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    hi guys, here are my mods ( original 1 year old Geraldo's Cream45 , and DAKII2alp is my own amp , dakota matched with Geraldo's cab).

    Rigs titles speak fro themselves : SG for Hollowbody & HB , LP for vintage 60's Les Paul, and Tele ??? you got it ;)

    here is a snippet of those 3 rigs, not muffled for me , but with some tweaks !! This is a very raw mix ... HB , LP & Tele with some EQ (bass cut ...)

    Some of them have 2 boosts engaged for leads, disengage them for rhythm ... As I said the gain course on them is suited at max according to my low level Pups , you'll have to find the sweet spot for your guitars...

    Thanks again for the rigs Geraldo :)

    Ok I will try do do a zip pack but there might be some issues since a rig with wah boost engaged might not make a single sound if your remove the controller (happened to me once on vacation). They also are very closely related to my own guitar & monitor, it might sound like a 'park' amp on another type of pickups & monitoring solution.

    GERALDO, please do NOT erase the old rigs, it would be a crime !!!!

    Yeah, it's a killer profile for me. I came across this one 1 year ago (Cream JTA-45) and keep several slight variations of it in my quick browser , I also put the cab on several of my own vintage profiles (maybe the DAK KING JTM 42 SC , can't remember now) , since it's the closest cab I was aiming for.

    I use it for cleans, crunch ,rhythm leads ... What I really like is setting the gain quite high (lead setting ) then putting the wah booster in front ( set at -100) , this way I can control the gain from hendrix cleans to heavy rhytms & lead by foot. The gain course on this particular profile is one of the best I've seen. This sound is the overdrive I have been chasing from the beginning , early ACDC, ZZtop, led zep & Hendrix in a single rig ;) Awesome ...

    Another trick I use a lot is putting two slots with a pure booster (or lead booster) set a +0 vol to tighten the sound for leads, it gives a nice boogie feeling.

    Hello ,

    I love those rigs :) I made a little loop using Guyatone and Teisco for rhythm ( forget the solo badly cut at the end please).

    Regarding the distorded rigs, it's really worth swapping the cabs & tweaking a lot i think. Remember most of those amps don't have a gain setting !

    I made my heaviest rig ( DAK KING FAT Freddy used in this solo) this way with an amp initially designed in the 60's to play orchestral & bal music, absolutelety not intended for heavy rock ;)

    I cranked my amp at full volume , with basses at 9 o'clock, the sound was distorded, but really not that good. But once I did put the Plexi cab from kalvitz and tweaked the amp it sounded like motorhead !!

    Yeah I got the same pb with soundcloud sometimes . reload the page , or go to soundcloud , paste the url again. Be sure the url pastes well, sometimes you got some strange caracters (## // ..) while pasting, or incomplete pasting.

    If it doesn't work , you'll have to do a manual search with soundcloud internal search engine based on the infos supplied on the original post.

    I forget to give a few tips for those profile :

    • for hi gain rigs ( Fat freddy , JTM42 , LP growl ) : There are 2 boosts available for each rig , activate A & C slots together (wah pedal boost combo) , or activate B & D slots ( pure booster at 0 + EQ, I know this is a dirty trick but it turned out to sound really great on my gear)

    It will give you a great solo sound with a Kinda Boogie feeling ( focused ,gainier ,tight & singing). I guess it simulates a good driven preamp.

    • for clean rigs ( Twin, black & JTM clean) :

    Play with the input sense (clean on 10 for instance) it will drive those clean amps in crunch/solo mode, wich is much better than upping the gain on those rigs.

    Thanks to CUBE for this great tip (like a lot of discoveries it happened by error juste like 'tarte tatin ' recipe :thumbsup: )

    Those tricks did work on a lot of other rigs BTW

    "now this IS funny. maurizio memyselfandI aka Geraldo has posted the cream profile"

    lol !

    By the way, Geraldo , activate your Private Mail please, I could'nt thank you enough for that incredible CREAM JTA45 profile (my number one profile)

    Do you plan making other profiles out of this amazing amp ?

    hi, it happened to me also :
    check any loop engaged,
    if you use the wah pedal booster , desengage it also
    If nothing helps, you'll have to do a system reset.

    I've downloaded and tried the full pack, it's one the most impressive collection of vintage clean rigs to date.

    Each of this amp have a strong character/personnality , they are especially good on single coils ( tele, as usual on clean rigs). There are some real gems in the collection.

    Many thanks for your efforts, the profiling went very well on those, and you captured most of their soul for posterity ! We also have a full collection of vintage cabs to play with, wich is really fun.

    Hi again ,

    I finished sorting out my rigs , the clean ones and a little bonus.

    The Clean fender, JTM & blackface rigs are based on the organ channel, with or without presence switch activated. Basses were at 9 o'clock , treble and vol at 12 o'clock.

    The results are much less bassy than the 1st profile , but still very warm & highly recommandable with their own voicings (from the best cabs I could find :andy's twin & blackface, and JTM cream JTA45 cab ) and the amp stack of the DAK.

    The last one is a specific LES PAUL rig, made for Bridge & Neck HB it's aim is to enhance the famous growl of les pauls and sustain, i love this rig :)

    Once again here is a little clip of those 4 rigs in action , in a laid back blues/funk style. Sorry for the the bass line, I played it on a telecaster (with Mr Dakota rig) ;)

    Yeah young guitarists really need their ears educated with real blackfaces, boogies and vintage marshalls sounds !!

    CK please do what you did with the VIrus TI snow !!!