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    An epic adventure, love the whole feel and that crazy guitar tone , I really happy to see you're getting back to recording :)

    Here is another collaboration with my singer Lee Rice.

    My simple fantasy

    Main inspiration was Floyd , as you may guess by yourself...

    I'm no Gilmour nor Alan Parsons , but I had lots of fun of layering & mixing this one, especially the intro & ending pseudo lap steel ( played with a dunlop tone bar ) .

    I also used the Abbey Road mastering tool, gives really great specialization & tape drive.

    Lee did a superb job singing this one, I really dig the vocals parts on this mix.


    I'd setup the amps for a given guitar just like you do IRL , include these notes in the specific field in the profile tags , this way users will adjust.

    If you have P90 , most profiles will suit HB and SC , with some exceptions of course

    3/ refine became unnecessary a while ago. But you can still experiment


    I'd also suggest taking merged profiles , the merge option led me to really great results in the past.

    be sure the resulting collection of profiles is set in a right volume range , it's very uncomfortable to test a batch of profiles with lots of volume differences.

    Do a lot of A/B real amp VS profile in the control room to get sure your profiles are a perfect match to the real stuff.

    Enjoy this rewarding experience :)

    Got a 6i6 too, get sure you switch to S/PDIF Clock source when recording from the KPA , and also setup the same sample rate that you have in your KPA ( 44 Khz for both for me) . Check the icon with the gearing. Clicks should go away !

    You have to switch back to internal clock source when you switch off the KPA, or you won't have any audio from the 6i6

    It's andy to have a focusrite control shorcut on your desktop.

    This is boring because as far as I know the KPA cannot be used as a slave device .

    Thx DM42 once again for your great comments ( what's your first name ? )

    My J6 washburn archtop was used with the following profile from my own Hollowbody pack :, close to Boogie on Spring , but easier to mix.

    with a few tweaks ( like amp comp ) & KPA Fxes , thanks to the editor

    I'm still on my Lofi ride , writing a track here and then,

    My worn tape

    I threw away 6 out of 9 tracks , but this one is a keeper with the cool redundant theme.

    The KPA was used on all synths tracks, as I love the lush verbs & delay much more than my DAW ones.

    The lofi was done a DAW level. Jazzbox still in tune but badly Lofied in the DAW too ?(

    Not using choons anymore, Renaud?

    Sadly Choon is dead , migrating to emanate , a new platform ... Too bad because Choon interface was really good vs soundcloud.

    the one that comes in at 35s stands out as being too-harsh IMHO. Grainy, piercing, thin... just too-harsh, man... IMHO of course.

    I love this one , all my other leads are very smooth most of the time, as I said earlier I kept this one acid & in the foreground . Most of the listeners complain about it , but that was part of the purpose , to have an aggressive rock'n roll tone.

    Check out OK Kings on Spotify

    Yeah, great stuff Sam , you went much heavier on the spring verb than me , the tones are more rounded too, more modern.

    I was really aiming for raw 50's tone, Thanks for the hint on the drums, but that's EZ2 not a real drummer this time.

    My only comment is that the lead is a bit thin and with too much gain to be period correct.

    Yeah I wonder how they could achieve such high distortion with just a clean fender tube amp, but I think it's realistic, as far as I could experiment with real tube amps. It's a bit icy , but I like this acidity in that particular context.

    You nailed it Renaud! I had to slick my hair back and light a cigarette before the ending

    ahah killer quote Mud ' I really appreciate the picture ;)

    Which one do you have in mind? New Tarantine? He'd love it!

    I'm really open , I hope some producers will come & fetch me , but a tarantino only in my dreams man , I'd be happy with a soap commercial ;)

    The only minor tweak I could come up with would be the tone of the solo line.

    . Maybe the lead guitar starting at ~1:10 and ~2:00 is a little too loud or in the foreground when it kicks in

    You're both right guys , this is partly intended as I listened a whole lotta 50 & 60's recording , and lots of flaws make these recordings so authentic.

    I had to make some flaws in my track too, and to mimic an excited guitarist jumping with too much enthusiasm on his volume pot...

    Attention to details was critical on this one, I'm tired but happy :)

    Hi , here is a new track in a typical 50's & 60's feel , surf & western influences.

    Surfin fifties

    i took lots of time to shape the guitar sounds with the editor, spring reverbs, ice picking fender tones , cab swapping, trem tweaks ...

    But I eventually made it , I also changed my usual way of playing to adapt to the feel.

    Let me know your thoughts about the 50's or 60's tone, I also spent lots of time in my DAW to achieve the sound of a studio session.

    I'm testing a new platform as I' m getting closer and closer to professional results, I'd love to license this one to a movie, so don't be shy on the critics.

    The right profile for the right guitar & pickup is all I need , nothing to improve on an already killer tone , quite the same you do with your tube amp IRL.

    Post EQ & FX in DAW or PA system will have much higher impact later.

    As usual great stuff Renaud. I like what you share and how you do it as well :)

    Great tune, very 80s indeed. Guitars and drums are on the spot for me. And I like this great double lead guitar solo starting at 1:34. So cool :thumbup:8)

    I think I mentioned it last time as well that the bass is a bit too boomy for my taste. It's thick and runs through quite well but for me is has a bit too much low mids / high bass. Not easy for me to say which exact frequency it is.

    Thx for the kind comments , I've updated my track with a new mix, lowering the bass and reworking the parts & overall balance. Many thx to you :)

    Edited Track is online

    I managed to get intensive use of the editor while recording my latest track , and I must say it greatly improved my session.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    your daily shot of 80's

    Had no crash in that session, but had to restart the editor twice since it was behaving strangely ... beta is beta so I won't whine .

    Browsing and chasing the tones was a bliss , I copied my favourite FX presets & cabs first , by storing them in my local pool.

    I was able to load the best profiles for each part of this recording , Tailoring the amps on the fly was a major fun ,I almost didn't touch my KPA this time.

    Welagen 6SS on the cleans , chorus ( air & vintage ) , smooth delay & verb

    Cameron CCV for the PM and power chords part ( same choruses)

    CAE lead from Breu ( Chorus & digital delay)

    most part are my strat , leads are SemI Hollow P90, jazz bass

    About the track :

    For those lucky folks (like me) that had a chance to grow in the 80's and ingest all of this era's music ...

    This is my best try to sound like an 80's mix : stratocaster, vintage chorus, air chorus , same for the bass, digital delay on the leads, heavy reverb on the snare...

    Let me know how you like my mix here , I wonder what to do to sound more 80's, it's a bit too warm maybe, I'm open for dirty cheats ;)

    Here is a screenshot of my work in reaper for the curious.

    I'm with you , 7 years of patience were eventually worth it :)

    It looks like the whole manager was rewritten from scratch, much faster & fluid.

    I already fount some new tones I wouldn't have tried with the old manager , thanks to cabs management.

    Well done KPA team :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    It took at least 10 min to figure it out from scratch, but here is how I swap cab between rigs :

    1. Browse to the rig you want to steal the cab, from your profiler or rig manager
    2. Highlight it's cab in the editor by hovering over the cab icon in the editor
    3. drag it to to 'All presets' then 'local library' , this way you store your cab as a new preset ( cab category )
    4. Then switch to whatever rig you want, then double click on your cab preset from 'All presets' then 'local library' to load it.

    Alternatively , you can drag from preset to CAB icon if double click in unreliable ( happens often on me)

    you're done :)

    drawbacks : you cannot switch cab presets with arrows or enter key :( , maybe soon ?