFXII that I will miss but I have to say that there are certain things in the KPA that seem better. I won't go into detail lest I start a flame war.

    The great people in this community are a big plus in coming back to the KPA. So I just got my KPA and have been playing it for a few hours now. It's great. There are definitely pros and cons to each modeler but the sounds of the KPA haven't changed and that's nice. It's like slipping back into one of your well-worn shoes.

    I went with the black toaster. I thought a lot about the rack but I think the toaster fits better for my needs (small space and portability) better than the rack. I just feel sol lucky that we have such great equipment out there these days that we can bounce back and forth between top quality modelers depending on our current needs. That's why all the fights about which modeler is best are so silly. I'm sure I'll get razzed by certain people on TGP but anyone who bases such an important decision as their musical equipment solely on the opinions of others deserves what they get.

    I also have to say that it's nice that I can have And44's great work no matter which modeler I'm using. That's a big plus.

    So I have been without a Kemper for a little over a year now. I have really been enjoying my AxeFX II so I cannot say anything bad about it. However, in the interest of workflow, pulling out cash and simplifying a few things, I a coming back to Kemper. I look forward to interacting again with the many great members of this community and contirbuting in some small way. See you around!

    I am selling a Gordius Little Giant 2 that is in near perfect condition. Comes with original box, power adapter and 30 foot bidirectional 7-pin midi cable. This midi footswitch is perfect for modelers like the Axe and KPA. It is incredibly powerful and the customer service is second to none. I am asking $675 paypal'ed and shipped. No trades please. Thanks for looking!

    so based on the lack of response is it safe to say that no one else has verified, cares or has not noticed any differences in that range? If so are there things/tricks incorporated into the profile before or after profiling to compensate?

    I would put myself in the "not care/not noticed" categories but I completely applaud and support tgs' efforts to identify an issue, scientifically test it and then bring it in a calm manner to kemper in order to make the KPA as accurate as possible for all of us.

    I am still getting formatting errors and have lost a number of long posts because of problems with internet explorer compatibility. Half the time I post with internet explorer, I get the error "The data you have entered are invalid. Please check the information you have given in the marked fields." This does not happen with chrome or firefox. Can this be fixed?


    That's a good point. When I listen to the Kemper against recorded albums or when I hear an amp on its own on YouTube, more often than not I dont think the Kemper is too trebly.