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    Very cool track! I’d be interested to hear how it would sound with a nice big vintage plate verb and echo on the vocals and some treble rolled off to really give it that classic psychedelic vibe.

    The Per, It's actually a vintage lexicon plate on this vocal track with 18 % mix ( bright setting )

    Do you have a precise reference I could refer to , to match this idea ?

    FYI here is the kind of rigs I'm working on ( extract from the single coil pack) :

    the single coil pack is suited for strats, teles and all splittable humbuckers. It won't produce good results on Humbuckers due to all SC tweaks I took.

    DISENGAGE ALL stomps FX and post FX locks to get the best tone. Most rigs are already tweaked, you'll just need to adjust the volume pot on your guitar or the kpa's gain pot if specified.

    Content of the pack : 9 direct profiles & 14 merged profiles (JTM cab):

    -dry clean

    -full clean

    -bright clean

    -dimed clean











    here are a few details about the content :

    Please find the direct input files in their own folder. These are RAW untweaked profiles. All merged rigs were directly made from these profiles by matching a great JTM cab and tweaking them.

    You'll find a good selection of FXs on each rig, in their own context. Most cleans include a dist stomp to switch from clean to lead on the same rig. On crunches and drives the dist stomps are mainly used to change the color of the drive.

    dry clean : best suited for very clean parts where the guitar cuts the mix - takes FX very well - great for recording, blues

    full clean : favorite among beta testers, this one sounds really great and open on it's own, great for live & chording and all sorts of tones - Be sure to play around with your guitar vol pot on this one.

    bright clean : specially designed for fast funk chording with treble enhanced. Cuts the mix pretty well

    dimed clean : this one is used for blues or jazz, for riffs, leads licks and darker chordal work

    jazz : similar to dimed and optimized for jazz guitar with specific tone stack and FX.

    crunch1 : lots of personality in this one, fender territory for all kinds of tones : blues, rock'n roll, funk ... Adjust the gain until you get a satisfying crunch

    crunch2 : a bit more driven and a bit more tailored for leads, but will still allow strumming

    crunch3 : another color in crunch

    drive1 : cranked amp rhythm or lead tone, lots of growl and a typical British 70's soul. Up the gain to get the needed drive

    drive2 : lots of overdrive on this monster, the most modern tone you'll get from the AMT. Do not touch the gain on this one : it's much better to adjust the guitar volume instead. This way you'll lower the drive AND keep the great punch of this typical Marshall tone.

    Jimi : this one is designed to mimic super-cranked Hendrix's tone, while still having some great clean rhythm with a low volume pot on the guitar. Best used on a neck start pickup. Included FX are 2 types of dist. pedal (they also work together) and a great rotary sim. Favorite amongst the beta testers

    Voxy : typical vox vibe perfect for old time rock'n roll and early Who/Led Zep stuff, also great for blues. There is a special spring verb setting on this one.

    lead1&2 : full, warm, articulate and punchy, very similar to boogie mark series lead tones. If you lower your guitar vol pot you will travel in time : 8/9 90's , 7 80's , 5 70's ... You'll also get great modern US driven tone by removing the delay and lowering the vol pot. on the guitar

    Hi, you may know that I did some matched packs for passive single coils guitars a long time ago (2015) , then I went for HB and P90 & hollow guitars.

    While the rigs are still very good , I'm setting some new reverbs and FXes and also general tweaks to make them sound even better. Most of the profiles shine on recording , but also on live play , but the main usage is recording and play at home or rehearsal

    I have a 25 profile single coil pack ready for testing , so I'm looking for at least 3 testers with :

    1. single coil guitars ( classic strat, tele, splits , passive stuff) , HB guitars ( classic LP , SG & so ) , and hollow and semi hollow guitars ( 335 L5 ..) . HB and hollow pack will follow
    2. FRFR systems like Atomic CLR, yahama HS series or quality studio monitors.
    3. you got a good ear, some time and the will to write some feedback to me ( 1 or 2 line of text for each profile that stands out badly or especially good ) , you're welcome on this adventure.

    Each tester will receive the 3 full finished packs ( SC , humbucker , and hollow pack as a reward ) but no money involved here.

    Each client that bought my packs in the past will receive the free updated packs with some new profiles ( from my JCM800 preamp Jessie M collection) .

    Please send me a Private message if interested.

    Feel free to ask questions here

    I've been working on my old packs , and I would like to paste the same reverb and delay setting to a full 30 profile collection.

    I somewhat managed to do it with the reverb by grabbing the preset from a second window of the editor presets over my collection on first window.

    But that won't click with the delays, I'm not able to store as the editor does not see any change :/

    Do you know a way to load an FX preset to a given slot on several profiles ( in batch ) and store it in a local directory from the rig manager ?

    Thx Michael, yes I really dig spoken world , especially with Lee's deep bassy voice , great vocals.

    We have a spoken world specialist in France , an absolute reference as a musician too, Serge Gainsbourg. He is a major influence for me.

    An epic adventure, love the whole feel and that crazy guitar tone , I really happy to see you're getting back to recording :)

    Here is another collaboration with my singer Lee Rice.

    My simple fantasy

    Main inspiration was Floyd , as you may guess by yourself...

    I'm no Gilmour nor Alan Parsons , but I had lots of fun of layering & mixing this one, especially the intro & ending pseudo lap steel ( played with a dunlop tone bar ) .

    I also used the Abbey Road mastering tool, gives really great specialization & tape drive.

    Lee did a superb job singing this one, I really dig the vocals parts on this mix.


    I'd setup the amps for a given guitar just like you do IRL , include these notes in the specific field in the profile tags , this way users will adjust.

    If you have P90 , most profiles will suit HB and SC , with some exceptions of course

    3/ refine became unnecessary a while ago. But you can still experiment


    I'd also suggest taking merged profiles , the merge option led me to really great results in the past.

    be sure the resulting collection of profiles is set in a right volume range , it's very uncomfortable to test a batch of profiles with lots of volume differences.

    Do a lot of A/B real amp VS profile in the control room to get sure your profiles are a perfect match to the real stuff.

    Enjoy this rewarding experience :)

    Got a 6i6 too, get sure you switch to S/PDIF Clock source when recording from the KPA , and also setup the same sample rate that you have in your KPA ( 44 Khz for both for me) . Check the icon with the gearing. Clicks should go away !

    You have to switch back to internal clock source when you switch off the KPA, or you won't have any audio from the 6i6

    It's andy to have a focusrite control shorcut on your desktop.

    This is boring because as far as I know the KPA cannot be used as a slave device .

    Thx DM42 once again for your great comments ( what's your first name ? )

    My J6 washburn archtop was used with the following profile from my own Hollowbody pack :, close to Boogie on Spring , but easier to mix.

    with a few tweaks ( like amp comp ) & KPA Fxes , thanks to the editor

    I'm still on my Lofi ride , writing a track here and then,

    My worn tape

    I threw away 6 out of 9 tracks , but this one is a keeper with the cool redundant theme.

    The KPA was used on all synths tracks, as I love the lush verbs & delay much more than my DAW ones.

    The lofi was done a DAW level. Jazzbox still in tune but badly Lofied in the DAW too ?(

    Not using choons anymore, Renaud?

    Sadly Choon is dead , migrating to emanate , a new platform ... Too bad because Choon interface was really good vs soundcloud.

    the one that comes in at 35s stands out as being too-harsh IMHO. Grainy, piercing, thin... just too-harsh, man... IMHO of course.

    I love this one , all my other leads are very smooth most of the time, as I said earlier I kept this one acid & in the foreground . Most of the listeners complain about it , but that was part of the purpose , to have an aggressive rock'n roll tone.

    Check out OK Kings on Spotify

    Yeah, great stuff Sam , you went much heavier on the spring verb than me , the tones are more rounded too, more modern.

    I was really aiming for raw 50's tone, Thanks for the hint on the drums, but that's EZ2 not a real drummer this time.

    My only comment is that the lead is a bit thin and with too much gain to be period correct.

    Yeah I wonder how they could achieve such high distortion with just a clean fender tube amp, but I think it's realistic, as far as I could experiment with real tube amps. It's a bit icy , but I like this acidity in that particular context.