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    Hi, my scarlett 6i6 focusrite is dead :( Changing the power supply did not help.

    I need a new one with the mandatory specs :

    1. must have spdif
    2. needs to have handle USB connexion thru an USB hub , as I plug my PC to a docking station
    3. can handle direct monitoring

    I had the Roland quad capture in the past and the 6i6 and BOTH had serious issues getting/staying connected 100% of the time , I had multiple problems with them. Pbs were solved when I plug direct to the PC usb.

    So if you have a laptop ( mine is a thinkpad) on win10 , a dock , and a great soundcard let me know.

    Thx in advance !


    yes, direct into the kone is great. i briefly hooked up the kpa to studio monitors out curiosity, quickly changed back to the kone

    I usually start setting up the recording tone first , then dial the Kone for pure inspirational monitoring, best of 2 worlds. Sometimes it sounds so good on the Kone , that I want to mike the output ;)

    Having a cab with Kone in the studio really helps for monitoring all sorts of instruments here : fender rhodes , basses , they all sound good & inspirational , unlike the stereo monitors , that deliver pure tones , but lack the feel of an amp in the room.

    My scarlett power supply went dead this week, and without a sound-card, I'm bound to the traditional approach.

    Using my KPA direct to the Kone for the simple pleasure to play live in my studio, without going to the PC & sound-card turned out to be a very enjoyable experience.

    I've been sitting each day on my huge 2x12 cab ( Kone equiped) , I can feel the basses of the Kone right under me , and enjoy every chord with some full details , loudness, chime and screams.

    Getting back to the old way I played guitar in the past is pure satisfaction, I'm so glad the KPA+Kone can do this in such a great way, and every single person listening to this AC50 profile on Oxford 12L6 in my room comes to the conclusion that I've a killer tone , like a multi thousand dollar amp. Switching imprints always delivers , impressive.

    I must say I'm much more impressed (sic) by the imprints than by the new drives , Kone is incredible.

    Thx Mr Kemper for achieving this , getting the good ole amp in my room , giving us a killer recording solution etc !!

    Focusrite failed , but kemper rocks ;)

    Just my 2 cts

    beautiful lullaby , very nice breaks and overall tone Per, sounds a bit like an Air track to me :thumbup:

    Nice measurements!

    However, it does not contradict our approach and what we claim.

    Hello M Kemper , I also watched Nighlight great vid & curves :

    while I really dig the amount of controls , would it be possible to add a bass & hi shift ( like in the cab settings ) knob on the KD ?

    it wouldn't contradict your approach , even if hi shift would be a bit redundant with tone control but let's say one knob controls the frequency while the other , the amount of dB boost/reducing ?

    I'm more a natural drive vs pedals , but I still use a BB clone and some fuzzes in front of my KPA, didn't found the right settings on the KD yet.

    Thanks for getting the direct feedback from the beta testers .

    I'll let the music speak as we're not supposed to talk politics in this gentle forum ;)

    this one is from 2 years ago , one of the 1st song where I began singing.

    this one is from 2 months ago, the beginning of the end

    hell yeah , welcome back US folks :)

    KD vs Blues Breaker, I’ve noticed that the BB has a warm subtle bottom end, that I was not able to reproduce with KD parameters available. This is perceivable specially using the neck and middle pickup, in the bass strings, playing either with fingers or pick. It’s not so evident in the treble strings, though.

    - KD’s King and BB beta settings have the drive maxed out. The KOT and BB setting I like has the drive/gain at 3 o’clock, by reducing the KD drive it gets more treble and more transparent than the actual KOT setting.

    I highly second these facts, I often use my BB clone on a low drive setting ( around 11 o'clock) and I also miss some crunch in the tone. I couldn't really replicate the tone of my BB with the available knobs.

    Dear M Kemper , please add a setting with lower drive on the BB.

    Good luck to you & all Irish folks , 6 weeks looks so long, but it's just the time to write & record a full album . That's what we did to pass the time with a welsh friend locked with me & my child at home in march. Best use of our time and some stories to tell to our future grand children ;)

    Thx for the pack Mick:)

    great addition Kemper team :) I'm updating right now and will give my feedback and maybe some clips later

    I've got a bluesbreaker clone to compare and a few fuzz boxes.

    here is the preset list once you import them ( manually in my case ) to my RM preset folder :