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    I used a turnaround on my own signatures Frank : use 'insert link' feature to embed a link into a short text.

    I also used Tinyurl free service to shorten the urls.

    Very sweet tone Mud , is that a strat in pos 4 ? love the stereo bounce , is it from the verb setting ?

    May I post it in the community demo thread ?

    I just figured out yesterday what the Natural verb did to my previous tones, a step further in tone heaven :))

    Man this is rough :o

    Please don't go , I think you're a pillar of this community , that would such a loss !

    I think this is the donation link that may have caused the trouble , you just got a warning for this , everybody here has a soundcloud or bandcamp link. No need to leave , but maybe that did hurt you too much ... I can understand with all the efforts you made for noobs & advanced people.

    I just bought a 2nd hand 6i6 a few weeks ago , and it works great , I've done dozens of recordings using my KPA on SPDIF & no problem.

    I cannot see a digital signal like SPDIF burning some components on the 6i6 , no way, I think it's more of a problem with the card itself.

    The only thinks that really bugs me is that it need a 5 minute warmup to connect to my PC docking station , with lots of intermittent connexions on the meanwhile. It uses an external power block so I really wonder what's happening ( I also changed the usb cables , same story). I had exactly the same issues with my roland quad capture, on a different PC.

    Really strange USB intermittent connexions for sure , I've never seen USB devices need a 'warmup' like analog gear to get stable in my whole IT life, except these 2 soundcards :o

    Cirrus Reverb

    The Cirrus Reverb starts where the Natural Reverb ends. Its specialty is long, ethereal reverb tails with exceptionally slow reverb onsets. For that reason, the Cirrus Reverb does not feature a predelay. The modulation pattern is also different to the Natural Reverb: it does not build up by time but stays consistent instead. All parameters should be familiar to you except:

    Natural Reverb

    The Natural Reverb is based on the latest digital reverb science and technology. It allowed us to create early reflections as an organic part of a room model. We therefore decided to turn away from the academic approach of having early reflections as a separately controllable set of reflections, in addition to a late reverb generator. We also liked the ease of control afforded by this approach.

    Due to the generic nature of the Natural Reverb, and the wide span of its parameters, it is capable of creating all kinds of natural sounding rooms -— from ambiences too short to be noticed, to lush and epic spaces. This also includes plate reverb simulations, and even artificial and synthesizer-like reverb pads -— all with the turn of two or three knobs.

    Easy Reverb

    The Easy Reverb is based on the Natural Reverb. In contrast to the latter, the number of parameters is reduced to a minimum, to make the workflow easy and straightforward.

    Echo Reverb

    The Echo Reverb is a delay combined with a reverb. In other words: a Natural Reverb with a feedback control added to its predelay to create rhythmic repetitions of the reverb tail. So, instead of using a straight delay type for a rhythmic enhancement, use the Echo Reverb for diffuse and soft echo reflections, when you find a regular delay is sounding too concrete or direct for your needs.


    Galileo) Galileo.

    (Galileo) Galileo,

    Galileo Figaro

    Magnifico-o-o-o-o !!!!!!!!!!!

    No need for thumb drive , I did update everything from rig manager ( RM first and then KPA firmware ) , I could import all new presets after ( system, factory presets on page 1)

    I've been converted to P90 3 years ago when my luthier told me it would be my best choice to upgrade the stock Humbuckers on my Ibanez artist semi hollow. It told me I could use some P92 ( humbucker format P90).

    He built them by hand for me , alnico II magnets, hand wound , wax pot , I even asked him for a white cream color on 'em , he built the cover himself also.

    I couldn't believe my ears once I got it back from the workshop , so fucking bright and powerful , best of two worlds SC & HB . The tone pot became a tool as good as the gain on our KPA, so many tones just by adjusting from 2 ( typical dark LesPaul) to 10 ( super spanky tele like ) and all kind of smooth lead & ryhthm tones. He asked my only 200€ for both P92 including mounting & setup that's half the price I would get for stock & generic US pickups. I'm seriously thinking of fitting most of other guitars with handwound ones like these.

    This humble Ibanez became my number one guitar, I didn't even bothered about getting my other guitars out of their flight case since I moved to a new house this summer ( including a 1970 Les Paul custom , 1973 Yamaha SG .... ) , I cannot remember a recording where it did not feature in the last two years , from smooth jazz to stoner heavy :)

    Paired to the KPA , it's so comfortable , as both SC or HB rigs will fit my P92.

    I Highly recommend testing some P90 , especially on the KPA.

    I can hear there's some kind of hard 'cut',

    Yes , I tried to manage this but the crossfade did remove all the attack, so I went back to rough version ... I'm not a keyboard player, and I'll do better next time ;)

    Other than that, the vibe is great and sound-wise seems to be well balanced (only heard this thru my cheap earbuds at work...)

    Thanks, that nice to hear , as I can't stand these little piece of headphones , so ... much thanks for the feedback as I took great care of the dynamics , stereo image , and clarity of all tones.