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    No pb with the plugs, Hafi , I'm just pointing out that the horns experience is really fun.

    I'm no Chet Baker and will never be, but blowing a few notes in the key of C or Bb is really at the reach of every experienced musician as you benefit from a whole musical culture and practice, already.

    Doing short notes & riffs is really doable after a few weeks . I was making a mountain about the possibility to play horns, leaning etc... but that was really super easy and 100€ is the price we pay for a pedal, but you get a shiny classy brass instrument in your studio. I's a way to think outside the box , getting great abs and having so much fun, like disturbing my children and the neigbour's cats eating the birds from my garden.

    I went on the same road with keys, and wow I'm also a decent rhythm key player , as I play exactly like on a guitar, a kind of brain hack, and I don't even know the notes of my keys.

    I totally missed the fact that playing a guitar for 30 years could allow me to bypass a lot of the learning process on other instruments and rapidly get decent results , that was an huge eye & ear opener and I will definitely take the road of using others instruments like trombone ,flute, even sax ...

    Chaps , you should definitely consider playing the horns by yourself, I bought a trumpet on thomann for 100 € , took 2 lessons and I was able to do my own riffs pretty quick, with a few weeks of practice. Next step is buying a trombone.

    I quickly developed some abs during my learning witch is another great side effect, and my singing much improved as well, being able to develop my air flow thanks to the trumpet practice.

    Fun fact , riffing with a trumpet is pretty much the same as you do with a guitar & single notes, so you'll already benefit from your riffing abilities :)

    As well it's pretty easy to layer a few tracks and mimic a whole horn section by yourself, it's really fun with a KPA ( SM57 into KPA !)

    Here is an example of me on the horns with a 6 layers track of my humble trumpet after 3 months of practice :

    Like my teacher says after my 1st lesson : you're now a trumpet player , a bad one , but still a player :D

    I wish you have as much fun as me , that was really a refreshing experience for me vs long time guitar practice, I now play it daily mainly for fun and breath/abs.

    Very cool , this is the only 'almost' live music I've heard in months, so I'm really waiting for the next ones from you tight playing band :)

    King Killer is such a hit song, I've been listening to this one a few times & love the singing vs vintage hard rock guitars so much, I just wish the singer get a long dress and some makeup like Ozzy in the early years, he's such an actor ;)

    I use mainly my fuzz pedals in front and a viscous vibe for rotovibe , as well as a very nice mooer blues crab for slight overdrive. But that's mainly because the tools are readily reachable by hand while recording and interacting with knobs is really fun. I also use a freqout and an ebow.

    I don't use the KPA drives so far.

    On kemper side, wahs : lots of different flavours , delays , lots of them, choruses and verbs of course , spring , hall ...

    I somewhat miss a warm tube trem like the ones on vintage voxes.

    Great feel and nice to see you guys still having fun with the funk, I try to practice some funk chordings every day to keep my skills up and my mind free

    here comes a clip and a special experience using 53E Deluxe B2 on my strat:

    I miked the Kone on my homemade cab ( Oxford 12L6 imprint) with a SM7B , I prefer this recorded tone vs the usual SPDIF as it translates the room experience better to my ears. I know M kemper and some of you will probably freak out reading this , sorry M Kemper :whistling:

    here is the outcome, sorry for my sloppy play, but you get the idea :