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    Thx chaps , I really appreciate.

    Great Horns and Groove

    I'll do more horns in the future , as it's very fun to track , and apparently louder than my guitar + kone from my son's observation :D

    Good part on blowing horns is that I start to get killer ABS 8)

    asily one of my favourites of yours, Renaud!

    Especially love the clean lead-rhythm and of course the wah-wakka-wah parts. Always been a sucker for the latter of course. Wah-wakka-wah = instant brownie points in my book

    Thx Nicky, as always , the mandatory wah is there , like most 70's tracks. Rhodes and a wah are perfect for this era's music

    BTW: My son is a drummer but it is incredibly hard to get him to play with me

    Yeah, too sad , the generation gap is huge as my children don't like guitar based music anymore , how sad...

    Here is a nice piece of funky soul, my daughter played the opening chords & I did the whole arrangement.

    Horns & rhodes recorded @home thru a KPA

    I sent the horns from a SM57 to the KPA for avalon preamps , quad tracking and lush live verb

    Rhodes also got a twin reverb on the KPA

    Hope you enjoy, it's my first time playing some riffs with my trumpet , so it's ok to feel sorry for me ;)

    Yeah, heavy fuzz user here , from the cheap SF300 to a boutique Nitrogen 21 one , both really different and complement each other.

    I also have a bluescrab by mooer , it's a marshall bluesbreaker clone, does marvels on some profiles as a dirt boost.

    Freq Out and Viscous vibe are the last additions , works great , but I couldn't find how to use the univibe in strereo yet.

    I reckon I do profiles with pedals engaged, but it's more fun to use the pedals to tweak my sound on the fly while recording.

    Very nice Renaud, spacey sounds in the background and a great driving rythm. Cool thing

    Thx Michael , yes lots of stuff happening in the background , this strat sings in many ways on the Kpa

    Dude! This is super cool. wowow

    Thx a lot

    Tough to categorise. Me likey!

    Well done, Gerald. 8)

    Thx Nicky , I use to work with Gerald , but he was not involved here , but I take it as a compliment , as he's far more skilled than me on the guitar ;)

    I'm still tracking for my stoner projects, here is a new one using my strat on various personal profiles ( SC pack )

    I also used , once again , my Oud/saz sim on my strat with a double wovel wah FX , which is a very cool new instrument & experience for my KPA,

    It really depends on your monitoring system , cab or Kone in my experience. Be sure your output EQ is set right ( I have different EQ settings for different output systems, just like input sense for inputs). I had great sparkle result on both yamaha HS7 and Kone ( oxford imprint)

    Take a classic profile , like the morgan AC20, reduce the gain until it's clean enough but still breaking up. Tweak basic EQ, it's always a good approach to tweak until you're satisfied, then save the result as a preset.

    If you got a good sparkle fender to profile yourself , you should compare it to the profile and be able to find a profile that will have all the qualities you're after.

    Is your strat suited to sparkle tones ( strings, PU height ... ) ?

    suffering through the heat here and wishing I had aircon..

    You should not underestimate the refreshing power of a ceiling fan , I installed a 90€ one in place of the light in my room ( no mods needed ) with a variator

    could not leave my room during the heatwaves here in France as it was so fresh , even too cold at night. Much more comfortable than AC to me.

    Great track BTW :)

    Thx guys , I'll ask a local store for a test drive to check the neck and playability.

    From what I've read & heard , it looks like a super qualitative instrument, very comfortable , versatile and sounding fantastic.

    And I also guess the resale value will be great also , If I ever want to sell it.

    PRS made 5 different stratty axes:

    I will also check these alternatives , thx a lot.