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    any love for the ToneKing Metro? or is it just me that adores that amp :)

    Love the Metro Lead profile! The profile has chime and bite that has been impossible for me to find before the KPA. This profile is also really dynamic and I control it with only the guitar's volume knob. This is another excellent pack.

    I would just caution that these "then don't hold it that way" comments are not particularly helpful and have really hurt the reputations of other companies. Granted the comments from the other companies came from their owners and you would rarely hear CK saying something like that.

    Update: By the way, I updated to 1.5.1 without any problems where the previous update broke my KPA. So kudos to Kemper for fixing the problem quickly but that issue likely should not have happened in the first place.

    I have no issues with latency or feel.

    HD280s are now my backup phones and really only used when I need isolation. I have a pair of Audio Technica cans, not even a high end pair (IIRC they were around $60), that I like way, way more. Honestly, the AT cans do not leave me wanting tonally. I wish the cups were a bit bigger though and they had better isolation then I could just get rid of the HD280s.

    I actually have problems with most of my cans taking the signal directly through the headphone out. Might be impedence issues since I get a really trebly icepicky sound no matter what profile I use that way. I usually monitor from the direct out into a $99 mackie minimixer (which also gives me the flexibility in signal routing post KPA). Sounds magical.

    Edit: By the way, glad you are taking this journey with us. There's a nice little group of folks from TGP here and you would be a great addition to the group :thumbup:.

    You have some nice amps but your prices are really high compared to Andy. If your prices were the same as his I'd buy some of your profiles.

    i cannot comment on whether the price is good or not as each person has to make that decision for themselves. What I can say is that every one of Armin's sets are fantastic and these two latest amps are superb. Some of the best tweed type profiles out there IMHO. What the KPA can do with a vintage fender amp I don't think any other modelers can touch - especially when someone as skilled as Armin is spending the care and time in profiling them. Remember, for those with the full set 2, you could get the Harvard and Deluxe '52 profiles basically for $10 each.

    Look forward to seeing those profiles on the exchange ;). Sounds like the Neve output could be clipping the Kemper input. Have you tried turning down the Neve?

    I havent upgraded yet, because I'm wondering if it has anything to do with having lot's of rigs on the unit, if that's the case i'm in trouble.. :) Just haven't had the time to clean up all the unwanted profiles yet, curious if you guys who had trouble have a lot of rigs?

    Guilty as charged. I have lots and lots of rigs (probably around 1500 rigs). It has never really been an issue until now and even now it wasn't a big deal since they're back on my KPA after the update :D.

    The method that worked for the others worked for me too (i.e., downgrade to 1.1.1 > delete all rigs > update to 1.5 > add rigs back). So anyone with issues upgrading should try this. Everything working great now.

    Mine gave the green screen software error also after I loaded up 1.5. I will try to put 1.1.1 back on, clean things up and try again. I will report back later if I can get up and running again but seems like a fair percentage of people *on here* with issues.

    Update1: I was able to downgrade easily with the instructions on Armin's site. Thanks Armin. I booted from the USB and had it burn 1.1.1 back with no issue. I tried going straight to 1.5 again but same issue. So now I am downgrading and then erasing the profiles before trying the upgrade again as maybe that is the issue like people are saying.

    These are great profiles which do a fantastic job of representing these classic amps. The AC30 profiles especially are special profiles that I think most people would love. The amp is well-tuned, sings like an AC30 should and has this great TB bite to it. The Bassman has fantastic clarity and raunch which I think are especially suited for blues but also gives nice big cleans.

    I always sense there is a little aversion in the forums to paid profiles. I can understand people's caution, but the quality and the comprehensive nature of the commercial profiles make them a great addition to the community on top of all the amazing free profiles we have. I am glad we have a separate section now and people can then decide on their own if they want to be exposed to the paid profiles. But IMHO I give a :thumbup: to everyone who contributes to the community in any way.

    When we fulfill every single wish for new parameters the Profiler would become a "parameter grove".
    I don't want to add parameters that are usefull for 10% of the users, while the other 90% will step over it.
    Then people will say, it's a very deep device and complicated to handle.
    In the end, that's a downside.

    I hear ya CK and I appreciate your perspective. Like I said, it's not a big deal for me because I realized that I can put in a graphic eq into the Mod slot and lock it with a treble and presence drop so I get the same functionality as the Master/Direct eq on every profile that I bring up. I rarely use that slot so it's no big loss for me. That "lock" ability is a really powerful function. Heck, I guess I don't need the little outboard mixer anymore since I can use the loop input as an 'aux in' too. Happy day.

    The KPA is a simple paradigm but we shouldn't be fooled into thinking that simplicity means it's not powerful. There are lots of ways to skin a cat and I have found that the vast majority of issues I have had were my fault, e.g., not using all the tools the KPA gives me or expecting it to work exactly the way that I personally want.

    I appreciate you looking out for the user experience being thoughtful about the KPA's evolution.

    Really happy to follow this thread and your progression from Kemper baby to full grown man. I also am a former Axe Standard and II user. I have nothing but respect for the Axe and what Cliff has created. But these days the KPA is my goto. It just works. Period. I was a bit frustrated with some things at first because I was stuck in the Axe paradigm. Once I let go of the tweaking and realized good tone did not require the complexity of the Axe patches I was building, it just clicked.

    I have at least 100 profiles that I love. Not just dig, but LOVE. There are another few hundred that are just plain superb. A lot of them come from And44 but lots also come from regular old folks just posting free amps on the exchange. The KPA is a great box with a great community and team behind it. I wish you lots of luck on your journey.