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    Thx guys , that really was a quick one , and I used some dirty tricks to get that vintage sounds, like the vowel filter on the clavinet to get more honky & nasal vibe. I also sent all the keys to a fender 70's combo profile with spring.

    Wow! I dont know where to start. As a novice songwriter I was struck by Lee's lyrics, his unique voice and delivery. All around beautiful and haunting all at once. And for you...what an amazing canvas to paint on. Even the songs with sparse guitar, it is all very tast. I love the title track. Very haunting. And the guitar parts accentuate that. City Street Bonus stands out as well in terms of guitar. I really hope the best for Lee. Super talented guy! And you as well...just awesome!

    Thanks a lot Nate, this the best review we had , I really appreciate your words.

    Yes I'm lucky to have such a singer and writer , both domain I really suck at. And yes we're both in our late 40's , so the lyrics come deep and interesting, with a real soul & style.

    My guitar play was adapting to the folk style of Lee, with a few more rock parts , but it was mainly experimenting to emphasize Lee's voice and not take over it, and adding some subtle landscapes in the background. A great experience I highly recommend.

    You can be super proud of your own work, you build your music alone , writing , singing, arranging , this is really impressive and I can tell you you're on the right way, it takes lots of energy and bravery to write a full album, but at this pace , you'll soon be ready. But it's a path you'll enjoy more and more and get better after each track. You writing is also meaning something vs all the crap we hear on TV & radio, and you're a witness to all the crazy behavior our species is living , another thing you can be proud of. It's not always easy to open your mouth to talk the truth , and we had to give up with some of our darker texts and songs.

    Congratulations Renaud and greetings and best wishes to Lee. Great collaboration and great stuff you created. Very nice

    Thanks a lot Michael, Yes we were really lucky to find each other as we complement each other perfectly , I was in a desperate need for a singer & some deep writing and Lee was looking for someone who could create landscapes around his ideas and produce the whole.

    Hello , As you know I've been working with a Welsh Artist since the beginning of the pandemic.

    We managed to record 20 tracks in these two months , here is the final result :

    Take a listen to these tracks and if you like to support a street artist , grab the album.

    Lee's lifestyle is the road , a backpack , a tent and living from his guitar & singing in the streets since 8 years now , all across Europe.

    I did play & record all electric guitars , basses , keys. Lee did lots of the lyrics, folk takes and all the singing & vocal recording. I did the mixes & mastering. We also had two female singers for leads & backings.

    Lee's writing is based on his experience on the streets, nature and the confinement we all had to live.

    I played lots of cleans parts using ebows , slide & tone bars , and synths were kept a real minimum.

    Brilliant, Renaud! This sounds mind-blowing! My favourite of all your tracks so far, it's so laid-back yet at the same time like an action movie!

    Thx a lot Arvind , laid back was the mood :) Your favourite ? Well I spent a whole week on blaxploitation and this one just got a 30 min. attention on my squier strat , that tells a lot about time & gear, spontaneous stuff is often the best :)

    Very cool. Love the guitar bits throughout. Right on the edge of out of control but always in control. I always use good quality phones and the low end is very full as well.

    Thx man ! Yes sounds on the limit , I tried to play a bit goofy , but this still needs a lot of mastery to keep it interesting. About the low end : there is no bass on this track , so I guess you refer to the boogie part, I played it on my SF300 profile ( a cheap 25€ behringer fuzz , great device with adjustable bass). I sent the whole track on Ozone and used the generic automatic mastering to speed up the process, so I guess you can thank Ozone ;)

    Well done Renaud. Could also be an old James Bond theme song from the 60s

    It was of course a vodka martini shaken not stirred

    ... and when the bartender mixed the drink for Renaud he poured the vodka in and forgot to add anything else.

    Thx guys , your brain did all the work as soon as you heard the boogie line , and this time no full hollow guitar, just a flat strat , it's all about the attitude ?

    I wish I could get drunk from these vodka shots, but with a Russian grandfather I have a genetic resistance to vodka ;(

    But seriously, I think he did a terrific job of constructing the piece as "drunk music". It takes skill to pull that off.

    Thx A lot Nicky , you must be very serious at some point to record funny music , Zappa is our absolute master in this domain. Yes it took 25 years of practice for that 3 notes & one string boogie line ^^

    Old England car, cocktail, valley of Limousin, James Bond girl...

    KPA is a philosophy ? :P

    waraba you tell a story with music very well.

    All the things I miss ATM ! But you're right KPA is the ultimate tool for creative people , you just need ideas, the profiler always provides the right tones for the right tune, from 40's to now. I'm still very impressed by the gear and underrated tools & FX in this unit. Watch Per's works : it's so true with his never ending tribute to all the music we love.

    I see the dialog, very interesting...

    I thank to introduction of good action film with a Morgan car :P

    What is a "Vowel filter" ?

    Vowel filter is a Wah kinda effect from the KPA, but this one will change the resonance of your vowels tone with the expression pedal , on vowel articulation like E , O , A .... Maybe you know the Yaya from Steve Vai ?

    It's available in the Wah type of FX on the editor.

    Very cool ambiance Per, liked it a lot, sounds like a monophonic production from Phil Spector era.

    Did you use a specific verb on the drums or it is a master mix verb on the whole ?

    Scofield on Barbiturates

    So true , minus the Scofield ;)

    Nice dark vibe Renaud and some pretty spooky guitar lines. I like it

    Thx Michael , I spent 30 min. to record this one after a week of serious stuff from our Alien Brothers release, this one was such a relief !

    That is so brain-dead, Renaud.

    Perfect, man!

    Thx Nick' I knew you'd like this one .


    It's valleys of Limousin to give U all inspiration ?

    Merci ! Inspiration came from scratch , after a lot of serious recordings. This one was inspired by my own rigs from Rig Ex because I was searching for my Pad rigs ( good ones BTW) and I just fount my fuzz SF300 rigs also. Trying them again put me in a dirty T.Rex vibe. I then used the vowel filters to start some spooky dialog between two guitar lines , it's supposed to be a man & a female , or a father and his child. Vowel filters are such a great creative tool.