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    thx, you were right, the LOOP is engaged on Crunch+, clean & full profiles.

    really warm, transparent and tasty amp . It's also sensitive to guitar vol. pot, like every good tube amp should do , thanks for profiling it.


    for unknown reasons I could'nt hear anything from those rigs after importing those profiles on my KPA (imported them twice to be sure ) while other imported rigs where OK , as usual.

    I did not upgrade to 1.5.2 , I'm still in 1.5.0

    Am I alone in this case ? ?(



    Beeing jalous from a long time ago about keyboard players and their clavinets & rhodes I wanted to experiment something with the great filters from the KPA.

    I've managed to do something close to this great electrical harpsicord with 2 frequency filters , Vowel filter & Low pass one. The starting rig is the mighty great conford harlequin :) + lots of EQ & tweaking.

    Here is a short loop I did record

    Hope you enjoy it , it's rather difficult to play since you have to' pinch' the strings to get that funky attack . I used a thinline tele (rear PU with half vol. pot) & noise gate intensity dialed on 6 to kill the sustain.

    I tried the python thing on my Mac

    Hello Armin, you should try the 'new' version I built from Laurent's code since it allows copy/paste function , you should be able to edit tags just once for a single profile then duplicate it to the other profiles from a rig collection.

    check this post


    Hope it can help , I wonder how much time it did take to edit 70 tags for your mark V profiles ???


    Hello, it's not quite dead !

    I must confess I did not work on the editor lately, I don't really know if the tool is used or not, so I went back to nasty guitar experiments on my KPA. I guess Laurent is in the same case.

    Anyway it's usable as it is , see our latets posts (You'll have to use the search function ) we don't have lot of visibility on the forum, I asked for a specific page but could'nt find approval.

    We still have to build some binaries/programs instead of interpreted python code, but I stopped searching the magic formula to 'compile' it (for macs & pcs).

    The last quote from the kemper team saying they were working on their official editor/librarian did kill my last will about finishing our editor.

    I'm afraid that only a full pack of commercial profiles from Armin & Andy will make us give up our guitars/beers/smoke and get back on the keyboard :D

    Any python volunteer can work on the subject as all the code was released on GPL licensing.

    See you and thanks for your interest,


    Leslie west's famous guitar sound !!

    The answer is in your question :D . I heard a story about a man walking at NAMM and suddently hearing a monstruous guitar sound like he never heard before , then discovering Leslie West in person on a little cranked mosfet demo combo , without any pedal or anything else. His tone mostly comes from his fingers & bottleneck , and the fact that the amp is fully cranked and also the lespaul Junior with P90 vibe.

    You can achieve this tone with the vintage marshalls fount on the rig exchange I guess (JTM 45 , Bluesbreaker brownie , CREAM JTA 45 ...) as long as you play it loud to get some sustain, feedback. Also try boosting (green screamer & pure booster ..).

    here is a short text I just googled to illustrate :

    Gibson: Mountain made its performance debut in 1969, at Fillmore West. Do you remember much about that?

    LW: Yes, I do. I remember that Albert King’s amplifiers blew, and he
    had to use my amps. It was funny. I was supposed to get these Marshall
    amps, and they didn’t arrive, so Sunn had sent me some amps. I was
    pissed off when I got them because it was actually a Coliseum PA head
    they sent me. I thought, “Shit, what am going to do with this?” I had no
    choice but to use them, but it turned out that they gave me the
    signature sound that I used for years. [Coliseum PA heads] had four
    microphone inputs and a master volume, which sort of turned into what
    amps are now. You could get a particular distortion by plugging in the
    microphones and turning up the master volume. It was a mistake that
    proved to be great. Nobody else knew how I was getting that sound.

    Re: the tone-in-the-fingers part, in a Budda amps interview (and
    other places), Leslie talks about the fact that he couldn’t play fast
    (he only used his first and fourth fingers): “I couldn’t play fast [so] I
    focused on my vibrato and my tone. I used to work every day on the tone
    of the guitar. I wanted [his guitar] to sound like Pavarotti. I wanted
    that tremolo, that vibrato.”

    Do you know anyone else who’s said that they used to work every day – in the ’50s and ’60s – on just TONE?

    Gotta love Leslie.

    Of course, Leslie’s axe of choice back in the day was a Les Paul
    Junior, TV models first. In a House of Blues interview, he said: “To me a
    Les Paul Junior is a tree with a microphone.” And “there’s a hum to it
    [because of the P-90 pickup], but I managed to hide the hum.”

    So that was it: Les Paul Junior (mahogany + P-90), cord, Sunn Coliseum head, Marshall cabs. No fuzz, no effects of any sort.

    And fingers. Fingers full of attitude and conviction."
    I really love this sentence " To me a
    Les Paul Junior is a tree with a microphone. " :P


    Hello, I agree with the velocette not being really the cleanest rig ... I liked it very much with a few minor adjustments :

    lower the gain (to 2 or 3 leds only ) , push the volume up, use single coils (lower guitar volume also and try different PU pos.) , adjust clean sense so it does not distort to easily. I often lock the wah booster pedal on my KPA in order to find the right amount of gain ( set the booster to -100%). I also use a cheap fender pro junior on the monitor out (cab sim off) that gives great tight & warm basses (12" speaker).

    The fender pro junior and the cream JTA 45 are in the same league, they are the warmest cleans (and also crunch btw) I fount, but you need to find the sweet spot, they will sound fantastic (from ultra clean to bright & sharp funky tones, and very jazzy with humbuckers).

    nope ! It gets really boring with more than 500 rigs ? I would love the equivalent of a 'grep' linux command (just a part of the name for searching a whole rig) ; enter just boo , and you'll get all the boogies (the correctly tagged ones !)

    This would be much faster


    Hello ,

    it would be really useful to have an little search engine for finding a specifig rig in the internal memory of the KPA, especially when you have more than severall hundreds of them. The sort options are great , but I often find myself searching for a specific one , scrolling and scrolling for too long.

    A simple search routine to find a specific rig with a few choices ( search in rig name / amp name tag / cab name tag ) should be enough.


    Hello ,

    Some fews mods and adjustments were made :

    • finally implemented a function to limit the size of the tags to their actual size ( 20 most often ) while you entry them
    • I revamped the interface

    Edit : I just uploaded the source pack on Page 1 , here it is

    [Blocked Image:]

    I'll be working on a batch function ASAP, but you should now be able to edit a brand new rig's tags , copy and paste on a 10 rig collection in less than 5 minutes.

    Anyone using it on a mac there ?

    See you,


    Hello you should try the Velocette from the rig exchange. This is the purest clean tube amp sound I've heard in a long time.

    I don't know who posted it but thanks for profiling such a great antiquity !

    You could also try the lancer, the nailor, the 10:00 conford harlequin, mesa transatlantic cleans, and the fender pro junior, they are all excellent clean profiles. As specified below , most rigs can sound interesting just by turning gain down.

    Enjoy !

    Hello all,

    thanks for your support viacrobe , I fount this answer a little rude too but I didn't really care, I'm used to work with german people & other european cultures ( Thanks to my cross cultural training at work !!).

    I understand you were in a hurry 'D', I'd much prefer we could discuss about this projects while sharing several good pilsners in a bar :rolleyes: .

    Just for the general information we were working with 4 people on the editors ( 2 german people & 2 french ones ), mostlty qualified IT pro and we spent at least 50 'man days' (as we speak in IT) on theses researches & dev. We do this only because were are passionnate about our KPA, remember that Laurent build most of the editor without even having a KPA.

    just my 2 cents,



    There are at least 4 projects related to third party software development on this forum ( midi management , 2 tag editors, a full librarian.)
    , I think it should be the time to ask for a specific topic on the forum.

    It would be easier to follow what's going on and keep trace of the updates. Of course there should be a big & clear warning there, saying that all that software is not supported by kemper.

    I hope I find some users supporting this idea !


    Hello !

    I just put a new version on dropbox with the COPY / PASTE buttons.

    You'll be able to load a rig, copy all it's editable tags then copy them, then open another rig and PASTE ALL the tags from the previous rig.

    For those who profile by the dozen that will be a great help, at least I hope so !

    I've also corrected the 'tab' behaviour, when you use the tab key fro switching between tags rigs will now be browsed in the correct order.

    I did some import tests with the new 1.5 firmware , with old and new rigs (copy pasted tags between them ) and it's 100 % OK for me

    Enjoy & Happy profiling