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    To my Hollow body & jazzbox pack customers :

    If you have a Kabinet or a Kone, I strongly suggest to try the Oxford 12L6 in combination with all my profiles.

    This speaker is really decent on most of the profiles , maybe lower the basses on the most driven ones. You may also encounter volumes issues so take care as my profile's cab is super hot in volume terms.

    Here is a quick one, not that polished but you get the idea ...

    I was jamming on a very good bandmaster on my Kone , on my strat

    Then did the hofner bass and all these turned to a 70's themed track

    The intro sounds like a clavinet , that's just my strat with the bandmaster and no cab, since I was monitoring my tone from the Kone , I kept it anyway as the sound was interesting.

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    Final mix is well done. Right amount of space and width in the sound. Awesome

    Yeah thx , probably my best mix so far , we spent lots of time with these lexicon reverbs.

    Just listened to the final mix....yes, this is very cool. I always listen with good studio phones and the subtle detail in the guitar tracks is very nice indeed! I really like this.

    Thx, the yamaha HX7 are a great tool for inspecting & mixing chimey stuff like this great AC15 profile & ebow lines. We also checked on studio headphones.

    "The Alien Brothers" are creating some Great Music!

    Thx Mud' we're now airing on some UK radio and getting lots of attention on spotify , people really need music for support.

    I don't have a Kabinet, but on mounted Kone on a combo amp ( with SS power amp ).

    Here are a few ideas & hints to get a good tone out of you fresh Kone :

    If you have a good monitoring system and are used to it , you probably have some reference profiles that really sound good.

    Now if you can have theses monitors in the same room as your Kone/cab , ti's really interesting to do some kind of calibration :

    it's about adjusting Monitor output EQ ( signal sent to Kone ) vs the main output EQ.

    With a cross comparison , you should be able to find the best settings and have a similar tone on monitors and Kone.

    Direct profiles used on a Kone can be disappointing , even with pro made profiles, I thought I could use any good DI and get an instant good tone with an imprint, but that does not happen often.

    Hi gain often sounds over compressed on my CAB ( it's an open back) , with a lack of air and excessive basses, all of this is tweak-able , so I have high hope for the future when save per rig will be available.

    I had to remember that a single cab is not a stereo monitoring solution and sounds much more directive, I'm' so used to HS7 clean monitoring in stereo that a real Cab sound a bit tiring to my ears, I will have to adapt.

    It's not a big surprise but my cab is big like a twin or a bluesbreaker and these profile are the best sounding ones on it ;) I really wonder How a 4x12 Kone does sound.

    Anyway , I fount some superbly sounding profiles that really make my old cab alive, so yes it's here, the amp in the room I missed in the past very impressive especially on cleans and crunches :)

    My mars amp is still working, so I can even power it to have a "warm tolex smell" and "cooking tubes simulator" on top of the killer tone ;)

    Another one, a very different vibe this time, but I like the mood of it.

    I tried to go for some vintage JJ Cale vibe with a fender champ on that folk guitar

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    With Kone available , a full solution with both amp profiling and consistent imprints should lead to a 'standard' & united solution.

    My request is about a special rig pack for the Kabinet.

    I'd like to have a special set of direct input or studio profiles of classic amps made in a studio where these amps should be A/B compared vs their profiles + Kabinet imprint.

    Having a real amp and a KPA + Kabinet in the same room could lead to almost perfect replications of these amps and their respective speakers.

    Even better would be for each amp ( on a given amp setting ) :

    • a studio profile
    • a direct profile and an attached imprint.

    This would garantee that both profiles are similar ( what you hear on from the Kabinet is what you get on a PA or a DAW )

    I guess this will be possible when imprint will be available per rig.

    Not Only Kemper team could do it , but also commercial profile sellers of course.

    Final mix is up !

    Lyrics added on the soundcloud description

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    Thx guys, full range mode when rig CAB off, I get it but there should be a check mark in the Master dedicated page , I hope it get sorted out in the per rig update Kone page.

    I'm puzzled !!!

    Could someone explain what's happening when you're in this exact situation :

    I use a Kone on my personal CAB with a power amp

    in master menu I have checked Kemper Kone & Monitor Cab OFF

    When I check rig manager's windows , I can still activate or deactivate the CAB part of my profile ( let's say it's a studio profile)

    but shouldn't this part ( CAB from rig manager ) be grayed out since I checked Monitor Cab Off ???

    I know part of the signal with the CAB's profile goes to SPDIF & DAW, but activating & deactivating the CAB in rig manager ALSO changes the sound on my KONE !!!

    Another batch selection from today's tests , with some gainy stuff :

    all are free & available right on Rig Ex or official rigs packs :

    I had to lower directivity to 0 most of the time

    • FP - Mars Bluemaker 1967

    Oxford 12L6

    single coils guitars

    gain friendly

    • FP - Voice Ace Thirty

    Oxford 12L6

    Goodmans Audiom 61

    single coils guitars

    gain friendly

    • Wave Bass 72 SSL

    Goodmans Audiom 61

    Oxford 12L6


    single coils guitars

    I know it's a bass amp , but sounds super clean & funky, lively

    • TJ - Mars BBrkr Med-6

    Goodmans Audiom 61

    Oxford 12L6

    single coils guitars very cool marshall tones !!

    • VSP - Mars Purple Plex

    Goodmans Audiom 61

    single coils & humbucker guitars

    very cool marshall tones !!

    • German Fuzz

    Scroll thru all imprints , gives you lots of fuzz flavors !!!

    Hi , as the Kone is a major change in terms of amp in the room tones, I'd like to gather here the best combinations of amp profiles & DI vs imprint.

    Please submit the amp or direct amp profile name + the imprint name + the guitar used.

    Here are my first results after 2 hours of tests :

    • "Boogie on spring" from rig ex ( my own ) vs Oxford 12L6 on a regular strat & a semi hollow Ibanez artist on P90. Incredibly close to my original Boogie subway blues , basses & chime included.
    • " LRS Fndr BM V AlCr TD " alias Master of Bands" from a free rig here , perfect fender vibe on regular strat & a semi hollow Ibanez artist

    Please tell us the result of your experiment

    Indeed, great drive and great vibe in it. The bass is cool for the groove as well as the reduced guitar tones. Very nice. Thanks for sharing

    Thx a lot Michael , Lee came with the folk guitar and voices, I decided to go for a cool drumbeat and that groovy bassline , I just had to add a great AC15 part , a cool set of FXes and we were done in the afternoon :)

    Very cool sound you got going on there, reminds me of U2 Joshua Tree era in a good way. I dug it as I played it while working away here. Your vocalist is getting stronger too, sounds more confident

    Yes thx , I never really listened to U2 expect the radio hits you couldn't miss back in the days. Lee told me it sounds very much like 'the forest' from cure , I reckon the vibe is close with all these clean chords on chorus. Yeah, Lee 's getting in full throttle on vocals ATM , he's especially convinced that music will save us from depression in these dark times.

    Thx a Lot Nicky , my influences are digested and the outcome gives us these vibes , that are part our our common culture with Lee. I think it's a matter of how with formed our ears in our young days and the way we now play our own stuff. But everything is tied together as we often find some very close similarities between our tracks and our influences, but it's the way our brains handle it I guess, listen, digest , mash and reconstruct in our own way. We listened to the masters for sooooo loooong times. Vibes are a mixture of tones , playing with confidence , and the whole lotta mix & mastering where moods can be set afterwards.

    It's interesting to see bands we're compared too, I can cite from memory , soundgarden , U2 , Brian Eno ,some other obscure 70's bands, cure ... it's really funny and I like it a lot as I never listened to some of these but I really appreciate being compared t omasters ;)

    I reckon the KPA and a DAW are the most interesting tools to get straight to the point when you got a musical idea. The KPA is just the best tool, and the vibe gets in when you got access to the best gear in the amp world, it's so inspiring, especially with the new Kone.

    About the writing , for both music and lyrics , thinks come naturally for both of us now, with more than 25 years of experiences and struggle as we are both autodidacts, but we still throw away lots of stuff and only work on the keepers , like this one. But the process was long and full for frustration , as I only liked my own stuff a few years ago and was proud of it.

    We're still not done on the success and audience, so we still have to play our humble way , I live fro IT jobs, but Lee really needs some minimal success to settle down from the road , he's been working so hard on the music. It's mainly a hobby for me.

    Many thx for your interest guys, it's heart warming to have some great folks like you around the world listening to our music and have constructive criticism especially in these dark times where music saves our mental sanity.