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    Hello you should try the Velocette from the rig exchange. This is the purest clean tube amp sound I've heard in a long time.

    I don't know who posted it but thanks for profiling such a great antiquity !

    You could also try the lancer, the nailor, the 10:00 conford harlequin, mesa transatlantic cleans, and the fender pro junior, they are all excellent clean profiles. As specified below , most rigs can sound interesting just by turning gain down.

    Enjoy !

    Hello all,

    thanks for your support viacrobe , I fount this answer a little rude too but I didn't really care, I'm used to work with german people & other european cultures ( Thanks to my cross cultural training at work !!).

    I understand you were in a hurry 'D', I'd much prefer we could discuss about this projects while sharing several good pilsners in a bar :rolleyes: .

    Just for the general information we were working with 4 people on the editors ( 2 german people & 2 french ones ), mostlty qualified IT pro and we spent at least 50 'man days' (as we speak in IT) on theses researches & dev. We do this only because were are passionnate about our KPA, remember that Laurent build most of the editor without even having a KPA.

    just my 2 cents,



    There are at least 4 projects related to third party software development on this forum ( midi management , 2 tag editors, a full librarian.)
    , I think it should be the time to ask for a specific topic on the forum.

    It would be easier to follow what's going on and keep trace of the updates. Of course there should be a big & clear warning there, saying that all that software is not supported by kemper.

    I hope I find some users supporting this idea !


    Hello !

    I just put a new version on dropbox with the COPY / PASTE buttons.

    You'll be able to load a rig, copy all it's editable tags then copy them, then open another rig and PASTE ALL the tags from the previous rig.

    For those who profile by the dozen that will be a great help, at least I hope so !

    I've also corrected the 'tab' behaviour, when you use the tab key fro switching between tags rigs will now be browsed in the correct order.

    I did some import tests with the new 1.5 firmware , with old and new rigs (copy pasted tags between them ) and it's 100 % OK for me

    Enjoy & Happy profiling

    Hi Neil, maybe you should check our tag editor if you planned to edit them before uploading.

    Link : "" (copy paste in your browser , this forum cannot redirect you, there is still a bug there !!! )

    It does not support tag copy paste for now, but you can type your tags, at least !

    There is also a new copy / paste text function in the latest firmware , but I did'nt tried it yet.



    I came accross a 2nd hand fender frontman 100W with 2x12 speakers, I wonder if someone have already tried it with a KPA ?

    Does it sound better with the "monitor CAB OFF" option ?


    Hello, there are 3 tags related to the comments (20 characters for each ) on each complete rig . I guess you can use them for this kind of information :

    rig comment
    amp comment
    cab comment

    Some rigs collections (like the Hiwatt100 from And44) come with 3 subfolders (one for tele / strat / LP) which is really great, the title of the rig is related to the guitar type ( ex ST-##) , so it's really convenient.

    The main issue is to make the tags homogeneous , so we can use sorting options the way they were intended to.

    Laurent started a thread on the nomenclature, I think we need a universal / general method for tagging our profiles, if we don't have this nomenclature, tagging will end in total chaos , with nothing sortable.

    The other option is to start a specific general taggging project for re-tagging the profiles done so far with the same rules. Laurent and some users did a good work on this with tagging most of the marshalls, this way they are sortable. Laurent's tool allows editing all rigs exported in Excel, so it's not an impossible task.


    Hello & Thanks for the feedback.

    I've noticed the tab order minor issue too. Regarding the whole directory & sub rigs mod, that should be do-able, just as the copy paste option, but It will take some time, as usual.

    I'll try to work on an executable, so PC users won't have to install Python.

    For those who don't know what Python is : this is a open source & free programming language. Don't be afraid installing it on your computer

    See you ,


    Hi I just uploaded the editor on Drop Box, see the instructions on the 1st post

    If you have trouble or questions, post it there , I will answer for everybody.

    Please also post positive experience if you have one !

    The tool is 1Mo

    Python needs 45 Mo

    You'll be able to load , edit most tags , save and import any rig on your KPA. The editor won't truncate tags for now, but your KPA sure will , during import. Keep it under 20 characters for most tags, that will be fine. You can rename files and rig name. There is no copy paste for now, but I'm working on it.

    See you,


    Hi !

    I did try the tool last evening , I used Redponycar's last Jetcity rig from the rig exchange, edited every tag , even the file name and the rig name, then imported it to the KPA without any problem !!! This is great news :D , fantastic Job Laurent !!

    For those who want to try the tool :

    I'll provide a link this week-end for the python excutables files, with all explanations to install python and launch the tool (Mac , PC & Linux ).

    Later on I'll build a single executable file for PC, this is much more complicated since there are lots of files and sub programs in Laurent's work.

    We will then add some functionnalities : copy / paste all tags from another rig , this way you'll just have to fill the tag on a main profile then tag all other derivative rigs with just a few clicks.

    See you,


    Hello, why don't you just repair your computer ?

    A dead power supply or a bad hard disk is easily changed (except if it's an apple !!) , find a geek near your to repair this and keep your kemper !!!


    Hi happy profilers !

    I've got sad news for our KPA editor, the tests did show that we can't import modified rigs to the KPA, our approach, based on Hex edit of the tags was'nt the right one.

    So we give up with this tool.

    The good news is that Laurent's Work on his version of the tag editor is working fine ( tests were ok too).

    As Laurent's code uses open source , with his approval , I was able to edit his code to comply with our initial needs for a simple tag editor.

    here is the new thread :

    New TAG editor tool in progress

    Hi again , happy & serious profilers

    With the Help of Laurent (GuyTarero) and Phil (fernandes) we will provide a simple tool to edit your tags on brand new profiles created with the KPA.

    The aim of this tool is to replace the painfull process X( the profilers used to do while turning knobs to edit 20 tags for a single profile.

    This way profilers will just have to edit their new profiles with a few letters ( like JTM1, JTM2 ) and edit the whole list of tags later.

    We hope the amount of time saved with this editor will allow them to make more profiles !!

    I did start from Laurent's work & sources and did a light up of his code with the idea of keeping it as simple as possible ( I got rid of batch processing and great complex functionnalities). So the main credits should go to Laurent for his excellent research & developpement :thumbsup:

    As I know some of KPA owners are not computer friendly , the user interfaces will just allow loading an existing profile, edit it , save it.

    I'll will handle the PC version while Laurent and Phil should be able to handle mac versions.

    Let us do some import tests and you'll have the tools at your disposal in a few days.

    See you,



    EDIT : Sources available


    Hi Folks ! This is a great day :P

    here is the program :

    THOSE FILES ARE UP TO DATE (18/11/2012)

    Instructions :

    In order to be able to tag your rigs on your pc :

    You'll first need to Install Python 2.7 on your PC/Mac/Linux ( 32 bits version is OK )

    here is the link to your Python installer : PC =

    MAC =…thon-2.7.3-macosx10.3.dmg

    Once installed , unzip the TAG_editor zip archive to a known folder.

    Then double click on the main python program :

    This will launch the tool.

    If windows ask for a program to launch .py files , lead it to the python directory and point to python.exe

    You are done , happy tagging !


    This kind of trouble reminds PC hardware issues where the battery on the mainboard is dead, I wonder if someone ever saw this kind of button battery inside the KPA ?


    Hello Rosich

    don't be afraid to use cheap guitar, it's not a matter of price but more a matter of woods, pickups and overall crafting. If your guitar does sound great thru classic tube amps, you'll find some great rigs on the KPA too.

    I use a 200€ second hand classic vibe Squier thinline tele (stock PUs) and it sounds really great with most of the rigs.

    Remember that the KPA is 'transparent ' to your guitar and will emphasize it's flaws as well as it's qualities, just like a good tube amp does.

    That said , the KPA deserves great guitars , once you get your KPA borrow some friend's guitars and listen to their actual tone thru the KPA, you'll be amazed by the differences and probably begin a guitar collection ( like japanese vintage tokais,orville ...)


    Hi, finally you nailed it with a tele !! This is the magic formula : KPA + tele = best tone ever.

    The KPA responds very well and with good tonal transparency to pickups and woods, you can get so much differences in your tone with a single profile just by switching pickups / guitars. This is not different from real amps ,think about the inputs low gain / hi gain on some boogie amps for instance, they have a major impact on the tone.

    I use a 79' yamaha SG1000 (les paul like) with splittable pickups , single coil for rhythm sounds and HB for leads. HB can sound muddier , you have to lower your guitar volume, but the tones are amazing. Some rigs need adjustments for each of your guitars , while some other will sound great without any change (the almighty Cream JTA 45 once again !)

    It's clear that the KPA will let the character of the guitar express itself : I just got my old US 94 strat back (left unplayed for 5 years :( , what a major disappointment when I plugged it to the KPA , crappy and dull , i eventually figured that I had to find some new pickups for it , they are dead ... A brand new thinline tele (classic vibe chinese squier) sounded much more punchy , with excellent clarity and even a great sustain, I could'nt believe it but that is the truth , squier thinline sounds better than my vintage us strat 8|.

    You also have to adjust input sense (your clean setting is VERY VERY high at 7.2) I leave mine at 1.5 (2 to 3 for single coils on the tele & strat).