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    Wow mate, cool stuff! Really dig it. I let it auto play the next several Dr Smooth Vibes tracks, and there are lots of great vibes in there.

    Impressed by the "Choon" site as well. Hadn't heard of it, but damn... Very slick! Thanks for sharing!

    thx a lot for your interest, yes Choon is a pretty cool streaming & hosting site. It's free with no limits on the uploads ( I already filled 3 free soundclound account on my own !) and you can arrange your tracks in albums. I can't believe I already recorded more than 50 tracks ...

    It's specially good for collaborations also, as there is a very good & fair share & credit system, fantastic business model tailored for artists and not middle men .

    We have our own collective there with an artist I met on choon :

    Wow many thx to all of you , I'm impressed by the name dropping here , my main influence was Tommy Guerro and the 'Road to nowhere' album, that I dig so much :)

    Thx for the answer Nicky , I guess we'll eventually have these Wah included, this selection will be complete , I really dig the variety already available , expecially the 'subtle' & 'narrow' .

    LOL My favourite component is the chika-chika wah, Renaud.

    Thx Nicky, I love the different wahs from the presets , but I guess some of the collection ( specific wah thread) are not yet available ,am I right ?

    Yes The chika chika :D, I can't help myself , born in 71 means every radio track had some in that era.

    Here is a new instrumental , mood is setup somewhere near the Mexican border with the help of my arch top jazz guitar , some great spring reverbs , a slight 'sky' vibrato and a boogie profile.

    Past the desert border

    I had lots of fun trying some great preset that went under the radar until now, as FX preset selection eventually became convenient and sexy ;)

    Jazz bass on dist ampeg.

    Mix & post Fx kept minimal ( I did'nt EQ anything post or pre) to get a vintage feel.

    I have an excellent rig for my hollow Jazz box , check ' boogie on spring' on rig exchange.

    Sent a private message to me and I'll send a tweaked version of this one , made specially for me L5 copy.

    That's a fat bass tone , I dig the track & atmosphere, I thought a lady would start singing some super soul lyrics ;)

    Lots of trouble here ... I 1st upgraded RM and I lost connectivity to my KPA

    Had to upgrade to 7.0.9 with USB token since no connectivity , install crashed , but after a reboot , it was OK , preset management available ! BUT I lost all of my Rigs on my KPA , expect the one that was loaded before the upgrade ( hopefully my most versatile one ;)

    had to reinstall RM from scratch after a deinstall process , then connectivity was back.

    Installed the 7.1 this morning from RM this time, still not able to ket my KPA backup back from my USB token, with or without USB cable plugged...

    Could not batch upload my personal collection back to my KPA from RM, I had to manually double click on a rig before being able to upload it to my KPA (once at a time , but RM crashed just after sending one rig ...). EDIT : uploading a rig to my KPA does not allow to store it , I still have 0 rigs stored on my KPA... I can only use the KPA with RM for rig selection and browsing ATM.

    BE SURE TO MAKE RM backup and KPA backup before upgrading , hopefully I did all these !!

    Sounds like a nightmare here , but not as I'm not gigging & only recording at home.

    And BTW I really appreciate the new preset management.

    I do some stoner tracks not much heavier than this style, but I've fount that Quad track is good when I mix neck pickup on 2 tracks and bridge pickup , to have a real wall of sound, but I think it's specific of stoner & doom where a relative muddy tone is welcome.

    Simple double tracking is enough for most of my stoner tracks.

    If you got chorus tone like , it sounds like a phasing issue to me.

    Using 4 tracks of bridge pickup did not have the same impact. You should at least change the profile , even go for extreme tones ( super high trebles for instance). some individual parts sounding harsh on their own could make a great wall once stacked.

    Of course you have to play the parts 4 times , not simply copy them.

    Panning is also used to maximize the effect , hard left & right for the cleaner bridge PU , 9 o clock and 3 o clock for the neck parts.

    The icing on the cake is the Post EQ at DAW, much important to get some cleaner, deeper results . You could enhance the basses and low mids on a part while removing the mud on the other. Also go for stereo widening plugins and experiment.

    Here is an example , no 8 strings , passive P90 on my semi hollow , sorry ;) check around 2:00 for the speedy part ( quad tracking)

    Did anybody CREATE some kemper rigs x that funky Wah/touch wah you listened in the old policeman telefilms? Some nice warm sounds with wah , phaser, compressor, ........ can u please indicate me how ro find ? Or upload them?

    I change my FXs on the fly when recording , and on each take , so that would make dozens of profile to upload for this single track.

    I much prefer the live FX approach where you change your settings as you play & record for a given aim :

    for instance :

    the funk chords have short verb , no delay , AC 15 trebly profile ( mister may free on rig ex ) , cocked wah ( full treble ) on an already super trebly guitar ( P90 ) . Sounds complex, but it's not , the KPA is meant to be tweaked.

    Leads have the same treament , but with my fuzz pedal in front , so I cannot profile this chain.

    About the wah : it's not auto wah but played in 3 different manners on a cry baby KPA preset :

    shakak style ( muted notes , strong & fast foot work )

    leads ( parked or variable )

    trem style ( super fast vibrato with the foot )

    you can't really automatize this , but work your technique ... easy for me as I was born in 71 when all radio hits had some wah parts ^^

    I love '70s cop-show and cop-movie music; the Dirty Harry scores spring to mind.

    Renaud, you just put me in the middle of a cop show scoring some China White and Peruvian Blue Flake with Curtis Mayfield.

    Thx gents, I was practising my rhythm & funk chords chops on my AC15 favorite profile when this track came out of nowhere , on the second session I added the synths and jazzbox parts to get that mellow 70's feel. The clavinet had a special treatment, I used a KPA wah and my fuzz in front to my boogie profile ( minus the cab) , I dig the dirty tone a lot.

    The jazzbox was also a great tool to get the feel , with the double stops and jazzy runs à la Benson and the mandatory background wahs . Yes Curtis and Isaac Hayes were a huge influence for this track.

    Incredibly cool! Well done man... and indeed the cool vibe of the 70s is on the spot.... very nice! Especially like the rythm section, bass sounds awesome on that track.

    Thx man, I did the bass in 5 minutes over the guitar parts & drums, I think it's an SWR profile or an ampeg on the jazzbass. I had to add lots of post EQ on the bass freq around 110 Hz to get the fat groove.

    Same here. The Kemper is more and more in the middle of my production process and I use re-amping on other tracks as guitars as well, e.g. even vocals. It is such an inspiring tool - even beyond the use with guitars and bass.

    I cannot agree more , I used my kemper on my folk guitar, vocals , all sorts of synths , even my trumpet with the help of great Neve and UAD console & preamp profiles.

    Here is a funky track. I felt like Quincy Jones while recording this one as it has a very thick layer of takes, up to 12 tracks on some parts.

    Miss Makita - funk machine

    Usual Jazzbox and semi hollow, the two pictured on my photo. Boogie & AC15 profiles and some of my semi hollow pack . I tried to keep the FXs low for some 70's flavour on the guitars.

    Jazzbass and Microkorg went thru the kemper also, for some dirty tones.