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    Yeah !, anger leads to good songs from my experience, and a much better mental state once you have played and recorded it. I understand your pain, I even wrote a similar punk rock protest song right after mobilisation in Russia, maybe I'll upload it, but your's says it all !

    Great tone, lead , vocals & backings Per, a really epic one.

    I see you're back on tracking, it's a long way ahead but a very nice journey for sure.

    If I may add some ideas : I noticed is that you play rhythm lines with delay engaged , also affecting the groove, I'd stay dry all along PM parts and keep the delay for legato lines.

    I noticed a few notes off beat around 0:55 for instance , it's too bad because it also affects the whole groove. I'd focus on the drums by tracking until they make a clear duet with the guitars., it's far more important than tone & mix

    It doesn't require much , but practice everyday against a drumbeat , again & again . Try enhancing syncopated riffs , PM and muted notes, rhythm chokes and all that sort of staccato stuff. This is mandatory to become a good guitarist & musician, once you have it it's for all your life and junior guitarists seem to bypass this practice too fast, trying melodic lines and solo line. This is counter productive as you can make a killer groove with just muted strings.

    As with bass, muting is more important than notes eventually , silence is what makes the groove.

    I had P-rails and they were pretty pale in comparison with my P92.

    P92 are humbucker sized p90 , fit to directly replace any humbucker without further work. I now see them as a kind of super single coil with humbucker output while being trebly (in a good way ) and super defined

    My P92 alnico II were handwound by my luthier and they blast everything I've heard before : super outupt , fat , super bright and transparent , very tweable by pot and ultra versatile. I had a bargain of 150€ for the pair, mounted a setup , an offer you won't find anymore I'm afraid .

    I love them very much as everything is possible with them ; cleans , bright funk , jazzy , round , dry , crunch , bluesy , rock , hard rock , rockabilly and fuzz. They are humless and quiet ( I think my luthier waxed them).

    if you reduce tone pot from the bridge PU to 3 you get that typical dark les Paul lead , so they can do most humbucker tones as well.

    Here is my best example , semihollow Ibanez artist, P92 ( both positions used) and a single profile 'Mister May' tweaked from cleans to lead :

    Fantastic, well done ! We buy and sell pickups all the time, a skill like this would clearly save us lots of money and have a way to start a small business.

    The best pickups I have were handwound P92, huge P90 humbercke sized , fat, bright and screaming. Quite unique models made by my luthier.

    Great vocals Per , I really like the Bowie direction in your voice.

    BT, yes synths are really fun to play, I guess you have the arturia collection, give a try to the juno leads , so easy to sound cool.

    Great advice Michael, most of the time I make natural double tracking, but I fount that the double tracker with detune fx engaged sounds very large & full on cleans and is very convenient , it will also get rid of phasing issue . This dimension D style chorus is really something I like.

    I'll always double track the dist rhythm parts especially PM and power chords using the processes you describe, you're right , it's great to mimic 2 diff guitarists & tones. I love natural double tracking , it's something the KPA doubler will not replace for me , at least on heavy stuff.

    The lows are just a tad strong. I would also try a tape drive either over all tracks

    Thx BT, I used lots of compression on my bass , but I like a deep bass on my mixes, most of my basses were made using the latests DI profile from the Dean pack, great pro stuff.

    Tape drive , also , I'm addicted to the one from arturia , yeah mandatory on all my guitar takes now :)

    I think your balance is great and your vocals are better than ever

    Thx Mud , my voice is still recovering from covid, I'll go back to my singing class soon, but I'm afraid the new mix tool has a lot to do with the improvement ;)

    excellent advice from you , I really appreciate your insights.

    I agree with drums, they need to be more prominent and in the room/ compression.

    The vocals were hard to mix , you couldn't understand the text before a switched to a preset that made all words understandable ( with the help of an exciter ) . I'll reduce the verb as the preset was way too huge on time & verb mix .

    The Rh. guitar : it's just a simple stereo take with the double tracker panned hard L/R , detune engaged for chorus. I'll try to let it ring a bit more and without staccato , maybe enhance the chorus vs the verse, in a typical grunge style.

    Mister may is a terrific rig and super rich in harmonics , it can fill a whole range of frequency , I played the E/A strings parts of my chords while letting some open strings ring a bit , maybe with too much delay and verb. I don't find it narrow myself on my monitors , quite the opposite TBH.

    I'll test all your suggestions , you're welcome guys !

    Thx Per, yes it was quickly done until I totally ran out of inspiration ||

    I'm glad it evocates outrun for you , the 80's version , that was my primary goal, submit a good flow for gamers.

    I highly suggest you to make a themed album , it's a great exercise with constraints like keeping an overall feel , tone , and keep your auditors interested. You have such a quantity of material, you could easily fill a dozen albums compilation lol , I guess you'll need a proper database system just to manage all these great tracks you made.