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    The right profile for the right guitar & pickup is all I need , nothing to improve on an already killer tone , quite the same you do with your tube amp IRL.

    Post EQ & FX in DAW or PA system will have much higher impact later.

    As usual great stuff Renaud. I like what you share and how you do it as well :)

    Great tune, very 80s indeed. Guitars and drums are on the spot for me. And I like this great double lead guitar solo starting at 1:34. So cool :thumbup:8)

    I think I mentioned it last time as well that the bass is a bit too boomy for my taste. It's thick and runs through quite well but for me is has a bit too much low mids / high bass. Not easy for me to say which exact frequency it is.

    Thx for the kind comments , I've updated my track with a new mix, lowering the bass and reworking the parts & overall balance. Many thx to you :)

    Edited Track is online

    I managed to get intensive use of the editor while recording my latest track , and I must say it greatly improved my session.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    your daily shot of 80's

    Had no crash in that session, but had to restart the editor twice since it was behaving strangely ... beta is beta so I won't whine .

    Browsing and chasing the tones was a bliss , I copied my favourite FX presets & cabs first , by storing them in my local pool.

    I was able to load the best profiles for each part of this recording , Tailoring the amps on the fly was a major fun ,I almost didn't touch my KPA this time.

    Welagen 6SS on the cleans , chorus ( air & vintage ) , smooth delay & verb

    Cameron CCV for the PM and power chords part ( same choruses)

    CAE lead from Breu ( Chorus & digital delay)

    most part are my strat , leads are SemI Hollow P90, jazz bass

    About the track :

    For those lucky folks (like me) that had a chance to grow in the 80's and ingest all of this era's music ...

    This is my best try to sound like an 80's mix : stratocaster, vintage chorus, air chorus , same for the bass, digital delay on the leads, heavy reverb on the snare...

    Let me know how you like my mix here , I wonder what to do to sound more 80's, it's a bit too warm maybe, I'm open for dirty cheats ;)

    Here is a screenshot of my work in reaper for the curious.

    I'm with you , 7 years of patience were eventually worth it :)

    It looks like the whole manager was rewritten from scratch, much faster & fluid.

    I already fount some new tones I wouldn't have tried with the old manager , thanks to cabs management.

    Well done KPA team :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    It took at least 10 min to figure it out from scratch, but here is how I swap cab between rigs :

    1. Browse to the rig you want to steal the cab, from your profiler or rig manager
    2. Highlight it's cab in the editor by hovering over the cab icon in the editor
    3. drag it to to 'All presets' then 'local library' , this way you store your cab as a new preset ( cab category )
    4. Then switch to whatever rig you want, then double click on your cab preset from 'All presets' then 'local library' to load it.

    Alternatively , you can drag from preset to CAB icon if double click in unreliable ( happens often on me)

    you're done :)

    drawbacks : you cannot switch cab presets with arrows or enter key :( , maybe soon ?

    Ultra hypnotic! I like that. So many variations of the guitars and staggered in a clever way to build the sound scape. Very tasteful. And a nice break at 1:36. Cool thing, thanks for sharing

    Thx , it's all about the building of the pressure , I hope a singer & some leads will take the track to another level.

    That said it sound simple but the stems are like 28 tracks, a record for me. I took very special care of the drums this time.

    Here is my 2nd take on lofi jazzy hip hop instrumental.

    Midinite Cruize

    Most of the work was about getting the dirty & lofi vibe, quite the opposite of what my KPA can do ;)

    As usual Guitar & micro korg were sent to KPA for tube preamps & majestic verbs.

    This is my usual jazzbox, but with a fat layers of tools used on my DAW. My guitar was in tune , but the warble FX make it sound like an used tape stored in a car for 20 years :)

    I hope you enjoy this style. Quite a fun experience for me.

    Let me know if it sounds legitimate instrumental hip hop, as I don't have that much references apart Cypress Hill, the roots & E Badu.

    Percussion is a sample, right? I use similar ones from time to time as they inspire me a lot.

    Yes bongo & congas percussion I use them often. The folk is so easy to record with the KPA.

    I simply love it. So cool. I had my Strat in my hands when I started listening to it and I couldn't stop jamming over it

    That's the best compliment to have , have other guitarists jam on one of my track ;)

    The fun fact is that it took like 15 min. to record all the 6 synth tracks on my KPA but with such a high end tone that I had to use 4 to 5 dirt , dust & tape filters VST on each part to get the LoFi vibe, spent like an hour to achieve something washed out and dull.