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    thx for the refs Mike, I now get it : dirt chorus chords, dual vocals ( both mid and high like I did) and laid back leads ,

    i reckon it's similar . But as I said it's pure coincidence , but maybe not as one's mind will often trick you with all your background and let you think your own cooking is genuine, it happens all the time :o

    Very cool, early 80s influence.

    Thx Per I was aiming for some sort of soft metal but it ended like a new wave , really funny how things turn up when you improvise parts after parts on the fly.

    Nice one. Great ear-catchers in that and the vocals are really cool. That guitar solo reminds me big time of one of my alltime favorite bands: Alice In Chains. Killer!

    Thx Mike , TBH I can't name single title from this great band and it's pure coincidence , I'll have to listen to these guys again ; I'd appreciate some recommendations here ?

    Thx a lot about the vocals , I've still a looooong way of work and practice until I'm satisfied with my vocals, but I took the experimental road and use my vox as as I do with my guitars, it's all about the context.

    Thx Per, yeah I'm still learning to treat my own vocals , not an easy task TBH, especially when you change from vocal fry register ( low basses ) to falsetto, I think I'll have to set up a few different Fx chains once I'm settled in the right band & fx. Still a lot of progress to make but so rewarding to experiment & learn with voices.

    And now for some french touch ;)

    I started from a great 80's synthwave drum and played my usual funky chordings. I then went for a synth bass this time , I played on a moog preset from my korg sent to KPA for dirt preamp and FX for that massive analog tone.

    I also used my falsetto voice for main chorus and verse, on 4 layers. Still trying my upper registry ,

    End lead is my prs on bogner , but with a wovel filter this time.

    Too bad Audius killed the dynamics :( original sounds killer on my HS7

    The tone reminds me of Joe Satriani's leads.

    Yeah thx that's the PRS silversky's great lutherie thru a great XTC profile with a real dist box in front and a few FXs .

    I never owned a PRS before, but man you got instant FM radio tone out of these beasts with the right amp, that's why I shot this one mainly for leads.

    Nice dist bass ! loved the tape stop ending , I really dig that tape sim from Arturia, but I wonder what's about the "jamaican disco" preset , sounds like a wonderful inspiration for a tune title

    Thx guys !

    Per : the drums are from a free download set of drum loops and kits ( kontakt or reason can't remember) , I got the synthwave and a lofi one last year. These are pre mixed and really punchy.

    Mike , I used the " prince" preset from the official pack with a tweak on the chorus, I was chasing a tight funky tone, and this one was fitting my needs.

    About the vocals : I had quite a chain , SM7b, art voice channel , KPA for lush delays , and DAW with another chain. it's nice to treat vocals juste like another guitar.

    I did 3 layers of voice and I'm proud having no editing on them, guitare timing practise apparently gives you precision even on vocals and other instruments.

    It's hard for us guitarists to be totipotent , most commercial styles and even hip hop needs an army of producers, eng., arrangers , soloists ... I think we need to work with other folks to get out of our valleys of comfort and some help from outside, play in a band or get an external production.

    You can be proud of your work , you're an artist , an able to record whatever you want with ease, that's quite an achievement as a musician