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    Another great one from Per, a well known stakhanovist recorder :

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    I think that they can be successfully used as an independent instrument

    Cool sound....looks like I'll be taking this for a spin in the 80s

    Waraba: That sounds so cool! The beginning to me brings to mind Return of the Night of the Living dead sort of feel....then get's into almost James Bond; finally extro with some ambient more happy tail.

    Loved it.

    Thx a lot :) Yes , vintage goblin was the first thing that came into my mind while trying the last presets, they'll have lots of appeal for soundtracks , ambient & electro music.

    and yeah , these pads sure get you back in time , with an analog feel. It will take some time to master them, but see lots of possibilities in these , especially the choirs.

    I highly recommend the baritone preset , used in the intro and also the short electric fuzzy tones you can get with super short attack & decay , high vowels

    A few tips :

    Try maxing the %mix to 100% to remove guitar attack, you'll then have a full pad tone. Adjust attack time to min to get quicker attack on pads & tones.

    Also pay attention to the brass setting & vowel to get some interesting tones.

    Watch out for the swell going into saturation , this led me to the red zone while recording

    Hi ! Feel free to post your audio & video demos in this collective thread

    here is my 1st attempt :

    Goblins in the ionosphere

    I just installed the 6.0 OS and had a quick recording session, as I was very inspired by the new verbs.

    I took some tricks & tweaks , I most often set the mix to 100% wet to mask the guitar , and then get the pads only. Sometimes you'll hear the attack then the pads swelling up in the background.

    There are at least 6 settings in this demo, absolutely no synths , just a strat & my KPA , and most of the times 3 tracks only plus the drums.

    Enjoy , I think it really opens some doors in creative pads experiments and choirs ( hear the male then the female in the mid section ) .

    Sounds a bit like an old goblin soundtrack to me ? :evil: ?

    That's fun to have some new verbs to test, but less fun to import all these presets and browse with the legacy system.

    Would it be possible to have a rig pack will all the presets on a standard rig ( like a twin for instance) like we had for the delays ??


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    For the curious :

    Formant Reverb

    This adds formant filters to the Cirrus Reverb to give the reverb tail more color, and a very distinctive, choir-like sound. The main purpose of the Formant Reverb, however, is not to create a realistic choir sound, but to give it a certain character, making it sound more like a synthesizer or Mellotron. The formants also help the reverb cut through the mix, even at moderate volume levels.

     Formant Mix

    Use this to balance the unfiltered reverb sound against the filtered sound. At zero, the Formant Reverb sounds identical to the Cirrus Reverb. Turn Formant Mix towards higher values to hear the formant filters.

     Formant Vowel

    Use this to morph continuously between the vowels U, O, A, E and I.

    What’s new in version 6.0? 2

     Formant Offset

    Use this to apply a constant frequency offset to the formant filters. The “voice” character will become more feminine or childlike when turned to the right, and more masculine when turned to the left.

     Formant Peak

    Controls the resonance, or q-factor, of the two formant bandpass filters and thus the intensity or “sharpness” of the filters.

    Ionosphere Reverb

    The Ionosphere Reverb is based on the Cirrus Reverb and Formant Reverb. Featuring the finest pitch and shimmer reverbs, it builds on the concept and takes into brand new territory. Two crystal pitch shifters are embedded into the reverb, allowing you to create effects more akin to orchestral strings and synth-like sounds.

    In contrast to regular shimmer reverbs, the Ionosphere Reverb comprises an advanced signal structure that allows for pitch buildup settings independent of the reverb time setting. This allows you to create gentle buildups, or even steady pitch shifts, with long reverb times that don’t build up.

     Pitch Mix

    Mixes the unpitched original input signal with the two pitched versions. At zero, the pitch shifters are dialed out — the Reverb will sound identical to the Cirrus Reverb or Formant Reverb. With Pitch Mix dialed fully right, the unpitched part of the reverb is left out, leaving only the pitched signals.

    What’s new in version 6.0? 3

     Pitch 1&2

    Sets the pitch offset of the two crystal pitch shifters, independently, in semitones. A typical setting would be 12 semitones (one octave). If you do not want two separate pitch offsets, then set both pitches to the same value.

     Pitch Buildup

    “Buildup” is a feedback control in the reverb that feeds back the signal output of the two crystal pitch shifters back to their input. This is quite similar to the feedback control in the Crystal Delays. At zero, you will only hear the pitches determined by Pitch 1&2. With increasing values, the pitches will build in an upward or downward spiral, or both, if you choose both a positive and negative pitch offset.

    The rate of the buildup is influenced by the Attack Time control, which also controls the onset speed of the reverb, as described above for the Cirrus Reverb.

     Brass

    In addition to the string-like effect of the crystal pitch shifters, the “Brass” parameter allows you to bring some nonlinearities to the reverb structure, giving it a brasher sound, more like that of a brass section.

    ✓ Example setup: For a reverb that plays exclusively one octave higher than the input signal without building up, set Pitch Mix all to the right, both Pitches to +12, and Pitch Buildup to zero.

    well done Dave, sounds great .I got one of these vintage lesters , sounds so much like the real gibs' ...even a bit more , caricatural If you know what I mean, but in a very good way, never thin or vulgar.

    Mine had pearly gates , and bought it used for 250€ , barely the price of the pickups :) I really dig these vintag/wilkinson brand.

    I can only recommend once again the great "Mister May " profile from rig ex, it's fantastic on P90 , it's an AC15 that can sing whatever you ask him from hard rock to lullabies

    Hi Here is a 190 bpm punk rock track I did for a featuring in a future downhill vid for my son.

    I must admit I spent more time choosing the right profile than writing & recording this track ;)

    I went thru several marshall like profiles before I fount exactly what I need, and it's a free one ... I used only one profile on both R & leads line.

    but now let me show how you ears are trained ?

    you can vote for two choices ...


    That's a perfect oldschol soundtrack Ced' and sooo far from your usual guitar work, I dig it a a game track. I wish you good luck for finding a game company, the market looks saturated, but they'll accept it for free, as Trent Reznor did for doom.

    Great Work Renaud, you push it further every time.

    Thanks Mud' I was really blown away by these profiles, how they instantly sound so good without any tweak, and how inspirational they are. I never had the luck to record any folk guitar before, but now I'm done and the solution is dead simple.

    That 64 supro sounds incredible too , and there are 3 profiles on rig ex , telecaster, strat and LP, super tweakable , I don't need anything else.

    The kemper rig Pack 4 is really full of goodies and treasures, including a fuzzy AC15 that died during the profiling process and led to a killer 60's Hendrix or Zep tone.