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    You will never get the same sound on both outputs, it’s physically impossible, as one has a microphone and mic pre in the equation. Exactly the same as it would be onstage. However, I don’t know any guitarist that records main tracks in the same room as the speaker cabinet they are recording through, unless it’s to generate feedback, or it’s a “live in the studio” thing. At the very least, they wouldn’t be relying on it as their monitoring source. I think your theoretical application won’t work, if you need to trust the sound coming out of the Kone as the same as you’re committing to “tape”.

    Thx Sam, but this is driving me nuts , to me the whole Kone/imprint point is useless for me if I can't do both simultaneously ( Kone for live tone in the studio + Spdif for recording) .

    I agree that the tone cannot be the same , but once you've set a good studio profile with it's own CAB for recording and the same profile minus the CAB part but the Kone + imprint and the results are satisfying , I'm OK.

    I just want to know if this parallel output solution will be available ?

    On the other hands, the imprints do not translate well to general purpose speakers or recordings. Thus they are not available on the main outs.

    The amp in the room feel is there for your own pleasure

    Thx Cristoph for the answer, but I still wonder if I can get a 2 way simultaneous parallel signal flow on the outputs :

    output to Kone ( Cab Off, imprint ON )

    output to Spdif ( Cab On , no imprint)

    This way I could have the amp in the room feel and record in real time in my DAW from the spdif or send the same signal to a PA for live venues.

    But how could we be sure that we have the same sound on both outs ? I'm still trying to figure it out , do you supply CABs that are made from the imprints , or it is just the CAB part of a profile like we are used to , on the spdif out ?

    The maximum Kemper Kone setup: Play guitar along the stereo music using the speaker imprints, while the music plays full range, through the same cabinets.

    Use two Kemper Kone equipped Cabinets as your little PA, maybe for a spontaneous party. Feed your music into the Aux Input in stereo, activate Monitor Stereo, use a stereo power amp into the cabinets

    Killer features :) it greatly enhances the possibilities if I build two cabinets , genius :)

    I wonder if I can benefit from recording using a given profile on a Kone ?

    I'd like to benefit from the amp in the room feel with a Kone cab for inspiration , while being able to record the whole chain in my DAW without miking the Kone ???

    How coud I do this ? Should I use a parallel output path with a classic CAB path , but wouldn't the recorded sound be different than what I hear from the Kone ?? Would the imprint apply to DAW out ?


    I've testing a Bassman profile with a Epiphone guitar.

    The final result is an amazing bluesy sound even when the profile is a "Broken amp Profile Bassman", puting down the gain gives this sound

    Hi , super cool tone man , love the way you pick and play BTW :)

    You can't beat the sound of a big fat hollow , I have a L5 copy washburn ( J6) similar to yours, and they are really fantastic sounding instruments , you really feel sorry for solid bodies when you come back to the flat planks :D

    I'm working on updating my hollow pack, be sure to send me a PM and I'll send you my beta pack.

    Interesting unit, but no spdif ??? How strange for such a modern device

    I really dig the pots / stomp button hybrid.

    I like the fact it's super compact and light I wish we had such a nice and tiny Kemper unit like the TI snow.


    I set it this morning before work the way you suggested on the toaster, and it sounds much better already, thank you a bunch for that.

    My monitors are the JBL LSR 308 any idea on how should I set these?. Like db mines or plus volume etc...

    I will purchase some really good monitors soon enough, any suggestions on these?

    You should get a great tone out of these JBL already.

    About the monitour out EQ, you have to do it by ear : tame some trebles , enhance basses or the opposite according to your room.

    Just choose one of the your best profiles, play your guitar and adjust until your satisfied , both on clean and dist profile.

    Save the settings as a preset output & you're done.

    Looks like you only have to press a button to sound like a genius if music , I'm afraid this is the future of music, total assistance and no real human creativity ( except the one from the sound designers of these synths) .

    sounds like the DX7 from 20's , everyone will use the same presets

    but don't get me we wrong , I'd love to toy around with a korg like this ;)

    I have searched and haven't seen à WH10 v1 or V2 setting yet. Am I wrong ?

    I think the effect preset ' Ibz Wh ten' is the right one. you can find it in the editor ( all presets , search for wah )

    I had a WH10 until my brother lost it :cursing: but this preset sounds familiar to what I had could get in the past ( it's a more linear wah and can be very subtle with the Mix setting )

    Is the full block (stomp or effects) preset option working on RM? I couldn’t find anyway to make preset for multiple effects at a time - only

    Individual effects. I know I can do it on the KPA itself but haven’t spotted it in RM yet.

    nope as far as i could try ...

    I wish this could be implemented in the future

    In the output section what is the proper way to set all the parameters?

    it's mainly about adapting your monitors to your kemper ( monitor output)

    I's suggest not to use pure cabinet , use spdiff connectivity instead of XLR or JAck (both side 48 KHz) , I use space around 2

    SPDIF out link

    Then adjust your tone on monitor output EQ ( mine is set like this on HS7 monitors : bass +2 middle -1.5 treble -0.8 for instance )

    alternatively , you can make some local preset banks both on pre or post amp side.

    First select a rig with the FX you want as a reference.

    Hit stomps ( pre amp) or effect ( post amp)

    then store as a stomp collection ( I have one for funk for instance) or effect ( leads for instance)

    next move to a new rig

    then hit stomps or effect & browse to your previous collection & store locally or in RM.

    many thanks for letting me try this great vintage amp, I'll surely use it on 70's recordings

    I liked the amp a lot , it's exactly as old as me ;) ( born in 71) . It sounds a lot like a Vox amp (like AC30) , with a very vintage vibe. I would definitely use some of the profiles for recording a 70's inspired track.

    The mids are really special , typical of the era , and the brights are really cool , very jangly.

    The sustain is surprisingly good, that's a very good point.

    I liked the EMI ones better, as I rapidly figured out this would be the best matched speakers on my P90 very bright guitar.

    The dist pedal are a nice addition for heavy tones and leads, still with a vintage vibe not suitable for everyone.

    3 favorite profiles so far :

    WestAvalon ClnBright Emi very bright & jangly on P90 once you put Gain to Zero

    WestAvalon LoudDeep Emi , typical rhythm driven tone,

    WestAvalon NormDeep+TS Emi, edgy drive profile and crunchy on neck PU, good vintage lead with the right verb & delay

    These 3 profiles would be perfect for a Thin Lizzy cover or Grand Funk Railroad stuff