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    You're getting deeper and deeper Renaud,

    Thx Mud' , Unknown has 5 stereo layers of guitar on some parts , naturally doubled that makes 10 tracks on the guitar alone , but with the right profiles and post EQ presets on my DAW that was easy to mix, thx to glorious KPA clarity and usage of P90.

    And yeah, not a single synth or VST on these tracks , all pads are ionosphere :)

    Hi, I've been super busy recording some tracks with my singer Lee Rice and we're still working the vocals out.

    Anyway all instruments went thru KPA & I made large use of the ionosphere verbs on these atmospheric tracks ( choirs tones and pads )

    Supro profiles ( rigex ones ) also got lots of usage here.

    Enjoy !



    All of these are inexpensive instruments , under 300€ : the hofner is a good asian make (2nd hand) and not the original , but the feel & tone is there. The folk was a trade with a sub 250€ non piezzo vintage yamaha folk.

    I used amp compression only (from the amp profile param) , and a slight tad of chorus on my track, but I had to play it right not to sound piezzo plastic.

    I have to buy Bert acoustic pack to explore new tones on my folk, I'm pretty sure that bert's experience in making his acoustic profiles is invaluable .

    but you're right , to make the hofner sound 60's it's more of a playing style and choice of profile, I remember muting the strings with my left hand while playing the bass.

    I use the Kemper mainly because of it's spdif out.

    My folk also has an internal fishman , so it's pretty plug and play for me , very convenient, no need to mike. I used to hate piezo tones heard on records & live , but it turned out really great on my KPA.

    I use most only console preamp like you do ( UAD , neve , chandler and baldringer profiles ) for folk , voices , bass

    slight compression and great verbs , noise gate all these come from KPA.

    A demo of my folk tone with the balringer here ( comp, verb, natural doubling )

    regarding the bass, we have similar tastes I guess, I bought the Hofner for it's Air & 60's Gainsbourg tones ;) . I can confirm that using the right bass gives you that vintage feel & tone , but note that I also use wound strings.

    set the level on the boost as low as possible and adjust clean & dist sense , save the input preset and store it for next time you plug the boost

    remember that input settings can be saved on a rig , or locked for all rigs.

    you could also use the dist loop stomp and adjust the internal setting once you've put the suhh into a record send loop

    C'est celle que j'ai acheté d'occase , une 6i6 , excellente carte , même s'il faut une alim externe.

    J'ai aussi utilisé une quad capture de roland en spdiff (sans alim donc plus transportable ) , c'était très bien.

    I like the mood , sounds a bit like our great french mellow band 'Air'

    Mixing acoustics vs electric bass is not an easy task , I'm struggling myself with my latest project , the jazz bass is too full, I have to revert to the hofner & wound round strings.

    a new PU neck position with

    aggressive and scratchy sound

    Neck PU & aggressive are opposite to me , when I need an aggressive and scratchy sound I always use a bridge PU & most often a p90 that really shine there with ultimate brightness vs an Humbucker.

    You could also use middle position of the lester with 50 % volume of the bridge PU and 100 % volume neck, that will add a tad of twang.

    Third solution is a split of the neck PU if the PU has 4 wires.

    I personally use it for a rotovibe sim , with or without an exp pedal

    check the thread here with rig & clips

    extract : A short notice about the rotary, you can achieve a simple but beautiful 'rotovibe' with a speed control.

    Just activate : Ring Modulator then adjust settings to Pedal off / MIX 47% / Manual 5.1 for a slow roto or 5.3 for a speed one, 5.2 is great too.

    Why can't you distinguish a Vintage Chorus from an Air Chorus? The effect type gets displayed on the left hand side within the effect module. The same applies for a "kind of verb".

    you're right, my bad ... What would be nice is being able to distinguish two different spring reverb settings for instance ( on same rig )

    Or something else : you tweak a great delay from a preset , save it , forget it ... then load it later and wonder from what delay preset is was based on ?