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    Hi !

    Here is my latest track , if a fast one @ 160. This one should wake you up ;)

    Wasting your life

    I'm still testing the JCM 800 on spring settings, & I love it more & more. Well did I mention I like the JCM800 ;)

    The Vox complements the Marshall quite well as it's very bright for crunch rhythm , harmonizing and mix cutting leads vs that huge wall of Marshall tone.

    The bass is Rumble & 59 Fender.

    Don't mind the stupid vocals , that was just me growling in my SM57 , but for once I almost liked my voice there with that over-processed tone.

    Hi, I just got a few minutes to test the mark I and it was quite an experience, no simple beast as most boogies I had the luck to own or test.

    The profile sounds just as dynamic as the real amp , I mean huge dynamics and sensibility to your attack, excellent. The tone has a typical boogie vibe, and the drive is a good mixture of crunch , a tad of mud , but the type I love especially on neck PU. It's quite a gainy profile , but I know Carlos uses lots of changes on his guitar pots , so yes , lots of tones are available by just turning them. This is not the modern Carlos tone PRS & Bludotone , but much more the early SG era.

    This profile really benefits from the spring verb , especially my short spring setting ( available on my 'boogie on verb' free profile on rig ex). Instant 70's tone with the mark I.

    I was surprised by the relative lack of sustain, I know you must use the feedback to get the 30sec of single notes Carlos used, but on single sustained notes at room volume , It's a bit deceptive.

    Well I need further testing and recording , as this ones sits really well on my mixes, I used two other different profiles on my Santana like track , a kitty Hawk & a Dumble ODS , I'll compare them, but they seem to be in the same ballpark once layered on a track.

    Many thx for this profile :)

    I'm very sorry for you Ced', I did not know frets to be so fragile, but yes it's really a pain in the ass to have a worn fret , make a beloved instrument unplayable.

    Anyway, I had lots of fun with this vid , especially when you threw the CD and your acting was very funny, so were the voices.

    I also must say that watching you working out inspired me a lot , and I began yelling in my mike too, I love these super high pitched screams.

    I really dig that tune, man. Really. Clicked it for the spring reverb thing, but couldn't stop listening to it because of the music.

    Yep thx , It's a simple track done in an hour or so, I'm glad you like it as I had lots of fun with the marshalls. sounds a bit like Survivor 'eye of the tiger' marshall tones.

    Cool track, Renaud! Experimenting can yield some mighty fine results - case in point!

    Many thx,

    the JCM 800 tone is easily the best I ever recorded , and you would swear it's a LesPaul on this track, but it's not :

    It's my semi-hollow Ibanez artist with P90 hand-wound by my luthier , treble on bridge PU tone knob is about 4 on 10 as it's a super bright guitar but no mud !! This guitar is so versatile that I did not take my others guitars out of storage since I moved this summer. I'm now a 1 guitar man ;)

    It's more & more evident to me that reverb is such a core part of guitar tones, you'll get instant 60's or 70's vibe with this spring reverb.

    This song features my vocals , with lyrics taken from Wagner's Tannhäuser Opera. I wanted to try my spoken word in a Rammstein style. Yeah that's quite lots of processing on my voice ;)

    Rammstime ! die Nachtigall

    German natives, I'm really interested in your critics here. I really tried not to scorch your beautiful mother tongue , but that was tough as I had 4 years of German back in school, but was terrible at it :(

    I also had hard times doing the tapping parts as I did not made any since the 90's when I was trying to learn the famous Am I evil parts.

    Amps are : JCM 800 & Cameron CCV. No synths as pads were made with my guitar on delays.


    Had time to try'em with a fuzz engaged, and I was sent back to the 60's.

    Awesome work & collection , and a very creative way to use the rhythm delay.

    Having 5 echo machine renditions is a real bliss :)

    Kemper team , please stick/pin the post or make a special rig pack out of these works , that's really deserved

    I think that sounds great!

    Thx Paul, that was my initial thought when I dialed the boost pedal in.

    That's rather-brilliant, Renaud, and in so many ways.

    Great tones and contrasts, and effective, musical use of them.

    Many thx Nicky , the track did not make it's way to a full song , but I liked the tones a lot. The contrast is & dynamics are indeed great but mainly because the PM and powerchords are not mixed, and have that raw marshall character we all love.

    Hi, I just set up a new way of recording my favorite marshall profiles, a JMP and a JCM 800.

    I fount a way to set up the spring pre amp , and then a hall verb post amp, pretty unusual, but sounding very fat to me.

    Some of us have noticed that the spring really weakens the signal , as the original spring model had a band pass taming lots of the amp tone . It's highly musical but it turns most of my profiles to somewhat weaker vintage versions.

    My solution was to boost my guitar signal with a boost pedal ( real stuff) in front of my KPA with some EQ ( from the pedal ) . I think the feel and tone is working great here as it brings my marshall tone much more fuller . I really dig the tones , the sound is very natural compared to my usual verb settings.

    I wish the new sping will allow us to bypass the bandpass with a tick box or a knob control.

    Ash , you seem to like my vocals, I just did a short vocal in the middle, very unusual tone , as I was hooking my SM57 to my KPA to record these : I just had the whole JCM8OO profile still loaded (lots of gain ) , with a -2 transpose on it ( this is the way I record most of my stoner tracks) , it's kinda creepy but I like my vocals here more than my usual clear voice . Once again a very unusual solution , but interesting results.

    Now for the clips :

    When The Marshall kicks in

    note : the Mid JCM800 section has no post processing on the PM & power chords parts, pretty raw and dynamic.

    Love the Lead Melody Renaud!, always interesting man and you never know what to expect next from you lol...Next door to me have 2 hens in their backyard, you know i am going to play this track near the fence tomorrow haha.

    Thx Ash , yes I'm on vacation ATM ( 12 weeks a year at my current job , it's awesome ... yes we're in France) so I had lots of frustration not being able to record until now ... Creativity did build up and and I shot 3 tracks in a row yesterday, that was fun and I feel much better now, maybe it works just like sex :D

    I played the intro of my track pretty loud to the three lone hens from my old neighbour , and they seemed really puzzled while not really sexually exited ;)

    I love stupid experiments, and I didn't know about the Trex, yes that's quite a loose way to evolve, but at least they did survive until now