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    I enjoy your mixes as I sit and listen to them with my MAGA hat on. Crisp and refreshing. And now you will be immune. Get well soon!

    Thanks BT , I hope your health issues get sorted too soon ! Every hat & oufit , or the absence of outfit is accepted in my borderline pagan polytheist religion ;) have a beer on me for keeping your mind open .

    thx chaps , I'm already feeling much better and was able to work all week long on AIX command line .

    love the infinite sustain lead tone!

    It's my good' ole ebow , still use it a lot what a fantastic device one you know ho to use it

    I had to take a break on guitar today, so to keep from being bored to death

    I think it's time to workout your voice everyday and work on synth lines & harmonies. A bit of theory is also welcome when you cannot play guitar. It happened to me in a lesser way and I began all that stuff , i"m glad I did it.

    About leaving some projects unfinished, it's a perfectly normal way of being creative, jump onto something else if you lose too much spontaneity , get back to projects after a while , and give a second look.

    Hi !

    Here is a bright one , using my semi hollow on P90 and a great vintage gibson amp. Jazz bass as usual

    No vocals this time as I had covid all week long , and not that much energy. I lost almost half of my cognition ( something between a brainwashed russian nationalist and a trump supporter capitol invader ) . I hope it's not definitive ;(

    I seem to not like dry distorted chords when I play them but love when others do. They sound very stagnate to me.

    This is the key point ! That's why the groove matters so much, it has nothing to do with double or quad tracking.

    I'm heavily insisting & I'm sorry about this , but you should be able to make a single part dance able , notice on the Led Zep examples above how the groove alone make the track so desirable and no double tracking here.

    Even a single PM syncopated line should have enough dancing qualities to make mosh pitters run into each other ^^

    Think about "you really got me" by EVH, these two notes have enough punch to move anyone.

    I confirm the good mix on my monitors , no booms here. The vocal verb is different to the rest ? I liked the jack white guitar tone & verb a lot.

    This track has a definitive 'room' feel to it , perfect for a bluesy track. The background string synth is a nice way to enhance the tracks with the double stops & reverse gits.

    Per explained it very well ! Don't abuse of the chorus , I love chorus but rarely use it on the main tracks, as tight PM parts , tight riffs & power chords will loose lots of impact with chorus. Chorus is the icing on the cake , with the exception of clean parts.

    On cleans I like the chorus to be be part of the musical identity (80's stuff) and if you don't abuse of it it's great ( just like makeup on girls ;) = ) . Or I will use to add brightness, even on folks sometimes.

    here is a way I treat my cleans with chorus ( notice the background muted guitar notes that make the main' support line' , very important )

    Do you mean to double track guitar with effects on and then do a second double track with effects off -- making it a quad track

    Record them separately , play them twice or quad . i often do 2 natural dry & 2 natural choruses , that means play your parts at least 4 times in loops. This is an excellent exercise to master as you'll be able to tell your takes are good just by looking at the wave shapes. I still have to do like 12 takes on most of my titles for a given part, but this discipline is part of my daily routine , even after 30 years ...

    here is another typical example, this was quad tracked naturally exactly as explained above : 2 dists , 2 chorused lines. Here another one with lots of chorus and dry stuff mixed, I'm in love with the double tracking chorus FX, I use it only for this FX.

    Don't forget to work the groove, you should be able to groove a single dry riff and attract people's attention with just that.

    Nice to see you're still on a road of progress , your guitar parts are getting tighter & tighter , it's noticeable. My foot was taping along ;) Great synth bass BTW.

    I'd suggest to naturally double track you FXed tracks ( obviously delay & chorus) with the same part but without the FX to get some more punch in your rhythm section. That's what I do on all my heavy tracks and this is sure a great recipe. You could do this on 8 or 16 bar loops if it helps. Begin with the dry track first as it's the one on the beat.

    I'd also suggest to practice some groovy stuff with lots of rebound to enhance your rhythm chops. Funk, Hendrix, Led Zep riffs are perfect for this kind of exercices. You'll work your right hand and let it live it's own funky vibe. All this can be applied to all metal riffs with great success. I wish I could get this tip while I was a junior guitarist. Groove is essential.

    A typical & fantastic example , once you master these classical riffs with the right groove your'e done for the rest of your guitarist life. , it might take a few weeks / months but the reward is huge :

    Sounds pretty good , I'm gonna check on my monitors, but so far this is a great song , loved the vocals & slide especially. The overall vibe is also very nice , organic , moody verb and those backward guitars :)