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    Just got the Tone King Galaxy set - these profiles are AMAZING!
    Best clean and crunch sound I've ever played..

    I feel your profiles is getting even better every time - maybe it's just me falling in love with your work once again.
    Thank you so much for doing this :thumbup:

    "Quote button didnt work"..

    What I dont like about the internal fuzz-effect, is that I find it way to distorted. I am having a difficult time trying to roll back volume making it clean up, even when drive is on 0. What I keep wondering about, is weather this happens because of the internal effects character, or because the Kemper just handles fuzz this way.

    I am pretty shure that my Kemper handles my external tubescreamer effects just like any real tube amp, so I keep thinking it must be likewise for fuzz?

    Does a real fuzz pedal in front of kemper soun anything like the internal fuzz effect?
    ..cause I really dont like the modelled fuzz effect in stomp box section :pinch:

    See the Link in the first post :)
    added a few porn pics for you to glare at.. these are all pre-studio - in the only bit of good light I get in my home!. (Yeah yeah I live in london, I get it.. its always dark!)

    Excelent! Now i gotta have em all ;)

    Edit: No way! You did the Evil Robot! I'm a growing Phil X fan, so I've been waiting on this one. Awesome!

    If this was posible, my 11.000 d.Kr. Kemper machine would be worthless ;)

    Edit: Being able to upload a short audio clip on with the profile on Rig Exchange would be a fantastic idea though!

    I was experimenting with a new rendering software today, to see if I could make a proper audio-video sync.
    I made a couple of test videos, to see how well it would fit a youtube upload - it came out pretty well IMO.

    Now I thought I would link it to you guys, as a heads up for those of you who haven't tried the profiles by the user "And44".
    This guy shoots some VERY nice profiles indeed - check it out (he now also has a paysite).

    Also, if some of you are wondering how good the Kemper sounds through a cheap Audio interface, this might be a fair guideline.
    I used a "Focusrite Scarlett 2i2" - costs approximately 1000 danish kroner, which is around 160 USD i guess..

    Enjoy :)

    Test 1
    Test 2 (multitrack - only lead guitar is through Kemper)


    Your profiles has been more than worth paying for until now, so I feel that it is only fair to pay off just a bit..
    I'll try out a package right away..

    One hint: You should really take some nice pictures of the profiled amps to go with the profiles.
    It would sell a lot better.. Also, it would be great with some audio clips - but someone has already mentioned that

    If I understand the feature correctly - the Kemper does not know what part of the sound comes from the cab, and whats colored by the amp. It can guess though, how the amp would sound without the cabinet, and how the cabinet colors the sound, and separate the two..

    Someone once wrote on this forum, that he found all the clean amps sound the same, if you disable other features from the different rigs, and that he found this very disturbing. The response was, that as the Kemper has to guess every time you split a profiled rig, the further you edit a profile the more "incorrect" the sound will be - according to the reference setup..

    Hi there :) .

    I searched the Rig Exchange and found a very nice profile of the "Evil Robot"..
    I like it a lot, but it would be so awesome if the author, or anyone who has this amp, would make a profile of the amp with some gain?
    Phil X makes it sound so nice when he uses it for classic rock licks and stuff, check it out:

    The author in the Rig Exchange is labeled "Andertons", but I don't know if the Profiler has misunderstood this data-slot, as I think the producers of the amp is called "Andertons" :P .

    Anyway - if you're out there, and got a minute :) . For anyone who passes this thread - check the profile out. It is a great clean profile, and its good with drive pedals.

    If you "format" the Kemper, all rigs/cabs/effects/etc will disappear right?

    I read somewhere, that it's fairly easy to get back all the factory presets, but is there any way that I can clean my Kemper and then only restore the factory stomps and effects?

    ..And can you extract profiles from the edited backup file (-kpabackup > .tar) to a "shared folder" and then import succesfully, or is it not possible to extract and edit data this way at all? I did understand that you can not change the file-name back to ".kpabackup" and then restore from this..

    I use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - 2 inputs and 2 outputs => exactly what i need..
    I record in Ableton live 8 because it came with the Audio Interface..

    I believe this is a true "value for money" product :) .